Mother’s day treats

My sister in law had a baby today!!!!!!! His name is Colby and we’re on the way to see him right now. I’m not a baby person at all, but I’m very happy for Velika (that’s my sister in-law’s name) and I’m very excited to see both mom and son :)

Speaking of moms, I know I left you hanging in this post. Those mother’s day treats look pretty mouth watering, huh? 😉 Wanna know how I made them – actually correction, how my sister and I made them? Here we go, progress pics galore…

We started by making the nutella stuffed lava cookies using the Cookie Madness half-batch recipe.

nutella lava cookies ingredients

toasting some walnuts

mixing in butter

melting some butter

melting in choc chips (with butter)

beating egg + sugar

adding in the melted chocolate

beat beat beat

add in flour

stir in walnuts

batter ready

let batter sit in the fridge for 30 minutes

roll dough into little balls, fill with nutella

nutella filled dough ball


(we made 13 smaller cookies all together out of the half-batch recipe)

post baking

cookie closeup


SO good!

We then decided to make something else. Why not, right? It was mother’s day after all, and we were feeling ambitious (can you believe we even Shredded while the stuff was baking? Now that’s multi-tasking at its finest!) Anyways, I proposed making the hello dolly bars (often known as seven-layer bars) from Cooking Light. This recipe is VERY easy, I had all the ingredients on hand, and I’ve already made it for my parents before and my mom loved them so I knew at least one of these would be a hit. They came out better than the first time… must be my sister’s magic touch :)

hello dolly bars ingredients

crush some graham crackers

graham cracker crumbs

stir in melted butter

press in crumbs into a pan

the mixins

top craham crust with choc and pb (or butterscotch) chips

then with coconut + walnuts

drizzle with ff condensed milk

ready to bake

post baking

bar closeup

And there you have it. I highly recommend both cookies. Mom and the rest of the family loved them 😀

treats for mom


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10 comments to Mother’s day treats

  • sister inna

    i’ve decided on a new profession — hand modeling whadayathink? i’m in the mood for baking now!!!

    congratulations on your new nephew 😀

  • K

    Oh my goodness – everything looks amazing!! Well done!

    Congrats to your SIL! That’s so exciting!!

  • wow, you are back with a vengence! (i don’t know hot to spell that…) anywho, everything looks awesome, and CONGRATS to your bro & sis!!

  • Hehe, Innz – I think you can definitely hand model 😉 I’d consider it as a part time gig, though. Don’t quit your day job! :)

  • congrats on your nephew! so exciting!!!

  • I love the step-by-step process. I wish I had the foresight to take pictures while I was cooking.

  • Congrats to your SIL! colby is a cute name.
    I love your treats. Anything with nutella is wonderful.

  • Oh my gosh, congratulations to your sister in law! That is so exciting! And oh, look at your baking delights! Yum!

  • KellyB

    I made the Hello Dolly bars this weekend for my brother’s BBQ and everyone loved them and told me I could bring them everytime. I should of brought out my cuisnart to do the graham crackers though, next time, that would of saved some time, I just didn’t want to clean it. HA HA. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I still can’t believe your dad ate SALAD. I’ll have to kid him about that today.

  • Elina

    Haha, Kelly. I think salad is his new favorite thing :) Glad the hello dolly bars were a hit!


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