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Shredding it

March 9th, 2009 · 14 Comments · Uncategorized

Time for another challenge!  I love challenges!! 😀  As many of you probably know, Catlin recently began the 30 Day Shred Challenge and called out for other bloggers and readers to join her.  I happened to have the dvd at home, collecting dust, so I figured why not.  I picked up some weights from my mom’s house and did my first session on Saturday.  It’s only 20 minutes so it really flies by.  Level I I find to be a good way to ease into Jillian’s workouts (although the very first move is push-ups so she definitely does not kid around).  I heard Level II kicks major butt and I really can’t wait for it!  I’m trying to be patient, though, as I plan on adding this 20 minute workout on top of my usual routine at least 6 times a week.  We’ll see if it becomes too much at some point.  I’ll keep you guys posted :)  Oh, I should mention that I own Jillian’s Winning by Losing book so I often do her recommended workouts from the back of the book (they’re very similar in style… but harder) so I may be a bit on the more advanced side.  In any case, I’m sure the short 20-minute workouts will add up and hopefully I’ll see some results.

So today I did the level I workout again.  It’s funny because I thought I could never want to do the same workout twice, but despite knowing what’s coming next, I didn’t mind it at all.  And I love Jillian… so I really do feel like she’s training me right here in my living room.  It’s been fun so far! I used 2lb weights for the first exercise, 4 lbs weights for everything else, except for 6 lb weights for the flys move.  I’m going to add a lb to each exercise tomorrow and see how it goes.  The flys in particular are crazy easy with just 6 pounders.  I usually use 15 lb weights at the gym so it seems like a bit of a joke (despite being a “recovery interval”).  I’m being a little bit cheap here and don’t want to invest in more dumbbells.  We’ll see – maybe I’ll find something around the house to lift that’s heavier.  Any ideas?

Today another fun thing happened (well at least while it lasted) .  When I turned on the dvd, my husband asked if he could join me.  I was so happy!  He’s had a bit of a cold and already drank a strong beer but I figured it was going to be ok since he wasn’t going to be jumping on a treadmill or anything.  He said it was way harder than he thought it would be.  He lasted through the first circuit (maybe a little more) and said he couldn’t breathe.  I guess cold, beer + crazy Jillian don’t mix well 😉  In any case, I’m going to make him do it with me soon.  I think that would be so much fun!

Anyways, let’s finish up “workout talk”… after the 20 minute Shred dvd, I grabbed my stuff and went to the gym.  I planned on doing “5 miles fast” (that’s what my running schedule said) but it just wasn’t happening.  I wore pants that were way too big and they kept on dragging so I was just super paranoid that I would step on my pants, fall and die.  Haha, probably too dramatic, but you know what I mean.  After 1/2 mile I got of the treadmill and jumped on the elliptical (safer with long pants).  Too bad I hate the elliptical.  I lasted 35 minutes (I think) and called it a day.  It was a pretty crappy workout, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:07
  • Calories burnt: 544 (40% fat)
  • Ave HR: 143; Max HR: 171


Today’s food was nothing special.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  As always, scroll over for descriptions

plain chobani, 1/2 banana, TJ's nutty trek mix + pb puffins

leftover root veggie pie with biscuits

no pudge brownie

2T sabra garlic hummus, carrots + 1/2 srvg reduced fat wheat thins

afternoon snack: apple

baked salmon with Jenna's sauce + salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms

dessert: grapes

Total calories for the day: 1379

See you later, allegators :)

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14 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Sharon

    Love the eats!

  • #2 - Lara

    Good for you doing that shred dvd! I’ve heard so many scary things about it that it must be effective! You are so dedicated to your workouts!
    Salmon photo is lovely…so flaky and scrumptious!

  • #3 - Katie

    Making a dent on that nalgene of sauce??

  • #4 - Elina

    Hehe, just used 1.5T… so not much of a dent there :)

  • #5 - Adam

    I felt awful after doing that dvd! Having a 9%abv beer immediately beforehand was probably not my brightest idea. I can’t wait to try it again once I’m healthy!

  • #6 - K

    How fun you and the hubs shredded together :)

    Hummus!! Yum!

  • #7 - rhodeygirl

    Awww! I want PB to shred with me!

  • #8 - not sister inna

    Elina you’re an amazing workout guru- your “bad” workouts are my best ones :) And how fun that Adam worked out with you- I always beg Ryan to but he never does because he is a lazy bum

  • #9 - Elina

    Thanks, Inna! Honestly the workout stats don’t show the lack of intensity of my workout. My heart/mind just wasn’t in it. I know I still burnt a good amount of calories so I’m happy I went though :) Yeah, I was surprised that Adam decided to join me but was super happy about it. And as you can see above, he says he “can’t wait to try it again.” Now it’s on record – I’ll remind him those words later 😉

  • #10 - Kelly Turner

    good luck on your challenge! sounds like a killer

  • #11 - Hangry Pants

    First of all, why are you so badass that the weights are too light for you?!?!

    Second, instead of upping the weights when it’s too easy maybe you could try a different move for that part. Maybe you can get something from the second or third workouts as an idea.

  • #12 - Elina

    Did I sound too abnoxious? Sorry, I didn’t mean too… just describing my experience with the video. I’m trying to stick to the plan the way it’s meant to work. I’m not doing this instead of my usual workouts so I figured even if 1 or 2 moves are on the easier side, it’s still doing something for my body and I won’t be too sore the next day to do it again and the rest of my planned workouts.

  • #13 - Ashley

    im doing the shred too! it is such a good quick workout!!!

  • #14 - Green oats and drama

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