Cooking Light delivers again

The weather has turned yet again in Boston – it’s super cold and rainy. I thought nice weather was finally here to stay! :( I guess we have to rely on delicious eats to keep us warm and happy, right? 😉


Dinner tonight reminded me of spring. I followed a recipe from Cooking Light for grilled halibut with three-pepper relish, using my cast iron grill pan instead of the real thing. It still worked and dinner was fantastic (I love Cooking Light!)! 😀 I got three smallish halibut fillets at Whole Foods right before coming home, so the fish was amazingly fresh and beautiful. The three-pepper relish was definitely the star of the show, though! The sweetness of the grilled peppers was so well balanced by the sour/briny capers and balsamic vinegar. The garlic was a nice addition too! Actually these peppers reminded me of roasted peppers my mom makes (they are the best!) but with a twist (and a whole lot less oil). Yum yum yum. By the way, I only cooked 3 filles but made 8-servings worth of the pepper relish. I ate at least 1/4 of the batch tonight! And I used a little over a teaspoon of oil for the relish and a little less than a tsp for the fish (total ~2 tsp -> it was plenty!) I also steamed some string beans to bulk up the meal and they worked well with the fish + peppers.

Cooking Light also said this dish begged to be paired with savignon blanc. Who are we to not comply? 😉

Cooking Light halibut with pepper relish + green beans + glass of savignon blanc

Unfortunately the $5 TJ’s wine was no good. Yeah, no surprise there.  The food was awesome though so I didn’t mind.

dinner closeup

[266 calories – I only had a few sips of wine because I didn’t like it]

Since dinner was light, I made a little dessert plate. This kind of put me over the top, fullness wise. Also, I don’t suggest pairing grapes with chocolate covered espressos. They don’t really go. I was feeling random and still ate all of this (+ some unpictured almonds).

grapes + chocolate covered espresso beans + 1 fig + almonds (unpictured)

[248 calories]


oats with banana, coco java amazing almonds and dark chocolate dreams peanut butter

[357 calories, including coffee]

orange + Barney Butter

[155 calories]

On my way to work, I realized that I completely forgot to pack lunch!! I packed snacks and got too distracted taking pretty pictures of them. Oops. I had to go to plan B – Au Bon Pain. Their signature sandwiches are delicious but are incredibly unhealthy (due to caloric sauces/spreads they sneak in there). The custom ham + cheddar cheese on whole wheat baguette with dijon mustard and cucumbers, though, is not too bad (calorie wise) and is super delicious. This used to be a staple in my diet in NY (I never used to bring lunch to work when I lived in NYC!). Now it’s a rare treat, but I still enjoy it. I ordered a half sandwich and the tomatoes and snap peas looked good too, so I asked the lady to add those in. This was as delicious as I remembered. I loved it so I guess I wasn’t too upset about my little brainfart this morning 😉

Au Bon Pain - 1/2 ham/cheddar sandwich with dijon mustard, cucumbers, tomatoes and snap peas

[372 calories (I ordered a 1/2 sandwich, but this was quite large – I am counting it as if it was 2/3 of the regular sized sandwich)]

I planned a different snack for mid-afternoon but the second I thought of this combo, I couldn’t get it out of my mind – chobani + a juicy pear + a chocolate pistachioats cookie. Sounds good, right? I’m sorry to say it sounded better that it was since the cookie is not very sweet and the yogurt was kind of tart. Oh well – you win some, you lose some :)

chobani + bosc pear + chocolate pistachioats cookie

[263 calories]

Total calories for the day: 1690 (assuming my sandwich estimate is correct)


I’m finally feeling a little less sore today but still not 100%. The 10K really did me in on Sunday. I took a pilates class to take it easy on my joints and loved it! I always forget how much I love pilates and how great of a workout it is!! Tomorrow spinning is on the schedule and then I’m back to running (on the treadmill until the weather improves) 😀 I think I’m going to do a 5K in early June, and then a 7.5 mile race at the end of June. I was ready to call off races longer than 5K for a little while (midway through the 10K I really wished it was only a 5K) but I realized that I just need to get more longer runs into my training in order to get mentally comfortable with running for longer periods of time. I’ve only run twice during the last 5 weeks for a distance that’s longer than a 10K so mentally I was kind of done at mile 4 and had to convince myself to keep going.  My brain really needed to catch up with my legs and then it worked out! I’m going to start training for the 7.5 miler and see how it goes. Wanna see my new training schedule? :)

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11 comments to Cooking Light delivers again

  • I found that the pistachioats cookies were best on their own as well. They are like a biscuit in my opinion.

    I would love to see your schedule! I love them!

  • Love your halibut! Halibut was the first fish I learned to like. I had home-caught halibut up in Alaska about 8 years ago. Of course, it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I would eat any other types of fish – now I love it all.

  • I can never find halibut here but that recipe does look great. I think we are both Cooking Light groupies.
    I’m glad you are resting after your race…I am still so proud of you!

  • I love C.L.! We had halibut last night also – but all I could find were steaks. I like fillets better, and yours looks great!

  • The halibut looks delicious! Sorry the wine wasnt so great. It’s always a hit or miss with cheap TJ’s wine…

  • your halibut looks AMAZING! Did you get the recipe from the magazine or Web site?

  • Elina

    Heather, I’ll post my new training schedule tonight! :)

    Alison, I wasn’t much of a fish fan in the past either and only ate it because “it was good for me” but now I truly enjoy it!

    Hehe, Lara, I’m totally a Cooking Light groupie 😉 They just know their stuff and everything is always so flavorful and healthy!

    Shannon, I subscribe to Cooking Light magazine but the recipe is available online. I linked to it in the post.

  • That looks amazing as usual. I agree that Cooking Light is an amazing go-to resource.

  • K

    Cooking Light is one of the best recipe sources out there! I love it!

    That baguette looks incredible! Seedy bread is the best :)

  • mmm, yummy! let me know what races you’re doing :)

  • Katie

    Can u email me your schedule? My work comp wont let me open it! Hope last night was fun!!!


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