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Henrietta’s Table + more running questions

April 2nd, 2009 · 16 Comments · 30 Day Shred, Boston, breakfast, Cooking Light, Eating out, fish, restaurant reviews, snacks, yogurt

Another busy but fun day today. I woke up early again, and as hard as it is to get going in the morning, I really do think it makes for a better rest of the day. By 7am, I already Shredded, showered and started making breakfast (and that meant extra time to relax after work!).  Usually I’m not even out of bed by then! But first let’s jump to the end of the day. I had a fabulous dinner, with fabulous company (hi Katie! 😀 ) at Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge, MA. I think their “mission statement” says it all…

Our goal at Henrietta’s is to deliver the freshest available food, through proper cooking techniques and excellent service,” says Executive Chef Peter Davis.  This attitude is reflected in the Henrietta’s reliance on local farms and fisherman to keep her kitchen stocked.  We at Henrietta’s aim to provide you with the best experience possible while we share our home with you.

I liked that they use local farms for their produce – it really appeals to what I’m all about these days. And when was the last time you heard a restaurant refer to itself as “home.” Love it!

Minutes after being seated we were served some fresh warm bread. There were 2 nice little fruit and nut bread slices, 2 ww slices and 1 little sourdough roll. Why just 1 of this one? I had a slice of the fruit and nut bread (awesome!), tried the ww bread (tasted like nothing!) and split the sourdough roll with Katie. Oh and of course I used some butter with the bread 😀

HT bread basket

I also ordered a glass of Cabernet. Somehow I forget to take pictures of wine… maybe because you all know what a glass of wine looks like, right? Well, I had 2 of them throughout the night :)

Katie and I talk a lot but finally after a waiter came back like 4 times to ask us if we need more time, we decided to order. I was all ready to start with a fresh salad of mixed field greens and champagne lemon herb vinaigrette. It sounded a little boring but I knew I wanted 3 courses and everything else seemed much more substantial. BUT literally as I was asking all sorts of onion related questions, Katie noticed they had specials. I saw a salad there that silly me of course can’t describe now (and it’s not online because it was a special!) Ok ok – it had mixed greens, pickled beets, sliced almonds and some kind of cheese in the blue cheese family. I don’t like blue cheese and because I ordered without really analyzing this item, I had to pick the cheese off. Everything else was fantastic though. The pickled beets were awesome, they pared nicely with lemony greens and the addition of the almonds added a nice crunchy texture. This is definitely my kind of salad, except I’d replace the blue cheese with goat cheese next time :)

HT salad

The food came out strangely fast. I know time flies when you’re having fun and Katie and I (as aforementioned talked A LOT) but seriously I feel like everything came out in minutes. So yeah, as soon as our appetizer plates were taken away, we got our entrees. When I eat out I like to order things I’m least likely to make at home, so I went with the House Smoked and Grilled Free Range Duck Breast, Confit Leg, Cranberry Compote, Port Wine Reduction… and a side of roasted root vegetables.

HT duck

HT root veggies

This kind of reminded me of a fancy Thanksgiving dinner! The duck was cooked 2 ways – both great preparations. I removed all the big fat layers. I ended up leaving a small little piece of meat (+all the fat). The root veggies were honestly kind of bland – I’ve made better! I ate 1/2 of this dish and took the rest home.

Guess what? I had room for dessert. I know you’re shocked 😆 I got Henrietta’s World Famous Chocolate Bread Pudding with Rum Caramelized Bananas, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This was my first time having bread pudding. I never thought it was my thing until I saw it on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown and noticed the amount of chocolate that goes into it. With that much chocolate, the thing must be good, right? I’m going to say that this particular chocolate bread pudding was too sweet for me (the rum banana sauce) and not chocolaty enough. There were a few nice pockets of chocolate but otherwise it was intensely sweet but not necessarily satisfying. I saw like 20 pieces of chocolate mouse cake pass by after polishing off my plate and definitely got plate envy. I totally would have ordered it if the menu appropriate identified it as such. Oh well… I still liked the place and would come back there!  I think Katie liked her food too (she said the crab cakes were awesome!).

bread pudding with caramelized bananas + ice cream


I know I said I liked the staying power of oats, but I missed my yogurt… so I had some today.  In this bowl I combined 2/3 cup of oikos with 1/2 banana, blackberries, Kashi Golean, pb puffins, hazelnuts and Erin Baker’s chocolate granola (the last of it!).

yogurt concoction

Instead of the usual coffee with breakfast, I decided to try the POM juice straight up. I liked it! It was very sweet… and kind of tasted like cherries but I love cherries 😀 I think diluting it with something could be nice (more volume for the same calories)… and just that half a cup had a crazy amount of antioxidants. Gotta love that!

yogurt medley + pom juice

[394 calories]

I still had coffee a few hours later at work (unpictured)…42 calories.

almond & coconut KIND bar

I haven’t had a KIND bar in a while, but after just the first bite I realized how much I missed them.  The whole nuts “glued” together with honey and thin coconut chunks just made me very happy. This bar was not overly sweet either (like some of them are) and got me through a busy afternoon at work, until I was ready to finally sit down for lunch (about 3.5 hours later).

closeup of kind bar

[190 calories]

I have a detailed review of FIVE other KIND bars I’ve been meaning to post about. Stay tuned 😀

I made this for dinner last night but never got to eat it (still too full from the crazy delicious cookies)… so I had it for lunch today.  This is haddock in coconut red-curry sauce with a blend of grains on the side. For the fish, I used this recipe from Cooking Light found through Lauren’s blog, substituted haddock for halibut (it was on sale at our local grocery store), used a little less oil, no onions or scallions, and about double the amount of red curry paste.  It took a little longer to cook the fish than the recipe specified, but it ended up being nice and flaky and the sauce was fantastic!  Oh, picture some additional grape tomatoes + asparagus on the side of this :)

haddock with coconut red curry sauce + couscous medley

[~440 calories]

Btw, the grains on the side are TJ’s Harvest Grains blend: a savory blend of Israeli style couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans, orzo, and red quinoa. Pretty cool to have all these goodies in one package! This was actually my husband’s find at TJ’s… I love how he craves healthier foods now. He loved these grains (and so did I!).

grain blend closeup

Delicious, delicious foods today! :)


So I did level 3 of Shred this morning. I think I’m on day 23. It was tough! The cardio parts now include weights, and the strength training parts now include cardio. What’s up with that? Can’t we get a break?! 😆 I loved it of course… except for those last jumps at the end. Had to revert to Anita’s version. I want to be a badass like Natalie! 😉 Shredding stats:

  • Duration: 0:25 (+ stretching)
  • Calories burnt: 185 (55%)
  • Ave HR: 134 (69%); Max HR: 208 (107%)

And mid-day I sneaked out of the office to do my scheduled 3 mile run. I read today that you’re not supposed to run at your fastest pace unless they’re interval or tempo runs. I find it hard not to push myself to my limit but hopefully that means less injury and actually will improve my running, rather than hold me back. I’m still confused… sounds a little counterproductive. Do you push yourself during every run (or other workout) you do? I used to, but I’m trying to think long term! So yeah, I warmed up for 0.15 miles at 4.3mph, then 0.15 miles at 6.2 mph and then did another 2.85 miles at 6.5-6.6 mph and cooled down for another 0.15 miles at 4.3 mph. And then I stretched a bunch. I’m totally paranoid about shin splints! Speaking of that, what (if anything) do you do to prevent them? Any special exercises or stretches? I’d love to hear from all of you experts 😀 Running stats:

  • Duration: 0:32 (includes about a minute of stretching – I forgot to turn off my HRM)
  • Calories burnt: 295 (30% fat)
  • Ave HR: 152 (78%); Max HR: 164 (85%)

Ok, it’s way past my bedtime. See you later. I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow (well, technically today!). Yay!!

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16 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - MizFit

    old wives tale? dont know but it worked for me that I sit and tap my toes…heels on floor (make sense) and Ive never gotten shin splints.
    an olllld football coach told me to do that :)

  • #2 - Lauren

    I absolutely want to go to Henrietta’s Table at some point soon – I’ll go with you and share the chocolate mousse cake :) I love their food philosophy.

    I’m glad you tried the Cooking Light recipe – looks great!

  • #3 - KellyB

    I bought this a while back and its sitting in my cabinet. “TJ’s Harvest Grains blend”
    Glad to hear you liked it, I’ll actually have to try it, I’ve been worried about it and wasn’t sure what my hubby would think.

  • #4 - Sharon

    Scrumptious eats.
    And glad you had a good time there with Katie, all the food looks delicious!

  • #5 - Mariposa

    so many boston bloggers!!!! love the eats at Henrietta’s table- they look great!

  • #6 - Kelly

    Mmmm. I’ve been meaning to go to Henrietta’s Table. That all looks fantastic. I wish I had been dining with you as blue cheese is my favorite and I would have gladly taken yours. That bread pudding also looks heavenly. Whenever it’s on the menu it’s hard for me not to order it. Figs in Charlestown does an amazing white chocolate vanilla bean bread pudding and Marco has an amazing chocolate banana bread pudding that I love. That one looks quite heavenly as well.

    I also agree with you that when out I try to pick things I wouldn’t make at home. That looks delish!

  • #7 - K

    LOVE Kind bars!! That dinner sounds incredible! I’m dying to try bread pudding!

  • #8 - Elina

    Thanks, Mizfit – I’ll try doing that as much as I can :)

    Lauren, I’m happy to go back there with you 😀 Another blogger meetup there, perhaps?

    KellyB – definitely give it a try. I don’t think it’s very funky so I’m sure your husband will like it… ok I hope he does 😀

    Kelly, thanks for the restaurant suggestions. I haven’t been to either one so I’ll add it to the “to-go to” list…

  • #9 - ttfn300

    i’m in for henrietta’s table :) that fish looks fnatastic as well! no help from me on shin splints… sorry! but don’t forget the 10% rule as you’re ramping up your runs (no more than 10% increase in mileage) to prevent overuse injuries! and it’s ok to scale back a bit if something feels off one day. rest up, then get back at it when it feels better.

    i know i sound like my mother, but i didn’t believe it either until i started training more and it happenned to me… what i’ve realized is that i’d rather run a little less than to be sidelined for over a month!

    ps- chiobani is on sale this week at shaws :)

  • #10 - zestycook

    love the eats at Henrietta’s table- they look great!

  • #11 - Amanda

    what a fun dinner! I don’t really do expensive dinners often cause D doesn’t care, but the presentation is always so great.

    Now running I know about!!! When I started running, it was always by feel…as in if you have the energy then make it an interval day. If you aren’t feeling it, then keep it easy. I think this is really important when you are starting so that you don’t burn out.

    Shin splits were never much an issue for me, but i really have heard the same thing about the toe taps and such

  • #12 - Katy

    I just had those TJ’s grains the other day! They were pretty interesting, but good interesting. Mmmm Hennrietta’s Table looks awesome.

  • #13 - Inna

    I’ve been wanting to try Henrietta’s Table forever- glad to know it’s good :) All your food looks absolutely delicious- I’ll have to try making that fish sometime soon!
    oh, and I wish I could get up early and exercise then- I am such a bum about sleeping in!

  • #14 - kilax

    If I am doing a short run, like 3 or 4 miles, I will push myself. But if I am doing anything longer, I like to take it nice and slow, then speed up the last half mile or so.

    I’m no expert though!

  • #15 - Lara

    I have only had duck once or twice and I was SO pleasantly surprised. It is so decadent! Yours looks amazing.

  • #16 - Katie

    Had such a fun time! Although I feel like once I check one off the list of places to go I also add on four more – so we need to get out again soon!