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Back to back food journaling

May 28th, 2009 · 15 Comments · chicken, salad, snacks, yogurt

I had another great day today, both food and fitness wise. I once again made sure to hit the gym (taking my drug 😉 ) and it made everything better. I even indulged in a little office treat (cookies), guilt free, and passed on another unnecessary treat (cake that didn’t look “worth it”). That’s the kind of balance I like! So yeah, since I’m on a roll with healthy eating, I figured I’d share it with you. That’s 2 food journal entries on back to back days. I think tomorrow’s post should be a recipe with progress pics, otherwise I’ll never get to them 😀


was actually breakfast. I threw every fruit we had in the house (mango, strawberries, sweet cherries, grapes and blackberries) into some TJ’s european style yogurt, added Zoe’s honey almond granola for crunch and some sliced almonds for healthy fats. The mango was my favorite part… mango is the best in yogurt!

yogurt/fruit/granola/nut parfait

All messed up… I think it still looks pretty. Don’t you just want to dig in? :)

yogurt mixed in

[328 calories]


Cookies our secretary brought in… I love the bright colors!

Italian bakery cookies

[~200 calories?]

Mango macademia KIND bar

[190 calories – I planned on only eating half, but ate the whole thing after all. It was SO good!]

Unpictured 100 calorie pack of TJ’s dark chocolate

Lunch was inspired by the salad success on Saturday, but this time I utilized the leftover “fried” chicken.

mixed fruit + chicken salad

salad closeup

[419 calories]

Delicious, nutritious and very filling! Unfortunately I got a massive stomachache after eating this that was intense for about 5 hours so I couldn’t even think about cooking dinner :( The idea of not eating dinner didn’t sit well with me, though, so after a little while I finally just made a simple breakfast for dinner. That’s all I could manage to eat (+ another tablespoon of almond butter).

Food for Life english muffin + Barney Butter and cherry preserves

[310 calories]

Total calories for the day: ~1636. Muy bueno :)


So for my workout today I hit the treadmill for a 4.5 mile run. I really do love treadmill running! I just watch tv and keep the intervals short and time seems to fly by. I swear I could run double the distance with no problem! Outside my head just gets to me because I just keep counting every minute to the finish line. I need to update my workout playlist I think… maybe that will help! I really do love the idea of running and racing and I think I’m physically able to do it, so my head is the only thing that’s stopping me from doing it. Yeah, I think that’s the first thing I’m trying – ipod content overhaul. 😀

Today I broke my 4.5 mile run into 1/4 mile intervals, increasing from 6.6 mph (my new “resting speed”) to 7.1 mph and increasing the incline from 0 to 0.5 to 1.0 and back. It was fun! The run + warmup and cooldown walks took 45 minutes so I then jumped on the elliptical for another 15 minutes to make it a full hour.  Awesome workout… it made me very happy :) Workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:00
  • Calories burnt: 586 (35% fat)
  • Ave HR: 158 (82%); Max HR: 174 (90%)

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow is Friday. Woohoo! I just love how long weekends make the week following them shorter :) Any fun plans for this weekend?

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  • #1 - Brooke (HomegirlCanEat)

    Your breakfast is a work of art!! And kind bars are too addicting! SO pure and deeelicious!

  • #2 - Anne K.

    That breakfast looks awesome! And yep, I think it still looks good all mixed together 😀

    Your salad looks great too, but sorry about the stomachache :(

    Sounds like you got a great workout! I’ve got a 10K on Sunday… We’ll see how that goes.

    Have a great night :)

  • #3 - ttfn300

    i am the opposite on the treadmill–i stare at the clock! great day of balance :) i’m off to go camping in md! better get packing…

  • #4 - ttfn300

    oh, and yes, i’d love to dig into that bowl of fruit and yogurt :)

  • #5 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Your yogurt messes are always inspirational 😉 Fresh cherries?! I bet it was awesome.
    Sounds like a great run. I have only run once since my 10k :( I do plan on making a grand return though, at some point! 6.6 would be an awesome resting pace. When is your half again?

  • #6 - Elina

    Ha, Lara, I hope you’re kidding about the half. I have considered starting with a 7.5 mile race that’s coming up in a month, but I haven’t trained for it (due to my run from hell last week I kind of stopped running until yesterday) so I’m not sure any more. I didn’t sign up for the race yet. I can’t decide if I want to in order to push myself and actually start training for real, or if I shouldn’t so I can stop pushing myself like crazy person for no reason and evaluate whether running is something that makes me truly happy or just gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end. I think over the next month I’ll make the decision… and THEN maybe I’ll think about signing up for a half. :)

    Anne K, good luck on your 10K!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • #7 - Elina

    Shannon, have fun camping! :)

  • #8 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    your breakfast looks amazing! I am hoping that the weather gets nicer so that I can spend lots of time outside this weekend 😉

  • #9 - sister inna

    your yogurt concoction looks like my oatmeal this morning… you know except for the yogurt part 😀
    yay it’s fridaaaayyyyy

  • #10 - Adam

    I will never understand how anybody can actually like a treadmill – to me its a legitimate torture device. I WISH I liked it as much as you!

  • #11 - Tiffany

    I love the elliptical in the way you love the treadmill: obsessively!

    That yogurt looks scrumptious. I might have to try those ingredients, as I still have a ton of fruit!

  • #12 - K

    Your mixed up breakfast is beautiful!! I love Kind bars! You can’t just eat half – it’s impossible 😉

    I saw your fashion post on Shannon’s blog – LOVE the outfit!!

  • #13 - Alison

    That salad looks wonderful!
    Cute cookies too. I’ve had a few more cookies today than I should have at the office potluck but I also passed up on desserts that didn’t look as good. Success enough for me.

  • #14 - KellyB

    you need to look into motiontraxx. they now how a interval running mix which is very good. i tell you, i have two kids and a million things going on in my life and i tune into that, and it all goes away…

  • #15 - Elina

    K, thanks! I felt pretty cute that day, wearing that outfit to work 😉

    KellyB – It’s totally on my to-do for the weekend! I have your previous suggestion bookmarked. Gotta do it asap!