Making banana bread

Over the last few days, you’ve seen a slice of banana bread popping up in every post. I love baked goods, but I don’t bake that much because that’s what happens – I end up eating the whole batch by myself (Adam doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth). Yes, I could bring some to work, but I get nervous sharing healthy treats with others. I mean the stuff is good, but I can’t compete with full fat HFCS laden walnut brownies our secretary keeps bringing in (she brought some in today again!!). Anyway, before I did too much damage and grew a banana bread baby in my stomach, I froze the rest. Banana bread freezes well, right? We’ll see :)

For this banana bread, I followed VeggieGirl’s recipe for carob banana bread but made a few modifications (ww pastry flour, no banana on top, 5T of choc chips instead of 1.5-2 cups! and added an ounce of pecan pieces – I love nuts in banana bread :) ). Although I’m sure that the recipe as is is a lot more decadent with all those carob chips, I think 5T was plenty to give it a nice chocolate boost without overpowering the banana flavor (and breaking the calorie bank). The result was a delicious banana bread loaf, but slightly (only slightly) dry. I would add a little bit of yogurt to the dough next time. I think yogurt just makes baked goods oh so moist (not vegan though, I know).

Progress pics…











The whole loaf with my modifications is 2690 calories.

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