VeggieGirl’s banana fig pistachio muffins

So I got a super strong muffin craving yesterday.  What’s a girl to do?  Yes I considered buying one but making my own was a much healthier alternative.  I’m glad I put my muffin craving on hold for the day, because these babies were well worth the wait :) I present to you, VeggieGirl’s banana fig pistachio muffins.  I halved the recipe (because I didn’t have enough bananas) and used whole wheat pastry flour instead of glutten free.  VeggieGirl is a genius is all I can say.  The fig spread in the middle is such a special little treat.  I’m going to start “hiding” things inside all of my muffins 😉

Here are some progress pics.  I know you like them 😆

muffin ingredients

(Imagine some soy milk in there too – I forgot to include it in the photoshoot)

mixing them in

the dough

fill muffin cups half-way

add a dollop of fig spread

top the cups off with the rest of the dough

baked muffins

cooling on the cooling rack

mmm fig spread filling mmm

Adam took a bite of this and said it’s taking all of his will power not to go to the kitchen and eat the rest of them.  I guess he liked them 😉 Thanks, VeggieGirl!

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20 comments to VeggieGirl’s banana fig pistachio muffins

  • sister inna

    you guys are so good with these things. When i bake (like last night) i can’t stop at just one serving of whatever.. it’s always at least two (or three –like last night).
    what is your secret? and how does adam do it? whenever i make the ‘suggestion’ to D to have another he usually agrees. help!

  • Nothing like taking a bite of a baked good and finding something delicious inside :)

  • Elina

    Hehe, Innz, I definitely have the same problem! It took a lot out of me not to go back for a second. I just remembered how many things I dodged earlier (like a trip to Paradise Bakery, etc.) and how hard I’ve been workout out lately (and I’m starting to see the results, yay) so that helped :) Adam, on the other hand, is rarely interested in the stuff. Seriously, that makes it a lot harder because then I feel like I should eat my fruits of labor. lol. Last night, though, he did the Shred dvd, so I think he felt the need to be “good” so he didn’t have any more than just that one bite. He did have 2 glasses of wine, instead. I guess it’s about picking one or the other. What did you make last night? Sounds delicious since you had 3 servings 😀

    Lauren, oh yeah! I think that’s the way to go going forward 😉

  • sister inna

    i made my coconut tofu cookies and they are irresistible when they’re fresh out of the oven… that’s my only saving grace today — i know they won’t be calling my name quite so loudly *sigh*

  • K

    Wow – those look incredible!!

  • Oh wow. I know what I’m baking this weekend :)

  • wow – those look so good!

  • Elina

    Innz, those sound amazing! I have a tofu cookie recipe stashed somewhere… maybe I should dig it up 😉

  • Those look INCREDIBLE!! And I have a bag of those same pistachios unopened just waiting for this!! Just need the fig spread and I’m in business….mmmmmm

  • Oh my gosh, SUPER YUMMM!

  • D*MN those look great. and your blog posts are always so lovely.
    me? I cant center ONE FRIGGING PICTURE in wordpress :)

  • Katie

    So glad you tried these muffins – they’ve been on the top of my list for a while so now I’m going to go for them!

  • Aw, if I knew that I would have brought you one last night! Next time 😀

  • Oh my. One day I will make a VeggieGirl recipe! This look amazing. I don’t know why but I guess I always think I won’t be able to find all the stuff.

  • Elina

    Lara, I think like that too sometimes but then I just substitute her vegan/glutten free items and it works :) These muffins are awesome. My husband was not excited about the fig spread when I told him what I put into them, but the second he had a bite, he was hooked 😀

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  • oh my. i knew i needed to make them before. but now i want them. any left? :)

  • Elina

    Hehe, yes I do have a few left. Should I save one for Tuesday? :)

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