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Momofuku noodle bar + Amy’s Bread bakery

April 16th, 2009 · 14 Comments · NYC, restaurant reviews

Can you believe there was even more food consumed after all the meals in my previous posts?! Yup, there was! This is the last installment on our NYC trip recap though… I promise. I just had to feature these 2 lovely spots… let’s start with Momofuku as I’m trying to be true to chronological order in which most meals were eaten.

My sister claimed for years that she’s a pork hater and apparently Momofuku made her a convert. Let’s just say a trip to momofuku was a mandatory one this weekend :) Despite reservations at Del Posto around 9pm, she insisted that a small snack of pork buns woudn’t ruin our appetite… and then promptly peer pressured us into ordering the momofuku ramen as well. It’s ok, we didn’t complain too much :)

Let’s do a quick mention of the awesome decor. The place is clean, modern and cool. I like the simplicity of the light wood fixtures (everything was covered in the same wood). It could have gone terribly wrong (read: bad bad 60’s wood covered panels) but instead it looked very chic! Sister (Inna) + her boyfriend (Derek)…

Inna and D at momofuku

And the bar…

momofuku decor

Now let’s get to the food! We started with the famous steamed pork buns:

momofuku pork buns

This is not at all what I was expecting pork “buns” – these were like soft fluffy tortillas with pork belly and cucumber slices (also scallions which I asked not to include). Normally seeing the pork belly fat would completely turn me off, but with encouragement from my sister I dug in and was very happy I did.  With a little srirancha, this was a light and spicy treat… and surprisingly not fatty tasting at all! Yum! (I had one of these).

* Inna and Derek also ordered the chicken buns and those were possibly even better (I had a tiny bite to taste)! The meet was shredded, then made into a patty that was fried. Again, despite being fried it did not taste greasy at all. I think Inna and Derek (to their own surprise) decided that the chicken buns were the way to go next time!

Adam also ordered the smoked chicken wings with pickled chili and garlic (and again scallions which we skipped on). I had 2 wings – they were a little spicy but very nicely prepared. The skin on the outside was perfectly crunchy, and the inside meat was nice and tender. Delicious!

momofuku wings

And lastly, the dish “we had to order”… the momofuku ramen: pork combo with a poached egg. This was delicious, but since we recently got back from Asia, I’m going to have to say it was nothing special. Sorry I probably sound like a snob now. Haha. 😆 I think next time I’d try the chilled spicy noodles :)

momofuku noodle soup

Overall the place is fabulous and just the kind of place we need to have more of in Boston. It is often packed and for a reason. I leave you with a picture of the outside. Love how modern it is!

momofuku entrance

This pic is kind of weird – you can see my head in the reflection (large) and my lower body (small) – creepy! 😉

momofuku sign

Oh wait, I just realized I promised to also talk about Amy’s Bread. Silly me! At some point in my NY life, I used to live a block away from Amy’s Bread, so very often when I come back to visit, I stop by and get my favorite roasted veggie/goat cheese sandwich (their walnut brownies, coconut dream bars, and cherry chocolate buns are also amazing!). On Sunday for our ride back to Boston, I stopped by Amy’s Bread to get just that. They were out of my favorite sandwich, but I was happy to find a new sammie – the spinach with havarti and roasted tomatoes on whole wheat five grain bread with clover sprouts and a tahini, yoghurt and harissa sauce. Yeah, awesome! Ok the bread got slightly soggy, but the flavor was all there – the cheese and roasted tomatoes and the spicy sauce were the best. Hmm, I guess that’s all the sandwich had. Anyways, best bus food ever! 😀

Amy's bread sandwich

sandwich cross section

Oh wait, I totally lied… I’m not done! I forgot we also went to Schiller’s for brunch on Sunday. I was craving the croque madame sandwich I got there on our last NYC visit. My sister was a little disappointed that I requested to go back there (she had a new place she wanted to show off – ha) – apparently they frequent Schiller’s alsmost every weekend as her boyfriend is just as obsessed with the same sandwich, but I had a craving… what can I say? Can you blame me, really? 😉

Schiller's croque madame

This time I was smart to not eat the whole thing (I maybe “forced down” 3/4ths). It was amazing again! I do think I got it out of my system this time. *I think* 😉

Back to regular (healthier) programming tomorrow. I managed to do 25 minutes of cardio and an hour yoga class before wolfing the above sandwich down, btw :)

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14 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Sharon

    Oh my gosh, everything is amazing – i totally want that sandwich!

  • #2 - ttfn300

    more awesome nyc eats! can’t go wrong with that sammie :) i guess you really need that shirt!! thanks for your support on the walk home!

  • #3 - K

    As soon as I saw the title included bread bakery, I knew I’d love this post! That looks delicious :)

  • #4 - Katie

    I honestly couldn’t be more jealous right now. I am headed back to NYC in a couple weeks and think I’m going to have to start planning my trips around food. I have been dying to go to Momofuku for ages!! And Amy’s, Schillers….dont even get me started…Oh NYC! Food capital in my opinion…

  • #5 - Hangry Pants

    I enjoyed all installments of the NYC food trip. Your sister is really pretty. And I don’t think you sound like a noodle snob – I would expect that to not be as good as on your recent trip!!!!

  • #6 - healthy ashley

    Just the name “noodle bar” gets me excited! The place looks like such a good spot to catch a meal with friends!

  • #7 - Elina

    Katie, I totally agree! 😀

    Heather, I’m thanking you for the compliment on behalf of my sister and I definitely agree with you! :)

  • #8 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Oooh, I’ve been curious about Momofuku but haven’t yet tried…it will have stiff competition for me too because my parents live in Tokyo and there is this one ramen shop we go to when I visit and it is seriously killer! Is it bad that I haven’t heard of Amy’s Bread…?

  • #9 - Elina

    Diana, we’ll fogive you this time but you should try Amy’s bread soon (I know you go to Rosa Mexicano and it’s only a few blocks away) 😉 The place is really cute and all the food is really delicious (I’ve tried a lot of it and never had anything bad). Tokyo is definitely on our list of places to go to next. Maybe next year… or 2011. :)

  • #10 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    i LOVE all these restaurant posts! I’m getting tons of ideas for when I head to NYC in June!

  • #11 - Alison

    Wow, that sandwich looks wonderful!

  • #12 - Elina

    Shannon – I’m glad you liked the posts. If you need more ideas, click on NYC on the left column on the blog, and you’ll see all the posts about NY, including my previous ones. Have fun in June! NYC is SO awesome!! 😀

  • #13 - sister inna

    I can’t believe you went to amy’s bread without me :(
    you should have planned to do that before you left the apt — i could have used a lil’ bit of amy’s love.. in the form of cherry soda scone (or humus sandwich) or cheese stick (or anything really) hehe
    next time, right?
    and D is already looking forward to you guys coming back — i’ve banned schillers from our menu till then

  • #14 - Elina

    Sorry, Innz, the trip to Amy’s was unplanned… we just had a little time to clean so we walked there :) Oh and I think I finally got Schiller’s out of my system, so you want to let D go there once in a while, because I really want to go to Clinton St bakery next time for their blueberry pancakes. I got the wrong stuff there last time. I need to try those pancakes.. they’ve won awards!