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Mix my granola tasting and giveaway

March 20th, 2009 · 64 Comments · Boston, Eating out

I took a break from the gym today (and Shredding), so let’s get straight to food… and I know you want to hear all about my giveaway 😉

I woke up this morning craving yogurt with granola, so I decided to finally give all of my mixmygranola samples a try!  I killed 2 birds with one stone and tried the Oikos vanilla while I was at it.  The yogurt was great!  I love chobani but actually can’t stand their vanilla flavor… it just tastes fake to me.  The oikos vanilla had a nice creamy texture and a naturally sweet flavor.  I still think I prefer the plain (even vanilla is a little too sweet for me!) but if I’m ever in the mood for a vanilla yogurt, oikos will be my go to yogurt 😀

Now let’s get to my fun little experiment this morning.  As you can see below, I put little dollops of the Oikos yogurt into tiny pyrex dished and topped them off with each mixmygranola base to decide on which one will be chosen to go in my breakfast parfait today (and will be also the base for my next granola mix I’ll be definitely buying soon!).  Here is the setup:

granola tasting setup

From left to right: low fat granola, muesli, french vanilla granola, and finally the organic granola.  I’ve tried the muesli before (liked it but I’m not that much of a muesli fan… although I really enjoyed the date chunks in there and I believe it’s a good quality muesli if you’re into that 😉 ) and the organic base granola (liked that too, but was hoping for more granola chunks!).  It was fun to really compare them next to each other and instantly determine my favorite.

I’m not going to lie – I was routing for the low fat granola (for obvious reasons).  I liked the dried cranberries in there, but it was a little on the dry side (good, just not incredible).  My granola prayers were finally answered (ok, I wasn’t really praying for granola, so I’m speaking figuratively here :) ) when I tried the french vanilla granola.  It had perfect little chunks and a buttery taste.  I like my granola to almost melt in my mouth – and this one did 😀 Comparing the nutritional info to the low fat granola it’s also not that much worse for you (only 13 calories and 3 unsaturated grams more than the low fat – not bad!).  Here is my breakfast with the chosen granola: the rest of vanilla oikos, mango chunks, mixmygranola french vanilla granola and TJ’s nutty american trek mix.  This was a delicious bowl!

vanilla oikos with mango, french vanilla granola and Tj's nutty american trek mix

By the way, this is definitely not a paid advertisement of mixmygranola.  As I mentioned in my previous post here, I first came across this site at MizFit’s blog and absolutely loved it.  They have so many toppings, my head was spinning with excitement.  I wanted to order absolutely everything!  And I love that they show you nutritional information of your mix as you go.  That’s important to me as I’m watching my calories.  Seriously, I think the idea is brilliant!  My husband did point out that your mix stays the same size no matter how many toppings you add.  So although your price goes up with every additional topping, you get less of it (since your mix stays the same), so you kind of get penalized for going crazy with the toppings (although I think it will still be hard to control myself with them once I do order).  The price is also a bit steep, especially when you tack on shipping, which being $5 is close to the price of some granolas in stores out there.  Yes, pricey, but I still want to get some 😀

Do you want some granola? Well, maybe today is your lucky day, because after finishing my bowl of yogurt this morning I turned on my computer and saw an email from Raoul from (perfect timing!).  He asked me what I thought of the product and I boldly asked him for a gift certificate for one of my readers… and he said yes! So starting today until next Thursday, March 26th, you can enter to win a $15 gift certificate to and have them make your own customized mix! I’m super excited for the lucky winner (I wish I could enter myself, hehe)!  Here are the rules to enter (3 chances to win):

1) Comment on this post from now until Thursday, March 26th.  Please only 1 comment per entry (don’t cheat, you have other ways to improve your chances of winning! 😆 )

2) If you have a blog, let others know about the giveaway and link back to this post.  If you don’t have a blog, write me an email, telling me something about my blog (also mention the granola giveaway).

3) If you have a blog, add Healthy and Sane to your blogroll.  If you don’t, shoot me another email with some other bit of information about anything you’d love to see on this blog going forward – things you like or don’t like about the blog (and mention that this is your way to get extra points for the granola giveaway).

I’ll have a random drawing from all the entries, and will announce the winner next Friday, March 27 :)

OTHER EATS OF THE DAY (scroll over for descriptions)

breakfast for lunch: 1/2 panera trailmix bagel w/cc + an orange and almonds

banana fig pistachio muffin

inside the muffin

Insert here a picture of 2 glasses of Cabernet I had after work with a few coworkers and my friend Katie.  Katie and I also went to dinner at Typhoon and I tried to get something healthy.  After looking through a menu with hundreds of choices (that’s seriously overwhelming for someone that consumed 2 glasses of wine on a nearly empty stomach) I got the grilled sea bass with ginger sauce: grilled fresh sea bass fillet, topped with freshly prepared ginger and scallion sauce (I opted for no scallions).  It also came with brown rice (I asked for it instead of white) and some simple salad.  I had exactly 1/2 of this and will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.  This was A LOT of food!

sea bass in ginger sauce, brown rice + salad

Total calories consumed today: ~1500

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  • #1 - Julie

    That muffin looks so good!

  • #2 - K

    Haha – I think Oikos got around yesterday! 4 bloggers tried it for the first time 😉

    Nice sampling set up! You’re already on my blogroll!

  • #3 - not sister inna

    Sweeeeeeeeet- so glad you’re having a giveaway for this because I really want to try it but it’s so expensive! Oh, and you’ve been on my blogroll for a while :)

  • #4 - KellyB

    mnnn, your sampling setup looks great. its good to take a break now and then from exercise, your muscles need to recover. :)

  • #5 - Adam

    I think for the first time ever my workout streak is longer than Elina’s! I’m terrified of level 2 of that dvd though… just 2 more days…

  • #6 - Lisa

    Wow those muffins look good! I have a craving to bake muffins too I think I might have to try those out this weekend!

    Ooo i’m intrigued by the granola!

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  • #8 - Lauren

    I WANT GRANOLA! Haha… great giveaway. The French Vanilla granola sounds especially delish.

    Your photos of the fig muffins have me craving one – they look so moist and yummy.

    The sea bass also looks scrumptious – I love ordering fish at restaurants, and am working towards developing my own fish-cooking skills 😉

  • #9 - Missy Maintains

    Thanks for the contest!! I just added you to my blogroll and I am linking back to this post now! Love the granola!

  • #10 - Amy

    That french vanilla granola sounds delicious! I love the nice, big clumps of granola. Mmmmm :)

  • #11 - Kelly

    I love a good giveaway so I will definitely mention it on my blog. You’re reminding me that I really should make granola soon. There are two recipes (one from the cookbook Extraveganza and one from the Baked cookbook) that are calling my name. I love making homemade granola because you can chock it full of your favorite goodies. I’ve also found a recipe from conscious cuisine that is remarkably healthful and delicious.

  • #12 - Sharon

    Grilled sea bass, yum. =D

  • #13 - Amanda

    oh boy they sent you all kinds of samples, how fun is that!! I think I could mix up some healthy and fun granola, so I’d love to give it a go. Seriously they have some amazing ingredients and I like seeing the nutrition as I put it together!

  • #14 - sister inna

    mmm are relatives disqualified from entering this giveaway? hehe
    that seabass looks delish

  • #15 - Lora

    lovin that granola mix! i wanna win soooooo bad :)

  • #16 - Bridget

    SOOO Excited for this giveaway!!! I’ll be adding you to my blogroll (at least I can’t remember if you’re there yet), and I’ll post about it tonight!!
    I’ve never noticed Typhoon before! Looks really good!

  • #17 - Mallory

    Yum!! Mix My Granola is such a GREAT idea! I’ll be posting later today and adding you to my blogroll (and crossing my fingers)!! :)

  • #18 - Ellen

    wow that muffin looks so good! what kind is it?

    great giveaway!

  • #19 - Ellen

    nevermind, i figured it out 😉 haha

  • #20 - Tyler (Raspberry Runner)

    i love granola!!! i’d love to win some mix my granola :)
    all you eats look great…especially that muffin. oh yum!

  • #21 - Elina

    All these new commenters – I love it! :)

    Hmm, Adam, I wouldn’t push it with that comment 😉

    Kelly, those granolas sound great. I have yet to make my own. There are just so many store bought options and there is only so much time I have to spend in the kitchen :) If you make them, though, I hope you blog about it so we know how they come out 😀

    Innz, you are definitely qualified to enter!

    Bridget, Typhoon was great! Small but cute, and seriously the menu was the longest one I’ve ever seen so there are definitely plenty of options (healthy and not)!

    Hehe, Ellen, glad you figured it out 😆

  • #22 - junghwa

    I loVe giveaways!
    thank you!
    your muffin looks adorable and delicious!

  • #23 - junghwa

    you’re added to my blogroll ;]

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  • #26 - Laura E

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I don’t have a blog, but I emailed you!

  • #27 - Mandy A

    Mmmm… dinner looked SO good last night!!

    So I said yesterday I wanted to make the fig muffins… but my hubby begged for the chocolate bread instead… haha… so we made that last night. It’s one of our favs! :)

    And I’d love to be entered into the contest!!! The granola looks SO yummy!

  • #28 - Some Past Food and Some Future Fun | Lady in Pink

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  • #29 - Katie

    Long comment list already! Well you already know how much I want to win a sample! And I had so much fun last night – the food was yummy!

  • #30 - Sheena

    Yay, I really have been wanting to make my own granola and keep hoping to win the opportunity.

    I will try to remember to link this contest when I next post!

    Take Care!

  • #31 - CG the Foodie

    I am dying to try this granola!!!!! Posting a link back from my blog right now!!!

  • #32 - healthy ashley

    So you are the cutest thing! I love how you sampled the granola! Thanks for the yogurt reviews, too!

  • #33 - Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

    I’m seeing this granola everywhere, and I WANT SOME! Thanks for the giveaway. I’ll add ya to my blog roll right after I hit “submit” :)

    Lovely eats. Those VeggieGirl muffins look amazing, and I love sea bass.

    Have a good weekend!

  • #34 - Katie

    That French vanilla granola sounds delicious!

  • #35 - Kelly

    You have a great blog, which I love to read each day. Thanks for this give away! I LOVE granola and want to try this kind. :)

  • #36 - A new local favorite

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  • #37 - Anne K.

    I really want to try this granola!

  • #38 - ttfn300

    how much fun would it be to do this!! i already caved and tried the cereal one :-/ i’m gonna go broke with the granola and bars though!!

  • #39 - Roxanne

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Everything they have looks so good…

    The Oikos vanilla sounds delicious. I can’t seem to find it around here, though.

  • #40 - Emily

    oooh, I would love to win! Yours looks so good! -e

  • #41 - marie

    I’d love to win this.

  • #42 - Liz

    This granola looks great!

  • #43 - Lacey

    Great giveaway! I love granola. I would love to try the lowfat granola and add in dried pineapple or dried mango and some roasted almonds and maybe some other things to boost up the nutritional value.

  • #44 - Jacquelyn

    your muffin looks sooo yummy :) I love granola with yogurt, but more plain granola flavors, the vanilla sounds amazing :)

  • #45 - Sarah

    I would love to MixMyGranola.

    Adding you to my blogroll!

  • #46 - Caronae

    Granola is so tasty! This is such an exciting giveaway because it’s customized! Yay! I can hardly imagine what I would be putting in my mix…chocolate chips, coconut, oatmeal, vanilla, dried cherries…oh boy…

  • #47 - Becky

    I love granola! Customizing it seems like so much fun!

  • #48 - briana

    YUm granola

  • #49 - Kath

    I am a huge granola fan these days. The best I ever had was on my recent flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on KLM airlines! I wonder if Mix My Granola can replicate that :)

  • #50 - Jenny

    Mixmygranola looks so neat! I love granola!

  • #51 - Andrea [bella eats]

    Mmmmmm….I’d love to try the Mix My Granola! I’ll post a link on my next blog entry. :)

  • #52 - Kaley

    Ah jeez, I’d love this. :) I love granola so much. I wish I could just eat it by the cupful.

  • #53 - Taco Tuesday

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  • #54 - bbryn

    that banana fig pistachio muffin looks yummy!

  • #55 - Maddy

    I would LOVE to win a chance to make my granola =)

  • #56 - Maddy

    ps- added you to the blogroll!

  • #57 - Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Oh man, you can never have too much granola. Count me in for the contest and I’ll link back later. :)

  • #58 - Jac

    I’ve a had lifelong obsession with anything with an oat….namely granola! I’d love to try it!

  • #59 - LauraT

    Your Panera trail mix bagel looks so good.! Thanks for the reminder – I have not been there in a while.

  • #60 - kiky

    I love granola! But never got to mix my own before!

  • #61 - tra

    ooh granola! i hope i win!

  • #62 - Sagan

    I am drooling over that muffin!

    Mix my granola sounds great, I’d love to try it :)

  • #63 - Weekend indulgences

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  • #64 - susitravl

    Granola is delicious and to be able to mix your favorite ingredients is a fantastic idea.