Making pretzels!

Remember this pretzel sandwich I had at Foxwoods?


See the delicious grease fest? Well the second I had a bite of this sandwich, I knew I’d want to recreate it at home, but make it much much healthier.  Luckily I already had this recipe for whole wheat soft pretzels saved, found through Tri to Cook.  It’s been on my to-make list ever since that weekend and today when my husband said he had to work all day, I decided to make the little pretzel sandwiches as a treat for him.  I cut the recipe to 1/3 so we’re not force to eat pretzels every day for the rest of the week.  They turned out delicious (although a little on the small side)!  Here are some progress pics (scroll over for descriptions).  Enjoy! :)

pretzel ingredients

mixing the dough - first round

cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 40 minutes

See the bubbles?  That means the yeast was alive :)

add honey, more flour, etc.

Work in more flour - took me 5 minutes and about 4T (for 4 pretzels' worth of dough)

The step above took me 5 minutes and about 4T (for 4 pretzels’ worth of dough).  It was so sticky for so long, but at the end it worked out (even though I think I used more extra flour than the recipe called for)

let dough rest for 60 minutes

Btw, I switched to a smaller bowl above (in case you’re trying to compare the size of the picture above to the pictures way on top)

It really grew!

I weighed the dough to make equal 4 pretzels

24 inch pretzel strips

I actually made two 24″ strips and two 19″ strip to make “fattier” pretzels so we use them as sandwich bread – I’d stick to 24″ strips next time because the shorter guys were a little too small for a sandwich

form pretzel shapes

dip in warm water with baking soda

all 4 ready for baking

closeup of raw pretzel with salt

baked pretzels cooling

baked pretzel closeup

lunch: fresh ww pretzel with mustard, ham and cheese + grape tomatoes

Yum!  Adam liked them too 😀

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