Just call me a hippie

Adam and I spent the whole day car exchanging and grocery shopping on Saturday. We bought a Prius last week which we finally picked up, and then returned our gas eating beast to the dealer (our previous car was on a lease). I wore a frilly skirt in the morning and Adam said: “Yeah, that’s perfect – start dressing like a hippie – you’re going to be driving a Prius soon.” For lunch I made a tofu sandwich on a sprouted grain english muffin. His smart-ass comment to that: “That’s some delicious Prius driver food right here.” It was delicious… and the Prius is awesome! We got it optioned up with all the gadgets so it’s kind of fun to get to know our new baby :) The coolest thing so far (except nearly 50 miles/gallon in city traffic – duh) – you don’t actually need to use the keys if you have them on you. That means I can keep them in my purse and the car just unlocks by itself when I try to open it. I don’t think that’s ever going to get old! Love it! 😀

Let’s get to food, shall we? I decided to take rest days from any form of exercise on Friday and Saturday (to get my body fully prepared for the race on Sunday – woohoo… by the time you’re reading this, I’m probably done with the race and hopefully kicked some major butt!) so food is all I’ve got.  Despite an incredibly busy day today I was able to stay healthy and eat all of the meals at home. :)


Sometimes the simplest things are the best! I pulled this lunch together in no time. Having shelf stabilized tofu and frozen english muffins on hand at all times really comes in handy. Both of these can be transformed into so many things – today I combined them to create this super yummy lunch.

I rubbed some extra firm silken tofu with random spices and plopped it on the George Foreman grill. While the tofu was grilling, I toasted the Food for Life english muffin (love love love them!), slathered one side with a light laughing cow wedge, the other with 2T sabra sundried tomato hummus. When the tofu was done (you can eat it raw so I just deemed it to be done when I got some nice grill marks), I slapped 1.5 pieces on top of the english muffin, added some veggies for volume and voila. De-licious Prius driving food 😉

tofu/hummus sandwich + toms and snow peas on the side

sandwich put together

[~380 calories]


raspberry donut, So Delicious plain yogurt with coconut milk + coffee

I’m going to ignore the donut in the pic (to be covered in a different post). The So Delicious yogurt had a nice flavor but was almost custard like in texture. I decided it would be better suited for dessert after a few spoonfuls and recombined this stuff into a pb&j yogurt (with chobani this time).

chobani + 1/2 raspberry filled donut + 1/2T peanut butter

[~400 calories]

banana bread with 1/4T Barney Butter + vanilla tea

closeup of bb with bb - gotta make you drool a little ;)

[291 calories]

taco salad

[261 calories]

After snapping this photo and having a few bites, I added some light mexican cheese to this. The cheese really pulled everything together 😀 Btw, there was a lot of grilled corn + black beans that is hiding under the meat + tortilla chips – this was a sizable dinner despite being low cal.

Including an adora disk, total calories for the day ~1355

PS – after the race I am meeting some Boston bloggers for dinner, so the next post may not be until Monday. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! :mrgreen: I am SO excited for the race… and the dinner.

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7 comments to Just call me a hippie

  • Hi hi! First time reader and I love this little blog of yours! All your pictures are so pretty! And I was reading you about me and that is soso cool you can speak Hebrew! Have a good Sunday!

  • K

    Your “Best Meal” looks insanely delicious! Rock the hippy-ness 😉

    Hope the race went well AND that you have fun at dinner!!

  • I hope the race went well! I can’t wait to hear more about the Prius…I may be in the market for a car soon, and I’ve been interested in the Prius and the new Honda Insight? Thanks for sharing!

  • Elina

    Angie, we like the Prius so far. The gas mileage is incredible, we just can’t get over watching our average mileage sometimes be in the mid-70s. And going blocks at a time in the city without using any gas at all! So cool. We looked at the Honda Insight too, but found it to be very small and uncomfortable. The Prius is VERY roomy :)

  • That cracks me up. I was just asking Matt yesterday about buying a hyrbid car of some sort and he was laughing that I am becoming a hippie! I hear they are great little cars!
    So excited to read your race recap that I won’t write anymore here…

  • Adam

    I’m going to miss that gas eating beast!

  • ooh, how exciting! adam’s a funny one 😉


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