It’s my birthday!!

It’s my birthday today! I’m turning 27. The number scares me a bit…. a little too close to 30, but I guess I can’t stop the aging process so might as well enjoy the day 😀 Adam is taking me out to dinner tonight and I can’t wait to wake him up so he can give me my gift 😉 I LOVE gifts!

I did get early birthday gifts from my parents in law… chocolate themed gifts.  They know me so well!  Wanna see?

chocolate box cookbook

Can’t wait to make something from this book. The pictures are incredible! Do you think I can make something like this?

cupcakes picture

Or this? This one looks like advanced baking :)

raspberry choc box pic

I also got a real chocolate box (with a very pretty picture of Boston) from Harbor Sweets. My parents in law introduced me to Harbor Sweets a few years ago and I can’t get enough of their chocolates. We had their sweet sloops as our wedding favors. Yum!

chocolate box


And for some more chocolate action, I also got this baking kit. Oh I can’t wait to put all this stuff to good use!

molten chocolate cake mix


Since it’s been a few days since you’ve seen what I’ve been eating. Here is a beautiful breakfast I started with this morning. I’m back to craving Barney Butter when I wake up, but I’m measuring it and being a good girl :)

This is a Food for Life english muffin with Barney Butter on one half and cherry preserves on the other, plus 1/2 banana, 1 giant strawberry, blackberries + coffee.

birthday breakfast

breakfast closeup

Today is also Friday before a long weekend. I’m in a fantastic mood!! Hope you have a great day today. See you later! :mrgreen:

Oh wait, I can’t resist. Here are a few pics of baby Colby. He’s so tiny and SO cute!

baby Colby

Adam with Colby

me with Colby

Colby in crib

Ok, now I’m off :)

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