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Snacky but still healthy

May 19th, 2009 · 11 Comments · breakfast, dessert, pasta, salmon, sandwich, snacks

I feel like a new woman after my little blogging vacation. It’s funny because for most of the week I was struggling with food issues. I felt a little bit out of control some days and didn’t know how I could stop it (I didn’t eat unhealthy, but a lot of healthy food were consumed in large quantities for no reason whatsoever). But eventually everything settled down (as it always does) and I feel much more in tune with what my body wants and needs and I’m listening to it! Today was definitely a snacky day, but I didn’t worry about it. Instead I tried to listen to my cravings and enjoy what I ate. At some point during the day at work I started craving chocolate, but I didn’t have any. For a minute I was scared that by the time I get home, I’ll raid every cupboard in the house with no one to stop me from it except for myself (my husband is out at a Red Sox game with his buddies tonight). So I told myself that I’d treat myself for a kiddie serving of Ben&Jerry’s frozen yogurt when I get out of work, which I can enjoy out in the courtyard in the sun while writing in my journal. And you know what, by the time I was finally done with work, I didn’t want chocolate… so I didn’t have any! And no cupboards were harmed at any point during the night. I watched some tv, then when I got hungry I made a healthy dinner (no recipe, just threw together things I felt like eating) and then finally did make a little dessert. Perfect night and I feel great. I hope this bingeing business is history!

So let’s see… what did I eat today? Oh yes, I have pictures!


I remembered last night that I have some YouShake protein powder to try from Meghann’s package. We recently got a blender so I was finally able to put this baby to use. I made a chocolate/banana smoothie with the breakfast blend package (adding 1 frozen banana, 1/2 c vanilla soy milk, 1/2 c water, 1T ground flaxseed and lots of ice cubes) and had it with a maple pecan scone. Because I have organizational OCD, I want to give you a full review of all the products in Meghann’s package together in one separate post (as soon as I’m done trying everything), but for now let’s just say that I liked this powder a lot! :)

smoothie + maple pecan scone

Mmm, I love scones!

Atkins Farms maple pecan scone

[Total breakfast: 386 calories]


Lunch was a clever re-use of last night’s dinner. I know you didn’t see it but I made Ellie Krieger’s salmon cakes with creamy ginger-sesame sauce. I omitted the scallions and cilantro, used store bought whole wheat bread crumbs (1/2 cup for 8 cakes) and used low fat mayo for the sauce. The cakes + sauce were delicious with some TJ’s prig king string beans on the side. For lunch today I made this into a sandwich using a Food for Life english muffin as a bun. The ginger-sesame sauce really made this dish! So creamy and flavorful!! I also loved the crunch of the water chestnuts in the cakes. Yum!

salmon cake sandwich

[388 calories]


granola bar

[150 calories]


[100 calories] – just found these little packs yesterday at a Walgreens. The pistachios were so fun to eat… and I love the portion controlled size baggies!

chocolate covered banana

[130 calories] – Just found these Diana’s babies dark chocolate covered banana halves at the supermarket today. They were buy 1, get 1 free. How could I resist such a deal? :) These are all natural, freshly frozen bananas, covered in dark chocolate. If you like frozen bananas, this is a treat for you! I loved the dark chocolate – so thick and chocolaty! The bananas seemed to me like the were slightly on the green side before being frozen but I like my bananas almost brown so I’m quite picky. My teeth were also a bit cold eating them but overall, I’d say this will be a fun dessert when I’m in the mood for something much naughtier 😉


[30 calories + some dorky behavior]


Dinner kind of came together out of no-where. I wanted to try the Gimme Lean sausage (vegetarian) I bought as part of my vegan cooking attempt (more on that later – no, I’m not going vegan!). I figured I’d crumble it, cover it in lots of tomato sauce and serve it over pasta. The end result was much more fresh. The sausage was quite nice (I’m actually not a big sausage fan – this to me tasted like the real thing. Let’s see what my sausage loving husband thinks if he dares to try this) so I didn’t want to drain the flavor in tomatoes. I cooked up 1.5 oz whole wheat penne, and while that was going combined the ‘sausage’ crumbles (2.25 oz) with grape tomatoes and spinach in a skillet sprayed with EVOO. Once the pasta was done, I tossed everything together and topped it with some pine nuts and light feta. Voila, dinner was born and it was delicious!

veg sausage pasta

This whole bowl was only 255 calories (I think) so I treated myself with a little dessert. I know I already had dessert but who said you can’t have (healthy) dessert twice in one day? Dessert makes me happy!

This is 1 Kashi Heart to Heart waffle, toasted, topped with nutella (on the left) and Barney Butter (on the right) and 1 huge sliced strawberry. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff! 😀

waffle + nutella, barney butter and strawberries

[total dinner, incl. dessert = 471 calories]

Total calories for the day: 1655


My great mood is very much attributable to the great workouts I’ve recently had. As I realized last week, I really need exercise to be happy and healthy. Yes, I said need. So despite work being super busy, I’m making it a priority to fit my workouts in. That means longer hours after everyone else is gone, but I don’t care because I’m just cruising through. Exercise, I love you! Anyways, today I planned on a run (even though I ran yesterday – completed an awesome interval run on the treadmill) because the weather was supposed to be gorgeous. I was getting really pumped about it until I got an email about a lunch meeting tomorrow. That means that I couldn’t do my planned weight training class so I switched my workouts (I’ll do the run tomorrow).  The boot camp class I took was insane, in a great way! This girl had no mercy today. I’ve never done things like that. We had partners for every exercise and used each other in craziest ways – squatting while lifting the partner’s legs (while the partner is holding a plank), holding planks with legs on the partner’s back… I’m sure it’s impossible to picture but this was some seriously crazy stuff! I was sweaty and smiley the entire class… and then I did a little more iron pumping on my own :) I love weight training!!! Workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:52
  • Calories burnt: 353 calories (55% fat)
  • Ave HR: 129 (66%); Max HR: 219 (113%)

Ok, I think this was WAY too long. Happy humpday tomorrow! :)

Edited to add: almost forgot… Amanda is having a giveaway for some creamy pb. Could the stuff be better than Barney Butter? I’d like to find out! 😀

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11 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Lara (Thinspired)

    This post makes me happy–I think because I am having a good week with food, too :) I totally agree with you about just needing to settle in. Sometimes we just need to be patient with ourselves!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your comments about this stuff on my blog and Sara’s…I think we all have a lot in common but are hopefully coming out of it! Everything you ate today looks wonderful and you sound like you’re in a good place :)

  • #2 - Lauren

    Welcome back from your hiatus! It’s good to “hear” (read?) that you conquered your chocolate craving by waiting it out. I should try that tactic.

    The dark chocolate-covered banana halves look AWESOME! I need to find those (or makes my own).

    Dinner and dessert look tasty as well.

  • #3 - Alison

    I’m sorry you were getting overly snacky. Snacks are fine, but I know how easy it is to overdo. Do you think it was worse b/c you weren’t posting and therefore accountable?
    The salmon cakes sound delicious, as does that pasta dish!

  • #4 - Tiffany

    Those bananas are almost lewd looking, but they certainly look yummy! ;P

    It’s good to hear that you’re feeling much more in control and relaxed after taking a week from blogging. I missed your posts in my down moments at work, but it’s better to get yourself in tip-top shape, and come back swinging!

  • #5 - sister inna

    that scone…. mmmmmmm….

  • #6 - RunToFinish

    good job on listening to your body, it makes such a difference.

    boot camp sounds fun with a partner!!

  • #7 - Kelly

    I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. I’ve gone through the same thing at times but agree that listening to your body and getting back to basics helps a lot. Have you ever read Intuitive Eating or The Food and Feelings Workbook? I found them both instrumental in getting to a healthier attitude about food.

  • #8 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    I’ll have to be on the lookout fir those frozen bananas! They sound amazing!

  • #9 - not sister inna

    great job on giving your body what it wanted while still keeping it healthy and balanced. so glad to hear you’re doing better!

  • #10 - Adam

    I didn’t even know it wasn’t real sausage when I was eating it!

    I guess that’s a pretty good review then huh :)

  • #11 - Elina

    Lara, thanks. I DO feel like I’m in a better place now. Feels good :)

    Alison, not “reporting” on the blog usually doesn’t affect my eating. I try to count calories most days, so the number staring at me if I overeat usually scares me enough. The blog is my way of sharing my foods (and maybe some wisdom) with the others, not to make me accountable for my actions. You can see that I overindulge plenty, which means the accountability part doesn’t really affect me (I wish it worked though!). Yesterday I think I was a little stressed at work + legitimately hungrier. I think our bodies need more fuel sometimes. I tried to make the snacks healthy and at the end I’m happy with my total calorie intake for the day (more snacks earlier made me less hungry for dinner).

    Hehe, Tiffany, those bananas totally look dirty 😉

    Kelly, I’ve been thinking about reading those books. I’m still afraid of “eating intuitively” until I’m ready to maintain my weight. I feel like your body doesn’t know how to lose weight “intuitively” so that’s why I’m counting calories most days. Do you think the books apply for weight loss too?

    Adam, I’d say that’s a good review! I didn’t mean to trick you into eating veggie sausage, but I’m glad you liked it! :)