Amherst trip recap + night out in Boston

Wow, I feel like a stuffed turkey right now! For the last 30 or so hours, I’ve done nothing but eat, drink and sleep. This weekend was a little too indulgent… but we had a blast! :) Here is the recap. Every single thing I ate was better than the next. I forgot how good Amherst food is! So let’s get to it…

For lunch on Saturday we decided to hit up a local pizza joint, Antonio’s. Antonio’s is basically a pizza heaven. All their pizzas are sold by the slice, and the combinations are incredibly creative. I was so overwhelmed. The only way I could narrow down my choices was by eliminating the slices with onions, and there were still probably over 20 varieties to choose after that! The first thing I saw was their special of the day… avocado salad: roasted peppers, tomato slices, avocado, feta, on a bed of spinach. It sounded amazing, but by the time I got to my turn in line… I got totally overwhelmed and went with the slice below: portobello mushroom, pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil pizza.

tomato mozzarella portabello pesto basil pizza slice

It was really delicious, but I was having slice envy watching some other people enjoying their avocado salad pizza, so I went back and got a slice of it. I was amazing! I love avocado!! Never thought it belonged on a pizza but it was awesome! You’ll likely be seeing it in my next home made creation :) Oh and by the way, their other super creative toppings include quesadilla pizza (has chicken, salsa, tortilla chips), steak burrito (steak, rice, beans, tomatoes), tortellini, mexicana (black beans, chicken, sour cream, etc)… and many many more!

avocado salad pizza slice

After lunch, we walked around downtown Amherst and UMass campus, and then headed to Atkin Farms Country Market.  The place is awesome! It’s like an indoor farmers market and I was so happy we had some time to kill there. I bought a few fun goodies (you’ll see them in future posts) and these 2 pastries below. These were the best desserts I’ve had in recent history! Super fresh and amazingly delicious. I ate them a little bit at a time throughout the whole weekend.

apple nut cake with cream cheese frosting

rocky road brownie with fudge frosting

Up next – dinner at Pasta e Basta – our favorite Italian restaurant in Amherst! We were all really looking forward to this dinner. It used to be a treat when we were in college (mostly reserved for occasions when parents were in town and would pick up the bill).  I got my usual: penne tomato, basil, mozzarella + shrimp. Oh but first we enjoyed their amazing fucaccia bread with EVOO and garlic. Our friend Kyle was a little hungry 😉

bread with olive oil/garlic dip + hungry Kyle

I had 1.5 slices.

penne with  tomato basil mozzarella

This was a HUGE meal and I’m ashamed to say I ate almost the whole thing (minus maybe 2 bites). I actually didn’t realize how fast I was polishing this off, and the moment I stopped and looked at it, I put the fork down and decided to save room for the many drinks that were sure to come.  Speaking of drinks, let’s see what I had…

1/2 plastic cup of Michelob Ultra

Michelob ultra

That pitcher was $6 but I say it was still too much. The beer was nasty, the bar (McMurphy’s Uptown Tavern) was sticky and smelly. I begged the guys not to make me drink this… so Kyle got me the grateful dead instead:  tequila, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, razzmatazz.  I had about 2/3 of it, but really I could drink these all night.  We moved on to our next spot.

grateful dead

Next bar was the upstairs of the Amherst Brewing Company (ABC). As the name implies, they brew their own beer. The vibe of the place was much more fitting to us post-college kids. It was very cozy, cool and clean. We could have stayed there all night, but we were determined to hit up all of our old favorites :) Let’s see, I started with the honey pilsner (had about 1/2 of it) and then switched to the peach blush: blush wine, apple pucker, bacardi peach, raspberry liquor, sierra mist & cranberry.  It was delicious!

Honey pilsner

Tiffany and I with our first drinks. We both ended up giving most of them to the boys and got girly cocktails instead :)

Tiffany and I at ABC

Peach blush

And lastly we went to Charlie’s – it was probably close to midnight by then and the place was packed! Oh, just like the good old days 😆 I was getting crazy full from all the food and beverages towards the end of the night, so even though I ordered a vodka tonic (only $3.50!!!) I hardly made a dent in it… maybe a few sips. My stomach was really close to exploding at that point. We had a lot of fun, though! 😀

me with vodka tonic

That was the end of the bar hopping. We went back to Antonio’s after that. Everyone wanted more pizza, but I nibbled on some of my pastries above. I know I said I was full, but somehow I always find room for a little more dessert 😉

Let’s move on to Sunday, which started with an awesome breakfast sandwich at Stables. The wait for the table was long, but this guy was well worth the wait 😀

egg/cheese/bacon sandwich on bagel

We then headed to Northampton. The weather was beautiful! It was the perfect way to enjoy the end of our trip. I shared a skim decaff vanilla latte with Adam (unpictured). After a little while we headed back home. Tear.

It’s ok, because what waited for me at home, back in Boston, was a fun date with my best girlfriends: Katy and Pran. We went to the Charlesmark hotel bar for some drinks and food. I had a glass of cabernet, the papaya salad and about 1/2 of Katy’s chicken sautee and 1 of Pran’s calamari rings. Everything was delicious and it was SO nice to catch up with the girls. I need to have more girl dates 😀

Papaya salad at Charlesmark hotel

chicken satay + grilled calamari + wine at the Charlesmark hotel

Phew, sorry for the long post. It was definitely a fun filled weekend. If you’re ever in Amherst, I recommend every single place we went to (except McMurphy’s – eww). Hope you enjoyed the nice weather on Sunday (I think most everyone had nice weather). Back to the grind now…

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