I love Fridays

I love Fridays! Ok, more specifically I love Friday nights. They are just so freeing. You know the whole weekend is ahead of you, and you can do anything. Awesome! Btw, if you are confused, I am aware that it’s Saturday already but I’ve been crazy busy again so I’m a little bit behind on posting – I hope you’re out and about enjoying your weekend and you didn’t even notice that this post is late 😉 (ha, of course now I told you… oh well).

So Friday night was really fun (I’ve decided that I want to go out more often on Fridays – just makes the night extra celebratory), but let’s start from the beginning…

I woke up dreaming about this yogurt combo inspired by Lauren’s breakfast earlier in the week. We were still out of fresh fruit, so frozen (warmed up) berries sounded amazing. I didn’t know how dependent I’ve become on fresh produce and I really miss it when we’re out (or even running low). I guess that’s not a bad thing :)

So back to breakfast… in this bowl: 1 plain chobani, about 1 cup of frozen (microwaved for 1 minute) berries, 2 graham crackers and vanilla cinnamon amazing almonds (from the package I got from Meghann).

amazing crumb yogurt

I was afraid the berries would be sour so that’s why I went with the candied almonds addition. I was happy to find out that the berries instead were incredibly sweet – the whole bowl (seriously!) tasted like amazing dessert. Creamy yogurt, sweet berries, buttery graham crackers and crunchy almonds. I will definitely try to recreate this when my sweet tooth kicks in at night. This is much healthier but incredibly satisfying. What more could a girl want? Oh wait, maybe she would want some chocolate pecan banana bread? Oh yeah, that’s it 😀 (Recipe + progress pics for the banana bread to come)

slice of chocolate pecan banana bread

[yogurt + banana bread + coffee = 482 calories]

Mid afternoon, I had this fabulous snack:

kashi crackers and dates stuffed with light laughing cow cheese

[181 calories]

I pre-stuffed both the dates and the crackers, but the crackers got slightly soft on me before I ate them. The whole combo was really great, but I’d recommend consuming the cheese stuffed cracker “sandwiches” right away.

Lunch was a 2-parter. I started with a whole bunch of random leftovers – somehow they worked really well. I made a salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, snow peas with 1T Annie’s woodstock dressing (I always drizzle the dressing on after taking a picture). On the other side we have bulgar with creamy mushrooms (just tiny bit of shrooms left from a few nights ago). Woodstock dressing has sun dried tomatoes and tahini as a base. The sabra sundried tomato hummus (which has both ingredients as well) went really great with it and tied the 2 sides of the plate perfectly. I kind of mixed it into both the bulgar and the salad. Yum!

bulgar with creamy mushrooms + salad

[285 calories]

Then I went to a grocery store to pick up a few fruits. It’s finally May, which means a new budget. Yay! It started raining right before I was about to leave my work to get the fruit, but I didn’t care. I swear just the idea of a fresh juicy apple made my mouth water. A little rain never hurt anyone :)

fuji apple

It was so sweet – like someone injected it with sugar. Could/would they do that? Hmm.

100 calorie pack of almonds

[apple+almonds=185 calories]

The lack of real protein at lunch really caught up with me mid-afternoon. I was really snacky. I started with 1/2 of this bar:

PURE chocolate brownie bar

love the chunks of nuts!

[1/2 bar = 100 calories]

It was delicious (I’ll be more descriptive when I eat the other half), but I realized that what I really wanted was this piece of heaven…

best things ever!

[170 calories]

Mmm, yeah – best ice cream ever! These things are a little small, but really that’s the perfect amount to satisfy an ice cream craving. For 170 calories, you get creamy coconut ice “cream” topped with real chocolate and almonds bits. Did I mention how much I love these? 😀

And then a few hours later it was time to let the weekend begin (by the way, this is also where the calorie counting stopped)! We met up with our friends for a beer first at the new Irish pub, the Lansdowne. The bar is only 1 week old and had almost like a new car smell. Kind of funny. I ordered my usual – Magners hard cider. Hey at least this time I was drinking an Irish cider in an Irish pub :) I drank almost this whole pint – gave the rest of the 21oz bottle to Adam and also some of the cider I didn’t finish. We had more drinking to do at dinner 😀


I also had a few of the cheese fries the guys ordered for the table. Not healthy but so delicious. I had maybe 7 of them?

cheese fries

And then we went to Fin’s for dinner. I got a really strong sushi craving mid-day and I knew I absolutely HAD TO have some tonight. Fin’s is walking distance from our place and it is fabulous, so it was an easy craving to fix. I started with a house salad (no onions) – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots (really just for garnish) and house-made dressing. The salad was like the standard little salads you get in your bento box, but was probably 4 times the size. I ate nearly every bite. Yum!

Fin's house salad

Oh of course I had some vino :) Maybe 1.5-2 glasses. I was trying to be good in preparation for the race on Sunday.

my first glass of riesling

And the main course – sushi. It was better than I remembered. Absolutely amazing!!! The presentation was so cute too – I got the flower because I ordered the hawaii maki. Adorable!

hawaii make + 2 sake and 2 hamachi nigiri

The salmon was melt-in-your mouth fresh. I had to give a bite to Adam, it was so delicious!

mmm salmon nigiri

Hawaii maki: spicy tuna, avocado, mango wrapped in rice paper

closeup of hawaii maki

What a great combo! Spicy tuna + sweet mango + creamy avocado. The rice paper was also a really fun change from the seeweed wrappers. Much less chewy – just added to the creamy feel of the whole thing. Perfecto!

Ha, I just realized that last time I went to Fin’s I ordered almost the exact same thing. That stuff must have looked good to me twice :) Btw, Adam ordered the cowboy maki (which had steak, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms and red onion). I didn’t taste it because of the onions, but he could not stop talking about how amazing this was. He said this maki was cravable. That’s a good sign that we’ll probably be back at Fin’s soon. 😀

And finally – when we got home I wanted dessert. Banana slice #2 of the day… with some peanut butter slathered on top this time. I blame the wine.

banana bread slice topped with peanut butter

We then cuddled on the coach and watched the Biggie movie. It was really good. We love Biggie! What a perfect night.

How is your weekend going?

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7 comments to I love Fridays

  • Definitely a fun Friday night!
    Frozen berries totally saved me through the English winters! Your combo sounds great.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Elina!

  • K

    Mmm fresh juicy apple is SO good! I have to have one daily :) Can’t wait for the banana bread recipe because it looks fantastic!

  • What a fun Friday night! I need to stop being a bum on Fridays and make an effort to go out more. Good luck on your race!!

  • Yummy yogurt bowl & sushi! Fin’s is awesome :)

  • Wow, I love that house salad! And everything looks great too!

  • Oh my God, I loooooooooove the Hawaii maki at Fin’s! Although I think I like Symphony Sushi even better (it’s owned by the same people and the atmosphere is really really nice).

    This is Ileana from the blogger dinner last night, btw. It was really nice meeting you!

  • […] to one of our favorite restaurants in Boston – Fin’s. I’ve blogged about it a few times, and looking at those previous posts it seems that I keep getting the same thing every time. I […]


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