I’m on a roll

I’m on a roll with my workouts!  Seriously I feel like I’ve been a machine :) With tough workouts, I get to eat a little more.  Sweeet 😉



I started the day with a breakfast date with my husband at Panera.  I really like the idea of these little dates but Panera is not known for their health food, which makes it a bit challenging to stay on my diet.  No worries – I planned ahead :) I decided to get a bagel but only eat half… and I brought my own toppings because I’m a Barney Butter addict I wanted to make it more nutritious.

1/2 Panera trail mix bagel with 1T BB and mango slices

I went with the trail mix bagel (saving the other half in a little baggie I brought with me!), topped it with some Barney Butter love and mango slices.


A co-worker made some Irish nut and fruit cake so I had a little slice (the smallest I could cut) + a turkish little sweet (does anyone know what it’s called?).  I had this around 11am so this was my pre-workout snack :)

Irish cake + turkish candy

Mmm, it had all these nuts!

inside the Turkish candy

(Please excuse my nasty nails!)

Afternoon snacks were much healthier… 2 ak mak crackers with some 2% cottage cheese and a juicy apple.

2 ak mak crackers with 2% cottage cheese + apple

And a little later (before Shredding) I ate 1/2 of this guy:

Kashi TLC pumpkin pie granola bar

This was VERY pumpkiny. If you like pumpkin butter, I think you’d like this a lot.  I’m not sure what I think yet.  What I know for sure is that I prefer the dark chocolate coconut and the raspberry chocolate bars.  But no surprises here given that I’m a true chocoholic. 😉


Leftover pad thai with shrimp and veggies

Leftover pad thai


For dinner I decided to follow Bobbi’s recipe for Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, using pollock instead of tilapia and pecorino cheese instead of parmesan.  Otherwise I followed it to the T and it was quick and delicious.  Some extra fresh lemon juice over the final product really brought all the flavors together… and the topping was perfectly crusty.  Yum! :) Sides are self explanatory (just using what we had in the fridge).

pecorino crusted pollock with 1/2 cup rice and steamed broccoli

pollock closeup

It’s funny that I used to hate fish but now I love it!  It’s such a great lean protein and so easy to cook too :)

Then there was a good number of desserts.  First up 1/2 slice of pumpkin chocolate bread with a tiny bit of berry sherbet (this was reminiscent of the raspberry brownies I made here.  Hmm, I should make them again soon!).  A few hours later I wanted something else, so I got a cookie.  Hey, I burnt a lot of calories working out today 😉

1/2 slice pumpkin chocolate bread with berry sherbet

Girl Scout peanut butter pattie

Total calories consumed today: ~1740


I am pretty proud of my workout(s) today!  On the schedule today was a 70 minute run.  I was actually excited about it before I started but about 10 minutes into it I started dreading the rest of it.  Running is very mental sometimes!  I stuck to my game plan, speed wise, for the most part, but really I’m proud of just finishing.  Towards the end I was thinking about writing this blog post actually and how happy I would be to report my accomplishment.  It worked :) Oh, I also did a warm-up 2.5 minute walk and 2.5 minute cooldown walk (both at 4.3 mph) with the 70 minute run in between (at 6.3-6.8mph).  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:15
  • Calories burnt: 701 (35% fat)
  • Ave HR: 152 (78%); Max HR: 220 (113% – what does that mean?!)

After work my husband and I did the Shred dvd workout.  He was hungry (and I was a little hungry too) and he almost convinced me to push it back to after dinner, but I’m really glad we did it right away.  It was really nice to get it out of the way, so we could truly enjoy our evening.  Someone also enjoyed a few glasses of wine with dinner, which he couldn’t have if he still had to do the Shred dvd 😉 Btw, you guys know I love working out so it’s not hard for me (most days) to get myself to do these types of things, but my husband (who is not as crazy as I am) said that to his surprise after just a few days he doesn’t mind doing this workout at all!  He’s already seeing the difference in his fitness level and it’s motivating him to keep going.  Tomorrow he actually plans to do it on his own after work because I’ll be out getting my hair done.  I’m very proud of him and am already planning our next 30-day challenge together! 😀 Shred dvd workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:24 + cooldown
  • Calories burnt: 156 (55% fat)
  • Ave HR: 125 (64%); Max HR: 158 (81%)

And that should do it.  Hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s day! :mrgreen:

Oh, I almost forgot.  Check out another giveaway at Eating Bender to celebrate her first blogiversary!

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23 comments to I’m on a roll

  • Those little sweets are called Turkish delights- i DEFINITELY way OD’d on them when I was in Turkey this past summer :)

  • Elina

    Oh good to know :) Yeah, I could definitely see myself doing that too. They were delicious with all those nuts!

  • I LOVE those Kashi pumpkin pie (& chocolate coconut) bars – but I’m not a fan of the raspberry chocolate for some reason. I usually like those two flavors together; odd…

  • Mmm great eats!! I love pad thai and cheese crusted fish :)

    Thanks for the shout out!!

  • Katy

    hmm will have to hunt for these new kashi bars they look awesome : )

    As for the heart rate thing, theoretically your maximum HR while exercising should be 220 minus your age, which is why at 220 you were over 100% But you are a young tough lady who was doing a tough work out so you’re allowed to go over- just promise me you’ll get off if you start to feel dizzy : )

  • Elina

    Hehe, Katy, you already sound like a doctor 😀 I’ll save you a few of those Kashi bars. They’re a bit tough to find…

  • Adam

    You’re planning our next 30 day challenge! You haven’t told me about this yet!

  • Elina

    Hehe, stay tuned 😉

  • I love that pumpkin pie Kashi bar! Haven’t tried the dark chocolate coconut or raspberry chocolate ones yet, though.

    Love your blog!

  • Wow taht was a great work out. I have on my marathon training to start daily 70 minute runs next week, and I am just rying to find the time to squeeze it in.

    And I’m telling you the only way I do the shred is if I walk in the door and put it on. No excuses and no time to get lazy.

  • I love the chocolate coconut kashi bars they are so rich perfect for choco-holics! I haven’t tried the pumpkin one yet though.

    Go you and your workouts I’m totally impressed! I need to step my workouts up a bit lately.

  • Those little Turkish treats look AWESOME!! Love that you brought Barney Butter to Panera haha!
    AWESOME workout!!! why can I never seem to burn THAT many calories!!! :(

  • Mandy A

    Dinner looks AMAZING :) I may have to try that out myself this week!

    And awesome workout girl! I am not a runner… or not a great runner anyway, I can’t imagine going for 70 minutes! You rock!!!!!

  • I love tilapia but I wish it were more hearty. Sometimes I wonder if salmon and tuna are the only fish that really keep me satiated (even if just mentally). That recipe looks good though.
    Um, AMAZING run. You are really a rockstart in my book. Enough said.

  • sister inna

    yeah i gotta look out for those pumpkiny bars. they look like *magic*.
    ps got my free quaker oatmeal sample in the mail today thanks :)

  • TURKISH DELIGHTS! I love them chock-full of pistachios.
    yummy pad thai! do u like them spicy?

  • Love the blog! I loved reading all your china entries…I find the food in other cultures so fascinating!

    I actually just had tilapia last night! I copped out though and used a pre-marinated filet — all about convenience, esp on a work night!

    I recently launched a blog of my own, please check it out!

  • I love how prepared you were at Panera! I need to make more of an effort like that!

    And I must’ve missed you for a while- I LOVE the new layout! And you are just adorable int hat picture on the top left corner!

  • K

    Loooooooove Panera’s bagels! Actually I just love Panera!

    I agree with your opinion of the Kashi bar – not that great :( Glad you and the hubs had a good workout together!!

  • how fun you guys are working out together! lovely eats :)

  • Elina

    Wow, Meghann, I can’t imagine running for at least 70 minutes every single day. You are amazing! :)

    Bridget, don’t forget, the calories burnt are also a function of your weight and I’m heavier than you are, so you should be happy you’re not burning as much 😉

    Innz, I got my sample today too. Did yours have 3 bars? Mine was sabotaged :(

  • damn your posts are beautiful.

    I wanna try the pumpkin bar but not running for 70 minutes.
    I leave that to yo u :)

  • Elina

    Shannon, glad you like the blog! :) I’ve been meaning to write more about our Singapore trip (hopefully this weekend!!). I’ll go check out your blog now… 😉

    MizFit, haha. Thanks!


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