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April 22nd, 2009 · 14 Comments · beef, breakfast, chicken, oats, salad, sandwich, tofu, yogurt

Hi guys, sorry for the random posting lately… I’m kind of all over the place :) I still have a huge backlog of stuff to talk/write about so I haven’t been taking pictures of my food regularly – just some highlights. Today I would like to talk about the past week. You’ve seen me eat cake and drink too much wine and vodka, but aside from that I’ve been working hard on my running and eating healthy. This post still inspires me, and reminds me of what I can do if I put my mind to it.  Oh and in other news, I think I finally ODed on Barney Butter. It’s a good thing. I just bought 3 jars, and I know they won’t go to waste… but I’m happy that I’m also not tempted to consume them within a week either 😀

All right, all right, let’s talk about running. It’s going great! I still to this day don’t believe how far I’ve come. A few years ago I decided I wanted to add running to my cardio routine. I thought I was in a pretty decent shape, but for some reason running was hard… really hard. I remember the first time I finished a mile without stopping, I got off the treadmill, bright read, and thought that I was going to die.  I think someone actually asked me if I was ok. I was ok. I was on the way to becoming a runner! … it just took a little more time and a lot more practice. I slowly started increasing my distance, and somehow now I’m running over 20 miles a week and loving it. I took my new toy for a 6.5 mile run outside on Saturday. It was the longest run I’ve done outside (not on a treadmill) and also the best run I’ve ever done. I seriously felt like an athlete and had a huge smile on my face the entire (ok most of the) time. I really AM becoming a real runner.

me-post-my-6 1/2 mile run

Sweaty and VERY happy. 6.5 miles in 56 minutes!!

This run in particular (although my 6.0 mile last Monday and 5.5 mile run yesterday – both on a treadmill) made me confident about completing my upcoming 10K race. I was scared before, but now I’m excited. I’ve been consistent with my workouts and have been surprising myself with my strength and endurance. A lot of it is mental (by the way – it’s still never easy, just not always hard)… sometimes you have to push through, knowing that your body can handle it if you let it. And don’t forget to have a plan. I like mixing up my treadmill workouts (divide and conquer – change the speed, change the inclines every few minutes) and now that I have my garmin I can do the same outside. Sweet. Ok, that’s my 2 cents on running for now. I’m sure there will be more to come 😀

Wondering what I’ve been eating all week? Like I mentioned, I haven’t been taking pictures of all my food… add here some leftover/repeat meals and lots of standard snacks (and ahem, a bunch of Barney Butter). Hope you’re having a wonderful week. Over the next week, I’ll continue with random blasts from the past (read: Asian vacation and wedding recaps) and then we’ll be back to regular programing. :)

yogurt, bananas, pb puffins, apple butter, choc chips, dried cherries, almonds

crab cake with sweet potato baked fries and string beans

3 mini bagel halves with cream cheese and lox + yogurt with muesli

soba noodles with mixed veggies, tofu + Jenna's sauce and sesame seeds

oats with banana, raisings and cranberry/white chocolate trail mix

oat bran with banana and Naturally Nutty toffee peanut butter

salad: mixed greens, grape tomatoes, egg whites, green beans, sundried tomato hummus, sundried tomato cottage cheese + FSTG sweet potato tortilla chips

Island Hopper chicken satay

Island Hopper papaya salad

chobani with grapes, cantalope, strawberries + Kashi Autumn wheat and pecans

Makhani chicken with brown rice and string beans

Newman's organic peanut butter cups

pb cup cross section

homemade steak and cheese with mushrooms + carrots on the side

Yum! 😀

Oh, and just for good measure – a few more giveaways for you :)

Bobbi is giving away a running skirt. I don’t know if I can pull it off, but I’d sure love to try 😉 And Amanda is making us all hungry with her awesome fruit spread review – try to win some here.

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  • #1 - Lara (Thinspired)

    Elina, this is so awesome!! You seriously inspire me as a runner. You ARE a strong runner, and you will totally dominate that 10K. Have you ever thought about training for a half or a marathon?

  • #2 - Elina

    Lara, I am toying with the idea of training for a half. There is one in California in October… right around the time we plan on vacationing there. Just something I’m considering. We’ll see how the 10K goes! 😀 I’m glad I’m an inspiration. I try 😉

  • #3 - Sharon

    Wow, look at you go!! Great job on the running!! Stellar job!

  • #4 - K

    Congrats on the run – that’s fantastic!! Looks like you’ve been fueling yourself very well too :) Yum!

  • #5 - Hangry Pants

    That is an awesome run! I like the part where you said you were smiling a lot of the time. I just started running outside instead of on a treadmill and I think it’s ridiculous how much more enjoyable (even if it is harder) it is. I smile when I run outside. I scowl when I run on a treadmill.

  • #6 - ttfn300

    AMAZING girl :) you are a real runner;-) i’ll keep telling you until you believe it yourself! now i’m jealous of your garmin… hmm, maybe for my bday?

  • #7 - Danielle

    Wow, a real runner :) you are so inspiring! I have yet to do a 5K out of pure fear but I guess I should just go for it, huh? I mean, you’re going to rock that 10K…

  • #8 - healthy ashley

    I am so proud of you! You’re doing great with your running and you are totally a real runner!

  • #9 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    nice work on the run! so impressive!

  • #10 - Alison

    Congrats on the running! It’s so much fun.

    Love the food pics. The salmon on a bagel is especially tempting.

    Do you think the Newman’s PB cups are better than Reeses?

  • #11 - Elina

    Heather, I’m totally with you. In the past, I dreaded runs outside but now I’m so excited when the weather is nice enough to go out. I think I’ve trained enough on the treadmill that hills and winds don’t bug me as much, and I really love the change of scenery! :)

    Shannon (ttfn300) – thanks! And I hope you do get one for your birthday. I think it’s just so freeing to have one and I know for a fact it’s improving my workouts!

    Danielle, you should just sign up for one! I was tiny bit peer pressured into signing up for the 10K but I’m SO glad I did it. It has forced me to take my running more seriously (because I don’t do anything half-assed) and has removed any of my fears… I feel much stronger and more capable. Do it! 😀

    Alison, I bought the dark chocolate pb cups and they were very dark chocolaty. I love dark chocolate but it definitely didn’t satisfy my craving for the reeses cups. I think Newman’s has the milk chocolate variety which may be more comparable. The stuff is certainly better for you. I’m pretty sure Reeses pb cups have all sorts of junk ingredients in them! Let me know if you try the milk chocolate kind… I’m very interested in hearing a review :)

  • #12 - Sara

    You are very inspiring to me!! After reading this I am so sad that my muscles are in recovery and I can’t go outside and run 😉 6.5 miles in that time? Way to go!! I love what you said about how it’s never easy…but that’s what makes it feel so good afterwards :)

    You are going to rock that 10K!!

  • #13 - Tiffany

    I just did a 4 mile lazy jog on a treadmill, and it took me 65 minutes :/

    Clearly, I am not a strong runner, and you should be very proud of yourself.

  • #14 - Elina

    Tiffany, it takes time to build up speed and endurance. Be patient and practice, practice, practice (if that’s something that’s important to you). Thanks… I am proud of myself 😀