Zombie on the loose

I’ve been such a zombie all day!  Well, I guess I was doing okay for the first part of the day (still afternoon/evening time in Asia) but mid afternoon (post my workout) I totally crashed.  It was as if I was pulling an all-nighter at work, since it was night time in Asia.  I finally dragged myself out of work at 5:40 and could not wait to get home!


The day’s eats were kind of uneventful.  I did eat very healthy so I’m very VERY happy about that.  No best meal of the day… they were all kind of just average.  Delicious but not amazing.

I woke up at 5-something and grabbed some grapes…


Actual breakfast when I got to work …  Yum!

plain chobani + 1/2 banana, TJ's nutty trek mix + kashi golean cereal

Pre-workout snack: carrots with hummus + 1/2 of the bar below (finished it with lunch).

Sabra roasted garlic hummus + carrot sticks

I finally found the new Kashi bars!  If I remember correctly, I think I jumped up and down when I saw them … I got all 3 kinds.  Seriously, this was the highlight of my grocery shopping :)  What did I think of this bar?  I thought the granola part was dry and bland tasting but the fudge part was kick-ass! :mrgreen:  I have a whole box of them, so we’ll see if I get addicted by the time I’m out…

Kashi TLC dark chocolate coconut bar

Lunch + afternoon snack… self explanatory, right?  I dressed the salad in 1 tablespoon of Annie’s woodstock dressing.  This stuff is pretty good.  My dressing love is still Annie’s goddess dressing (the original).

mixed greens, grape tomatoes, grilled chicken, goat cheese, dried cherries + pecans

salad closeup


Dinner was a little dissapointing.  I tried making the seared scallops with warm tuscan beans from the latest issue of Cooking Light.  It was in their 20-minute meals section and those have not dissapointed to date.  Well, this one was kind of bland.  I added a good amount of lemon juice to the final product after tasting it, and it helped a lot.  The garlic toast was also a nice way to soak up all the broth and juices.  This wasn’t bad… I just wasn’t in love and I won’t make it again.  I want to be wowed by my food.

scallops with warm tuscan beans + garlic toast

dinner closeup

And for dessert I made some cappuccino no-pudge brownies.  I wanted something warm and familiar.  Love these! :)

No pudge cappuccino brownie (1/9 of the pan)

Total calories for the day: 1544


Despite my lack of sleep, I was very much excited about working out.  I took an abs + express power conditioning classses, then jump roped for 3 minutes and did another 22 minutes on the elliptical.  The gym was about 90 degrees so I felt like I was back in Singapore 😆  Workout stats…

  • Duration: 1:15
  • Calories burnt: 596 (45% fat)
  • Ave HR: 143; Max HR: 221

So can you tell my HRM is being totally weird?  I doubt my heart rate actually got to 221.  I know it was like a sauna in there, but still… Anyone had the same problem and knows how to fix it?

K, I’m signing off.  Don’t forget to check out my recap of our first day in Singapore.

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