More to come after a short break

We’re putting an offer on a condo! I’m nervous and excited. I’m trying not to be too excited because the real estate agent at this place is kind of flakey so we may not get the place after all. She’s telling us now her client wants more than the asking price. Um, that’s not how these things work!

Anyways, that’s keeping me and my husband a little bit busy right now. I did, however, have a lovely evening last night. I want to do it justice so I’ll have to write a thorough post when I have more than 2 minutes on my hands. I’ll leave you with a little teaser 😉

me, Shannon, Lauren, Tina

Recognize any of these ladies? You can also cheat and scroll over the picture for their names :)

RHG sesame glazed salmon salad

Sweet cupcakes!

Enjoy your weeekend! I’ll be back soon… wish us luck! 😀

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15 comments to More to come after a short break

  • Love the cupcakes! The frosting reminds me of soft-serve ice cream.
    Good luck with the condo. House buying is a crazy process.

  • Good luck!!!!! And those are some yummy lookin cupcakes!

  • sister inna

    you ladies make one harmonious color story! did you coordinate your outfits or somethin? good luck with the condo — ill see you tomorrow (?)

  • aah, good luck!!!

  • Very exciting news about the new place…I will cross my fingers for you guys! :) Cute photo!

  • Elina

    Hehe, Innz – I didn’t even notice this… we DO look like we coordinated our outfits :)

  • Good luck with the condo. It’s such a weird market right now. A couple my boyfriend and I know have been in bidding wars on 4 places now! It’s so crazy and then you contrast that with things that are just sitting on the market.

    Good luck though. It’s definitely a big decision — I’ve owned my condo for four years now so I can definitely say it has its ups and downs but overall I have no regrets. At the end of the day it’s fantastic to come home to a place that is all mine and 100% personalized with the colors and things I like.

  • I looove when they make cupcakes so beautiful, but that just makes me want to eat them less because i don’t wanna be the one to destroy them. hahahah

    Your salad looks absolutely perfect! Right up my alley!!

  • Lindsay

    I was just wondering where in the world you got those delicious looking cupcakes… they are sooo cute and i want them bad!! :)

  • Elina

    Yeah, Kelly – it’s been a crazy market in Boston and Brookline. Decent places are just flying off the shelves 😉 I’ll keep you guys posted as to how this thing turns out.

    Lindsay, you’re going to have to be patient… a detailed post is soon to come so check back in a bit 😀

  • oh my goodness! HELLO, cupcakes! Those look amazing!

    so exciting about the possible condo! GOOD LUCK! 😉

  • Good luck with the condo, Elina! Can’t wait to hear about dinner and cupcakes!!

  • K

    I’ve got my finger’s crossed for you!! Hope everything goes well!

  • Those cupcakes look amazing :) Good luck with the condo!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!


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