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Pinch me, I must be dreaming

April 12th, 2009 · 26 Comments · Uncategorized

I was killing some time on the bus back from NY today (the wireless internet wasn’t working) and came across some old photos on my laptop. I think a few of these (ok all of them!) reignited my fire to live a healthier life and I really wanted to share them with you (I can’t believe I’m doing this but I need to do it for myself!). Some of these are scary and others remind me of how far I’ve come. I’ve fluctuated in weight a lot over the years (and yes, some of these are particularly unflattering due to a much needed die job and a haircut), but these are really eye opening – that’s for sure! Nothing like a good old dose of reality to whip you into shape (ha, no pun intended).  I’m going to look at this post next time I’m ready to raid the fridge for no reason whatsoever.

These are kind of in chronological order… starting with my Senior year in college (my heaviest weight) and up until now. There are a few gaps, mostly because I don’t have all of my pictures on my new laptop but I think you get the idea… I’ve sure seen enough here!



**Fake toy gun for a costume party!

























* A full wedding recap post to come – I need to sort through 1,000+ pics for that!





Posting about my glutonous weekend now seems a bit inappropriate but I’m going to do it anyway. It was a great weekend, filled with awesome food, but yeah, let’s just say I will have no problem putting the fork down tomorrow and hitting that gym for a longer run.  See you tomorrow with a recap of some of my eats this weekend in NYC…

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  • #1 - Lara

    It’s always fun to go through old pics. I think I’d have a similar wake-up call if I went through mine. You are beautiful, of course, at any weight, but you have certainly come a long way! Your wedding photos in particular are jut absolutely gorgeous. How long have you guys been married? You are so tiny in that dress!
    I think it’s good to do this to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come. Give yourself a break for this past weekend if you can…only a small serback in the grand scheme of your health! I’ll try to do the same 😉 Thanks for sharing these with us.

  • #2 - Tiffany

    I don’t recall you ever looking like that, but it isn’t until these pictures are side by side with your wedding photos that I see the difference.

    It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of effort into how you look, and it’s all paid off. You look amazing. Fantastic job!

  • #3 - ttfn300

    wow, what a montage, speaks volumes for how far you’ve come!! mad props, elina :) i like the idea of using this as motivation… but i’m afraid to look at my old pics 😉

  • #4 - Lauren

    It was fun to browse through these pics & see the progress you’ve made – you look fantastic in your wedding pics!

  • #5 - sister inna

    wow — great set of photos! i agree with everyone else — your wedding photos and the italy set really show off how far you’ve come in just a few years. you look good in all of these — but the contrast — is an awesome motivator. your arms look AWESOME. also, i like the improvement on the eyebrows ( i suffered through a similar stage with mine lol) 😀

  • #6 - Katie

    I didn’t even know that was you in the beginning!! Obviously I think you’ve always been beautiful, but the progress is so amazingly impressive. Dont just look at this when you’re feeling weak – remember to look when you’re feeling strong as a reminder of how much you are capable of!

  • #7 - Elina

    Lara, we got married last July (2008)… best day ever! 😀

    Tiffany, I honestly don’t remember looking like that either. I think my smaller waist almost made me think (and hopefully others) that I was smaller than I really was. I knew I wasn’t happy with my weight then (and REALLY hated pictures!), and now I see why.

    Innz, I totally noticed the eyebrows too. Glad I decided to stop plucking to death 😉

    Katie, I really like your idea of looking at this when I’m feeling strong too. You’re right, I’ve come a long way, and I deserve to celebrate that sometimes too!! :)

    Thanks all for your sweet comments!

  • #8 - K

    Oh wow! You have come so far!! You look fantastic – congrats on all of your hard work :)

  • #9 - Adam

    You look like a completely different person! I agree with Tiffany – I don’t remember you looking different in college but you so obviously did!

  • #10 - Elina

    Looks like love is blind, Adam 😀 <3

  • #11 - Sharon

    Great recap! You look great!

  • #12 - not sister inna

    you’re not dreaming- that’s all your hard work paying off! you look absolutely stunning- this is so motivating- thanks for sharing!

  • #13 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Wow, what a transformation! Photos really do tell the tale, right? It’s hard to see the difference looking in the mirror every day but snapshots in time so show the difference. I think everyone has noticed that the (gorgeous) wedding photos are the most startling! I LOVE your dress. :)

  • #14 - Amanda

    funny how looking back at old pictures can keep the current motivation very high!!

  • #15 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    you’ve come so far! You looked great to begin with… now? STUNNING! 😉

  • #16 - Meghann

    Wow, what a transformation!

    I know what you mean though, looking at old photos always resparks my interest in healthy living and eating.

  • #17 - Alison

    Wow…cool pics. You look really nice with dark hair.
    Where were you in the pic where you’re wearing the Mango tank? Beautiful scenery!
    It looks like you love traveling as much as I do. How many countries have you been to?

  • #18 - Katy

    Woah! I totally did not remember you looking like that either I always remembered you as being fabulous and stylish but damn girl, I’m so proud of you!

  • #19 - One Healthy Apple

    Way to go! You look stunning- your wedding photos are striking and I LOVE that you showed off what you got- no poofy dress needed!

    I looked back on my old pictures and it did the same thing for me. I always get a little anxious that I will be back to where I was, but that is an extra little push to work harder…or eat wiser!

  • #20 - Elina

    Alison, we’re in Oahu on that pic, on top of Diamond Head crater – it was a great hike and a gorgeous view. Traveling is definitely my passion! Let’s see… # of countries I’ve been to… I think 12 + some islands on the Caribbean :)

    Thanks, Katy! :) It’s funny that people I know in real life are shocked at the pics too. I am pretty proud looking at those pics! … and motivated to keep going!

    One Healthy Apple – yes, I thought the modified mermaid style looks quite flattering on me… no need for extra poof 😀

  • #21 - Sara

    Elina, you have come such a long way! You looked beautiful before, but the transformation is inspiring and you have done great things to take control of your health :) Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  • #22 - healthy ashley

    Wow! Your transformation really inspires me. You look so happy in all photos… but so much happier in the recent ones. You are just gorgeous! I loved this post.

  • #23 - Hangry Pants

    Your wedding dress was gorgeous! Who was it by?

  • #24 - Elina

    Heather, my dress is by Vera Wang. I was able to buy the store sample, because they wanted to get a larger size for the shop. Worked for me! 😀

  • #25 - rhodeygirl


    thank you SO much for posting these pics. you are GORGEOUS, but i already knew that. love the wedding pics… obviously i want more!

  • #26 - Feeling strong

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