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Don’t try this at home

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So I don’t promote behavior like mine was last night, but I had a great time so I figured I’d post about it. As you know from my blog, I very rarely drink these days and even when I do, it’s only a few glasses of wine (or cider) with dinner or at a party. I just prefer to eat my calories instead of drinking them :) Well, my college friends can’t get used to this healthier attitude about alcohol (moderation is apparently not that cool) so I always get comments about how I’ve gotten soft when I nurse my drinks at the bar. A few weeks ago I’ve decided to stop with the name calling and challenged one of my (louder) guy friends to a drink off.  That’s right, in my college days I could drink most of my friends under the table and I was sure I could do it again “if necessary.” 😉 The place, time and drinks of choice were determined. What better weekend to do it than my birthday weekend? 27… going on 18? Haha.

We met up at our friends’ apartment, equipped with a 12 pack of Magners (for me) and a 12 pack of Coronas (for Kyle). We decided we were just going to have fun. It wasn’t about who drank the fastest. At some point we were going to stop. If we drank the same amount of beers by that point, a vote by everyone else as to who is more sober was going to decide the winner. I was confident… so there was a lot of trash talk! 😀 Again, this is not healthy at all (and possibly insane) but I don’t do this often (first time in 5 years… yesterday was also our 5-year college graduation anniversary) so I figured it was just going to be pure fun… and there is nothing wrong with a little fun. Calorie counting was not allowed (although I did choose Magners because of their drinkability and low calories). Anyways, here are some pics of the night. Guess who won? 😉

Kyle and I with our first beers

me with Magners #2

Kyle - beer #2


Kyle - beer #3

me - cider #4

Kyle - beer #4

me - cider #5

Kyle - corona #5

me - cider #6

Kyle - corona #6

Mid-point sobriety tests…





The drinking commences…

Kyle and I with our drinks #7

and #8

It’s hard to tell… that was #8. Kyle clarifies below:


Oh oh, someone is getting sleepy 😉

oh oh

Kyle gives up (after 1 sip of his drink #8… I’m almost done with my #8) and congratulates me for a “job well done.”


I win!!

I win!

My empty bottles…


Great night… and of course it’s fun to win! 😀 Unfortunately on the way home, I fell down the stairs (totally slipped, had nothing to do with my drinking… I was totally fine) so now I have a bruise on my butt :( No regrets though.

Last disclaimer… don’t do this at home, kids! :)

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