The Pour House in Boston

Do you ever get a craving for something crazy greasy and no “healthified” version will do to satisfy this craving?  This happens to me often while watching the Phantom Gourmet.  My husband and I love the show.  We discover lots of “hidden jewels” in the Boston area, and being the foodies that we are, we want to be in the know about every new restaurant and every delicious hole in the wall.  Well, you see, Phantom Gourmet isn’t exactly a fan of healthy foods.  I can’t watch the show hungry, so we usually turn it on while we’re eating.  Sometimes my healthy food begins to look like a joke and all I want to do is go out and start stuffing my face (hmm, maybe I should stop watching the show).  Most of the times I remind myself it’s not a wise idea.  This time I let go and decided to indulge in yep, a big old cheesesteak sub and chicken parm at one of the featured pubs in the “Meal Deals” episode – The Pour House.

But first I started with a HUGE Blue moon (I don’t think I even finished 1/2 of this):

me with beer

giganto blue moon

And we got a plate of teriyaki wings…

teriyaki wings

I think I had 2 of them.

And then for the big splurge – Adam and I split the cheesesteak and chicken parm subs with fries (these are my 2 halves).

1/2 cheesesteak, 1/2 chicken parm + fries

sub halves with fries

This was a while ago, so I’m not sure how much of this I ate.  Probably more than I should have.  It was NOT good.  The Pour House is known for their outrageously big portions for crazy cheap prices… and you get what you pay for!  This was definitely a case of “quantity over quality.”  I wasn’t looking for a gourmet meal when I came there.  I was looking for a delicious grease feast (eww, writing it makes me sick, but it’s true).  They got the grease part but not the delicious part.  It tasted very bland.  I was beyond disappointed.  Giving in to my cravings and letting go once in a while is part of my weight loss plan because I want to stay “sane” while trying to lose weight.  BUT, while consuming thousands of calories I at least want to enjoy them.  The Pour House was a complete waste of calories.  If you live in Boston (or are ever in the area) and are craving pub food, do yourself a favor and walk down the street to Dillon’s or Vox – you won’t find health food there but you will find delicious food with plenty of beer 😀 (you can find a few pics of my eats at both places here and here).

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10 comments to The Pour House in Boston

  • K

    Haha that beer is amazing! Sorry the dinner wasn’t that great :(

  • Holy HUGE beer – I love Blue Moon! And it looks like they got the garnish right. I’ve been giving a lemon slice before, but orange is the way to go.

    What a letdown with the cheesesteak and chicken parm subs… when you splurge, of course you want it to be for something amazingly delicious. Maybe try to make these subs at home?!

  • Adam

    I agree about making these at home!

    I bet if we used some very lean steak and a controlled amount of cheese, it could come out not all that unreasonable calorie wise.

  • Elina

    Yeah, we’ll be definitely making these at home. I know we’ve made steakcheese subs before (and they were delicious) and I’ve made chicken parm but never put it in a sub roll… good point – it’s definitely doable at home. The only thing about these types of meals is that it’s usually one of those “I want it now and we need to go somewhere to get it!!” I forget that making it at home could not only save calories but be even more delicious at the end…

  • Elina

    Oh and I love the orange slices with the Blue Moon… it’s almost the best part 😉

  • It’s a shame that you didn’t enjoy the splurge :( What a bummer. It LOOKS good, but I guess that doesn’t mean anything if it tastes gross.
    That beer is almost as big as you! Haha! Hope it was still a fun night for you two.

  • sue

    yes! phantom gourmet, i love that show! regardless of what episode is on, i immediately crave the ninety-nine’s boneless buffalo wings and think about them for the rest of the weekend. it’s horrible!

  • Awh, sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it. The food looks amazing though!

  • Sorry to hear dinner wasn’t good — i HATE it when that happens. HATE!

  • Elina

    Haha, Sue – that’s a really funny craving. Do you get it while watching episodes about dessert too? 😉


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