Tofu tastes better than guilt

Hi bloggies!  I feel like I’ve been lacking my usual oomph lately.  I’ve been tired!  Work has been crazy busy, and almost every day I’ve had after work plans on top of it.  That means no working out during lunch :( , no shredding after work :( :( , and not much time to dedicate to my blog or any other blog 😳 I hope to catch up on sleep and exercise over the weekend.  I also hope to have a new redesigned blog up in a few days.  Hopefully you’ll like the new and improved header (thanks, Innz!!) and layout.

Anyways enough complaining :) I have some fun free goodies I got in the mail last night.  Yay!  They made me feel like a real blogger and definitely put a bounce in my step for the rest of the night.

Goodie #1…

POM juice

I actually got a case of these babies, but Adam immediately put them in the fridge so I just grabbed a few to snap a photo.  You see, the generous Diana (the POM blogger) sent us a case of these POM juices while we were on vacation.  Apparently these guys must be refrigerated but they sat in our mail room for 5 days until we finally picked them up.  Both me and my husband were SO bummed out.  We love pomegranates (see current header!) and were not sure if the juice went bad.  We stocked the fridge with them anyway, but Diana offered to send us another case instead.  Phew!  I hate wasting food and I probably would have cried if we had to pour them all out without a replacement to ease our pain 😀 I know you’ve seen these all over the blog world lately, but I’ll try to get creative with these.  Adam already grabbed one for his drive to work today, so he’ll provide us all with his first review of the juice “straight-up” soon 😉

Goodie #2…

Have you seen this granola mixing site in the blogs lately?  I first spotted it on MizFit’s blog and was desperately hoping to win the prize.  I already have so many granola combinations going through my head.  The stuff is expensive but they use high quality ingredients and you can mix your own granola without doing all the work!  I think I’m going to become seriously addicted to this site… but first I wanted to taste their “bases” before really committing to a whole tube of the stuff.  I emailed the company and asked for a tiny sample of each (ok, I promised to review their product on my blog… why not, right? 😉 )  They not only agreed to send me the samples but shipped them overnight!  How’s that for nearly instant gratification 😀  Can’t wait to try them!

mix my granola samples

closeup of samples

Ok, so now I’m running late… let’s get to food 😀


After getting home from after-work drinks last night (the drinks were at P.F.Chang’s and greasy Chinese food sounded SO much better than tofu, especially after a few glasses of wine – unpictured) I fought the urge to order take out and lounge on the coach until I pass out.  Instead, I remembered that this delicious looking tofu recipe got the boot 2 days ago, only to be replaced by much less nutritious brownies and Barney Butter.  The day after was another huge splurge meal at L’Andana… so no, I was not going to let a few days of indulgences drag me down into an unhealthy hole.  Despite a little buzz going on, I collected myself and got to cooking.  I used this recipe for the orange pan-glazed tempeh… using extra firm tofu instead of tempeh (not a fan of tempeh!).  Heidi is a culinary genius so I had high hopes for this dish and I was not disappointed. [I only used 2 teaspoons of the oil]  It was sweet and sticky and yet refreshing (oranges make me feel like it’s summertime).  I was SO happy I went the healthy route, because the results were way more satisfying than anything else I would have ordered.  Let’s face it, guilt is not very tasty!  Some pics of my dinner (including 1/2 cup of rice and steamed broc)…

orange glazed tofu with rice and broc

take 2 - different dish

Yes, it annoyed me that the dinner wasn’t photogenic so I tried a different dish.  I’m anal like that sometimes.  The pictures still don’t do the tofu justice, but TRUST ME – it was goooood!  I went back for another slice and fought the urge to polish off the rest (when I have it for leftovers I’ll thank myself!).  The hubs also had a bite, and said he officially likes tofu now and I’m allowed to make more of it!  Sweet!!! 😀


pumpkin yogurt/cottage cheese mix with pecans, choc granola, pb puffins, dried cherries

yogurt/cc closeup

I tried something new here and mixed in some cottage cheese into the yogurt together with some pumpkin.  I think the cottage cheese killed the creamy texture of the chobani.  I won’t be doing this again!  I love each on their own – not together!

salad: mixed greens, grape tomatoes, avocado, carrots, hummus + crackers with goat cheese

This salad was SO random.  I don’t think the flavors really went together. I still ate every bite though 😉

mountain mix Mojo bar

There was also an unpictured serving of TJ’s nutty american trek mix.  It popped in my mouth when I was cooking :)

Total calories for the day: 1671

Ok, now I’m really late!  Hope you have a nice Friday and lots of fun plans for the weekend!! 😀

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20 comments to Tofu tastes better than guilt

  • so jealous you got samples from mixmygranola! i just made my own the other day and am so excited to try it asap!!! i can’t wait to hear your reviews and hope it’ll help me determine my next order!! yay!!!!

  • sister inna

    that tofu looks incredible! i think i will be making this really soon ( i even have some kumquats in my fridge i’ve been meaning to incorporate into something yummy)!
    happy friday 😀

  • Mmmm….trail mix…from what I remember it is a weakness for you and I both!

  • Elina

    Melissa, do share with us what you got as your mix-ins 😀 Isn’t that website the coolest?!!

    Oh yeah, Lara, it’s a huge weakness! Good thing I know myself so I separated the bag into one-serving sized baggies… and I will NOT eat more than 1 baggie. I’ve been pretty good about that. Of course let’s not talk about the things I will eat instead of going for the second/third baggie…

    Innz, I had to look up what kumquats are. Haha. I used just pre-squeezed juice here… not sure how juicy your kumquats are. You may need a lot of them to make 1 cup of juice. Good luck. I know you’ll like this recipe!! :)

  • Hope all goes well with you.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tofu!!!

  • KellyB

    So the tofu recipe, now that you have me hooked on cooking it, what is mirin? did you use it or a subsitution?

    Your dinner with your parents and gram looked wonderful. Your dad was a bit shocked when I said to him, are you going somewhere nice for dinner tonight?

  • Elina

    Haha Kelly, he actually mentioned it to me! :) Mirin is a sweet rice wine popular in Japanese cooking. I actually purchased it for this recipe, just because I figured it will come in handy next time (found it easily at Whole Foods in the Asian section). I’m sure you could use regular wine to substitute maybe with tiny bit of sweetner :) Oh I did make one substitution (except for cutting the oil) – used a little bit of crushed ginger paste instead of ginger juices. I had grated some frozen ginger but no juice was coming out of it when I squeezed it. The crushed ginger worked really well! Let us know how it goes if you try the recipe! 😀

  • KellyB

    Cool thanks I’ll pick some up at WF and give it a whirl. :)

  • Wow, way to go with choosing the tofu route! I am so prone to making unhealthy choices after a drink or two. And it looks delicious!

  • K

    FUN packages – edible mail is the best :)

    That tofu looks incredible!!

  • ooh, LOVE packages :) i’m jealous about your granola 😉 great looking tofu, too!!

  • Mandy A

    Now I know for sure I am hooked to your blog… I am on vacation and still logging in to see your good food and workouts! :)

    LOVE the granola!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want some!!

    I need to try tofu again.. it’s been years since I last did… and I never really experimented with cooking it myself… always got the precooked bbq kind that I would slap on a sandwich from time to time :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

    • Elina

      Aww, Mandy, that’s the BIGGEST compliment! Thanks!! :) Give tofu a try again. Make sure you really blot it with paper towels (I like to leave it under heavy books for a little while) to let all the water out. This way it really absorbs all the sauce 😀

  • Adam

    I like how you took 2 pictures of the tofu, in different dishes :)

  • So cool about the granola samples! The tofu you made looks fabulous :)

  • KellyB

    Made the tofu tonight, OMG, so yummy. My husband, also not a huge fan of tofu, said you can make that again!. Thanks for giving me the insight to expirement with Tofu.

  • Elina

    Wow that was quick, haha. Glad you both loved it!! 😀

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