Run like the wind (in the sun)

I’ve had really great food lately. It’s funny because honestly I go through stages where I just go through the motions, cook, try to be healthy (and not always succeed), try to blog (and not be too boring) but this week’s food really made me extra happy and gave me extra motivation to stay healthy. Having a weekend of many indulgences last weekend and another one coming up (we’re going to NY tomorrow!), also made it easier.  But in any case, the highlight of today was really my run. It was 60* here in Boston!!! I don’t remember the last time it was this warm here and I definitely can’t wait until this becomes a more frequent occasion and not just a random Thursday (when I’m mostly stuck at work). I think tomorrow it’s going to rain and by Monday we’ll be down to low 40’s again, so I took advantage of today’s glorious weather and went for a run… outsideLast run outside went pretty well. I also have been running about 5 times a week for the last few weeks and that has been going well. So I wasn’t as scared to hit the road today.  I walked for 3 minutes on the treadmill (to warm up), then stretched, and then went outside. It was gorgeous and I seriously had a perma smile for the first 5 minutes… until I remembered that running is hard! Haha. In any case, I persevered… and completed my 40 minute planned run. I ran all the way to Cambridge and back.

Running for time instead of distance was liberating at first, but I also learned that I can’t run too fast, because I wouldn’t complete my run any faster if I did… just get more tired :) All in all, I was proud when I was done. This was the longest run I’ve done outside to date, without stopping to walk. A 10K will be even longer, so I really hope I get to do this more often (treadmill running does not compare, although it definitely helped me get to the point where I am today).  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:53 (that’s 40 minutes of running + 13 minutes of walking) + stretching
  • Calories: 514 (40% fat)
  • Ave HR:157 (81%); Max HR: 177 (91%)

Oh and I guess since we started with workout-talk today, I should mention that I also Shredded (level 3) this morning. I missed it, believe it or not… so I really enjoyed this morning’s workout. I also really liked that when I was done with work, I could have a glass of wine with some co-workers and not worry that I still had to exercise :) Shredding stats:

  • Duration: 0:25 + stretching
  • Calories: 178 (50% fat)
  • Ave HR: 132 (68%); Max HR: 161 (81%)


pre-workout morning snack: 2 dates

[42 calories]

3 mini ww bagel halves with whipped cream cheese and lox + 1 sliced pear

[400 calories]

3 ak maks with 2T sun dried tomato hummus + 2 boiled egg

[202 calories]

The snack above was kick-ass! Seriously I could not believe how amazing it was… and it was SUPER filling. 2.5 hours after I had it, I was still a little full, but I had to go on my run or I knew it wouldn’t happen.  I’ll be sure to keep this combo in mind!  Awesome awesome awesome!

The stars of lunch were cakes I made from leftover butternut squash risotto. I made 2 patties out of 1/4 of the recipe, dipped them in 1 egg white and about 2.5T of ww bread crumbs. I then pan fried them (in pan covered in EVOO spray) for a few minutes on each side until golden brown.

2 risotto cakes with mixed greens/carrots with Annie's woodstock dressing on the side

You know you want one 😉

risotto cake closeup

[452 calories]

For dinner, I was planning on making some crab cakes, but time totally escaped from me and at the last minute I decided to just bake the TJ’s wild mushroom and black truffle flatbread pizza we had in the freezer (for emergencies just like today). This is 1/2 of the pizza… and I’m going to say again that it’s the best (frozen) pizza ever! I’d choose this over take-out any day…. ok, unless I’m craving some veggies on it or something :) But yeah, this was decadent and indulgent and I want some more right now (I’m half-way kidding about that one… mmm truffled pizza).

TJ's mushroom truffle oil pizza

[350 calories]

And then I had one of the chocolate-pecan macaroons I made earlier in the night (and that’s why I had no time left to make “real” dinner). I made them for my parents for passover – they use matzo meal and I thought they’d like them. They did! I made them extra decadent by adding chocolate chips to the batter. I’d say the chips were key! Oh and mine were much flatter than the ones in the Cooking Light picture, but they were also a bit bigger… I made 23 (instead of 26). Whatever, they were yummy (but honestly not amazing… pretty good for flourless cookies though).

chocolate pecan choc chip macaroon cookie

[113 calories] + I later had another 1/2… another 56 calories

After finishing dinner, my husband and I went to my parents’ house to deliver the cookies. I had another 1.25 glasses of red wine there (+ as mentioned above 1 glass with co-workers after work)… that’s 2.25 glasses (~225 calories]

Total calories consumed today:1922 (eek!)

I’m leaving for NY tomorrow afternoon. I probably won’t be able to blog during the weekend, but I’ll definitely be back with a full recap. I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that we have no plans but eat and drink for 2.5 days straight! :)

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