Weekend indulgences

Oh the weekends… I try to be good but somehow things happen.  At least I have fun while indulging 😀

I started the day on a healthy note with a delicious bowl of coffee oats and a cup of coffee.  I made a very similar concoction here and I have to give Ms. Caitlin all the credit for adding coffee into oats (just substitute coffee for water).  Topping it with Archer Farms double chocolate espresso trail mix and having a large cup of coffee with the oats helped me OD on coffee made for a delicious coffee themed breakfast. :)

coffee oats + coffee

(My new obsession – taking aerial view pictures :) )

coffee oats closeup

Then my husband and I went shopping.  It’s been too long!  I bought the cutest outfit at BCBG Maxmara.  They had so many sales and I got an awesome boyfriend cut sweater, a button down shirt, a belt and a summer scarf.  I felt so fashionable in the store – love when everything just comes together!  This is the only store I went into for clothes and walked out with enough stuff to satisfy my shopping cravings :) Maybe I’ll model the stuff soon 😉

We stopped by Chipotle for lunch.  My husband looooves Chipotle!  Actually I used to love it too.  When I lived in NY I ate there at least once a week and many times twice a week (I never used to bring my own lunch to work), but when I developed my love for cooking and started making my own lunches, Chipotle became a rare treat.  I ordered the chicken burrito bowl with rice, black beans, and a little hot sauce and lettuce (no cheese, no sour cream).  This actually really hit the spot.  I didn’t miss the cheese and sour cream at all!  Adam had a few bites of my bowl but I finished it otherwise (and was stuffed for hours!!).

Chipotle chicken burrito bowl

buritto bowl insides

After a long day of shopping we finally came home and got to Shredding.  I also planned on doing a 6 mile run, but we were running late so I just ended up doing the whole Level 1 of Shred + 2/3 of Level 2.  Level 2 really kicked my butt yesterday (although I should mention that we finally got heavier dumbbells so I used 10lb weights for many of the exercises!).  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:42
  • Calories burnt: 296 (55% fat)
  • Ave HR: 131 (68%); Max HR: 198 (102%)

And finally the big night out!  It was our friend Tiffany’s birthday (hi Tiffany! 😀 ) and she wanted to go out somewhere where we got to dress up.  We started with a casual dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and ended with drinks at the beautiful Top of the Hub in Boston.  The views were killer!!!  I forget that Boston is a real city sometimes.  Top of the Hub is on the 52 floor of the Prudential Center in Boston (tallest building in the city, I believe) so we got to see the whole city from above.  Very cool!

So yeah, while waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory, Tiffany and I went to the Paradise Bakery and split a chocolate chip cookie.  Who said you can’t start dinner with dessert? :)

1/2 cookie + coffee from Paradise Bakery

happy Elina with a cookie!

At the Cheesecake Factory I had 2 slices of bread with butter

bread at the Cheesecake Factory

… and a Weight Management Asian chicken saladGrilled Chicken, Romaine, Snow Peas, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Green Onions, Crispy Noodles, Almonds and Sesame Seeds Tossed in a Low-Cal Sesame-Soy Dressing (no onions for me).  The salad is one of my absolute favorites, but how embarrassing is that name?!  Weight management?!  Can’t you just say lighter or something… We were all laughing about it, and you know I don’t have a problem with ordering stuff like that, but I bet a few people were ashamed of this name and got something much fattier as a result.  This salad was ginormous!!  Seriously, one way to manage your weight would be to eat 1/2 of it….so that’s what I did :)

CF weight management asian chicken salad

At the Top of the Hub we were required to spend a minimum of $24 per person (=2 drinks) to get a table, so I had to order 2 drinks.  Ok, it wasn’t that hard 😆 I was going to just be good and get 2 glasses of wine but their cocktail menu was so extensive and everybody was getting really excited about these concoctions, that I didn’t want to be lame with my wine… so I went for it!

Adam and I at the Top of the Hub

First drink: Native Berry CaiprihnaLebron cachaca, muddled seasonal berries, fresh lime. I really enjoyed the berries but I kind of tasted whiskey in this (which I hate!) so I didn’t drink much of this (one of our friends happily finished it for me).

Native Berry Caiprihna

Next up: Green Tea MojitoChristian vodka, green tea, sour, fresh mint, lemon.  This was AWESOME!  I loved it!

Green tea mojito

And then came out the warm plate of cookies.  They make their cookies fresh to order and we couldn’t resist. SO good!  Not much better in this world than warm cookies after a few cocktails 😉 I had 1.5 of the chocolate chip ones, 1/2 of the sugar cookie and a few bites of the toffee cookie and the oatmeal raisin one.  Definitely too many in the calorie department but everyone was nibbling on them, I was tipsy and they were yummy.  ‘Nuff said.

warm cookie plate

We had a blast!  Tiffany and I decided we need to go out more often!  Fine by me 😀

So obviously the caloric drinks and the cookies were not good for my diet.  Unfortunately we have one more dinner out tonight at a fancy steak house (my parents in law are taking us out!) but after that, back to super healthy eating!  I’m ready!!

PS- if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter the granola giveaway and spread the word on your blog for an extra chance to win!

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13 comments to Weekend indulgences

  • Tiffany

    Last night was so much fun, even if we did manage to eat more cookies then is recommended in a daily diet (but who could blame us, really?). Also, way to convert me to a Paradise cookie craver, Elina. My hips are gonna love it 😛

    As for “weight management asian chicken salad”, it looked crisp and yummy and smelled delicious, so the name, while awkward and cringe worthy, really is forgivable.

  • Oh my gosh, what a super tasty time! Totally love all your eats!!!

  • K

    What a fantastic day!! Coffee oats, shopping, fun night out with friends!

    weight management salad – haha they need to do something about that name!!

  • Mel

    Looks like you had a great time last night!

    I totally agree with you about the names at Cheesecake Factory. Let’s just make the name super long and embarrassing. I know a couple people who would not order that salad because of the name!

  • This is what weekends are made for :) Glad you had such a great time!

  • Coffee oats are delish! When I made them I also added in some unsweetened cocoa, which turned the oats brown – but they tasted divine.

    I’ve never been to Top of the Hub, but I’d love to at some point. Awesome views of our city + warm cookies? Yes please!

  • calories don’t count on the weekend! right? i hope… looks like such a great time!!

  • oh no a warm plate of cookies..who can say no to that!!

  • Katy

    So sad I missed this weekend : ( we’ll just have to do it again…in moderation of course. And agreed that is a really dumb name for the salad, who approved that?!?

  • What’s a weekend without dessert and cocktails, right? And yeah, that salad looks great–I would have probably eaten the whole thing :/
    That dress is adorable and looks great on you! Glad you had a nice weekend, Elina!

  • how CUTE are you.
    love the top
    love the factory :)

  • I completely agree about the stupid name for the weightloss salad. So embarassing and I usually just point on the menu. I am not embarassed about eating all the brown bread in the basket though!

  • Looks like a fun weekend! Love the Cheesecake Factory! The salads really are huge but wonderful!


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