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Kowloon – last night in HK

March 2nd, 2009 · 12 Comments · Eating out, Hong Kong

We’re leaving Singapore tomorrow morning!  I can’t believe our vacation is over!  It’s kind of sad but we’re also ready to come back home.  So we’re not completely sad :)  I’ll do a recap of both HK and Singapore in a different post, but here is a little bit of what we did on our last day in HK…

On our last day in HK we crossed the river and left Hong Kong island to check out Kowloon.  It was only 1 stop on the metro but there was a world of difference between the 2 islands!  Immediately upon stepping off the metro, we were attacked by touts trying to sell us fake watches, purses and get us to order tailored suits.  It was extremely annoying so we quickly got off the main road and instead enjoyed the “real city” off the beaten path.

Oh, I started the morning with one of my yogurt parfaits (bought plain yogurt in the supermarket, an apple on the street, and added a bunch of stuff I brought from home).  The plain yogurt here has sugar in it.  Weird.

yogurt with apple slices, 1/2 TJ's pb granola bar, Archer Farms trailmix

We checked out the museum of Hong Kong history.  It was free that day (all museums are free on Wednesdays there) so we took a few hours looking around and got out.  It was the perfect amount of time because we didn’t just walk around aimlessly “just to get our money’s worth”.  Here I am in a staged tea shop in the museum… it really looks like the real thing here!

Tea house at the Museum of HK History

Here is Adam in an old tram.  His head is hitting the ceiling!! 😀

Adam in an old HK tram

And then we got hungry and found this beautiful food court in one of the malls…

Food Republic

After much considerations I ordered the rice noodles with sour and spicy sauce.  The name sounded a little boring, but this dish was anything but.  It was amazing and super spicy.  After just licking my chopsticks, my eyes started watering and I send Adam to buy us some waters!  We split this big bowl.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a noodle soup like this before and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them in the US.  This was spectacular!!

Rice noodles with sour and spicy sauce

And for dessert (of course I got dessert!) we went to Bread Talk and I got this little bun.  It tasted like a dinner roll with chocolate paste inside and chocolate ganache on top.  Very yummy and definitely not too sweet but the perfect amount of chocolate. :)

Bread Talk choco ganache

Inside of the choco ganache roll

Some pics around Kowloon…

park in Kawloon

Finally this looks like China!


We stopped by the beautiful W Hong Kong hotel and got some drinks.  The pictures of the decor didn’t come out :(  We were starving so this bowl of cashews got destroyed in seconds (mostly by me 😆 )

cashews at the W HK

I ordered the beachbomber: rum, lime, peach and pineapple splashed with a hint of mint.  Best drink so far… yum!

The beachcomber cocktail

And finally the highlight of the night (Adam says it was the highlight of the vacation for him!) – our dinner at the Temple Street night market.  It’s funny how much we love super fancy dinners and then really enjoy dinners like this one.  Here is most of the dinner, in pictures.  We had a table on the sidewalk of the market, were surrounded by people of all ranks and races… and everyone had a blast!  The food was secondary, although it was still pretty good.

dinner decor

Adam at Temple St night market

our restaurant

our drinks of choice

me with my beer

our "napkins"

spicy prawns with chili peppers

Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce

me eating my eggplant


chocolate roll

We took the star ferry back to Hong Kong island, just for the views.  It was the perfect way to end a wonderful day.

view of HK from the star ferry

All right, I hope you enjoyed this post.  The lights are off here.  My husband is already asleep.  I am NOT looking forward to another 30 hours of traveling back home tomorrow, but I guess it’s time.  See you back in Boston (more vacation recaps to come)…

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  • #1 - ttfn300

    Another great day! Safe travels home :)

  • #2 - Tiffany

    Very interesting post. Everything looks delicious, and that little tea shop setup is so cool looking.

    Unfortunately you’re not coming back to very nice weather; we got 15 inches of snow last night :/ Regardless, we’re excited to see you guys and hear all about your trip!

    Have a safe flight.

  • #3 - Sharon

    Safe travels! I love Kowloon! <3

  • #4 - K

    Oh that chocolate roll – delish!! Hope you have a safe trip to Singapore!!

  • #5 - Lara

    The ferry ride looks so beautiful. Have a safe trip back!

  • #6 - Katy

    Street markets are so fun. And the view from the ferry is incredible!!! Have a safe flight!

  • #7 - Michelle

    I can’t beleive you were in hong Kong my hometown!!! It looks like you had lots of fun and did LOTS of exploring. :) I love that you’re so adventurous and got those spicy noodles!! Safe travels home…I wish I were you!

  • #8 - macduff

    Oh man. I lived in China for years back in college, and seeing the last pictures of food made me SO envious!!! Hope you loved the eggplant…that was always my favorite dish. In Beijing, they call it “Fish-smelling eggplant.” Love it.

  • #9 - Hangry Pants

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your trip recaps.

    Safe travels back to Boston!

  • #10 - Clean Veggie

    SO jealous your in singapore!

    have a safe journey back!

  • #11 - sue

    i’m enjoying reading about your trip! the meal at the night market looks and sounds delicious and fun! can’t wait to read your recap!

  • #12 - Ally

    Oh Bread Talk…I freaking LOVE this place. I swear I eat from it daily whenever I’m in Asia. Best baked goods ever.