Can’t pick favorites

I can’t pick my favorite meal today – seriously every single thing I ate was amazing! I love when that happens!! Let’s do a photo recap… scroll over for descriptions.

2 Kashi Heart-to-Heart waffles + 1 mashed banana, 1T peanut butter, dollop of nutella + dried cherries

[463 calories – more than my typical breakfasts, but worth every calorie :) ]

Yeah, this basically tasted like an amazing dessert for breakfast and it fueled me through a mid-day workout so I didn’t need a snack for 5.5 hours later!

carrot sticks + 1T almond butter

[142 calories]

I finally tried carrots + almond butter combo. Yep it was fantastic! This was TJ’s almond butter (just ground almonds) and it’s nuttiness went incredibly well with carrots. I finally found good use for the stuff! :)

salad: mixed greens, pom glazed tofu, roasted parsnips with maple syrup, raw carrots, goat cheese + strawberry balsamic vinegar

salad closeup

[425 calories]

So many flavors! Roasted veggies + goat cheese + strawberry balsamic… mmm

cantalope + 1/2 odwalla choco-walla bar

[167 calories]

Lastly dinner requires a little bit of an introduction. I used this recipe for Low Fat Baked Ziti posted by Alexia as a guest post on Tina’s Carrots ‘N Cakes blog. I decided that in order to eliminate night time munchies I should bulk up my meals throughout the day. As you can see above, I’ve done that, and so instead of 6 servings Alexia divides this recipe by, I chose to make it 4 servings with a few modifications… I used only 6oz of dry pasta, added about 9.5oz of chicken (pan fried first), only 1/8 c of grated parmesan cheese, only 0.75 cup of low fat mozzarella. This was a hefty meal for the amount of calories it was. My husband said this was the best 400 calories he’s ever had! It seriously tasted take-out quality but way better for you! 😀

baked ziti with chicken - whole recipe

my quarter portion

[407 calories]

By the way, I have a new find – TJ’s low fat shredded mozzarella. It’s only 45 calories/oz (compared to typically 80 calories for part-skim). I was afraid it wouldn’t melt well, but as you can see above, it was perfect! Great find! :)

Total calories consumed today: 1604 – and I’ve VERY satisfied… no need for dessert! 😀


Only one workout today – my 4.5 mile scheduled run.  We had a fire alarm in our building go off at 11:30pm last night – it woke me up and I couldn’t fall asleep for another hour. With that, I didn’t get enough sleep and just could not peel myself out of bed this morning. So I saved the run for my lunch break (I do much better at that time than mornings anyway!).  Shredding never happened because I lugged groceries home and felt like my arms would fall off (I know I’ve been a slacker!). Boo!

As you guys know, I hate running the same speed or incline for a long period of time (I’m talking treadmill running). I get super bored so I need to mix it up by creating little intervals.  Here is what I did for my run:

  • Warm up walk at 4.7 mph for 0.25 miles, then stretch
  • Mile 1: run at 6.3 mph for 0.25 miles, at 6.4 mph for 0.25 miles and 6.5 mph for 0.50 miles – all at 0 incline
  • Mile 2: run at 6.4 mph for 0.25 miles (0.5 incline), at 6.3 mph for 0.25 miles (1.0 incline) and 6.5 mph for 0.50 miles (0 incline);
  • Mile 3: run at 6.4 mph for 0.25 miles (1.0 incline), at 6.3 mph for 0.25 miles (1.5 incline) and 6.5 mph for 0.50 miles (0 incline);
  • Mile 4: run at 6.4 mph for 0.25 miles (1.5 incline), at 6.3 mph for 0.25 miles (2.0 incline) and 6.5 mph for 0.50 miles (0 incline);
  • Mile 4.5: run at 6.4 mph for 0.15 miles (2.o incline), at 6.3 mph for 0.15 miles (2.5 incline) and 6.5 mph for 0.20 miles (0 incline);
  • Cooldown walk for 0.25 miles at 4.5 mph, then stretch

Does this make sense? Running at slightly higher incline requires reducing your pace to retain the same level of effort. I ramped up the incline slightly every mile so as to not burnt myself out at the beginning. I still could have gone longer, but I’m holding back for my tempo run tomorrow :) This was a really great treadmill 4.5 mile run! I’m going to use this idea going forward… Workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:49
  • Calories burnt: 455 calories (40% fat)
  • Ave HR: 153 (79%); Max HR: 170 (88%)

Awesome day of yummy food and running. Just 1 more full day of work until our NY trip. Yeah! 😀

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