I started on a strong note

I started today so well.  Since I’ve gotten back from vacation, it’s been a little bit easier to eat healthy and be consistent with my workouts.  I’ve definitely gained a few pounds (motivating factor #1) and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of unhealthy foods out of my system during my vacation (always makes it easier to stick to “the plan.”).  On the very first day we were back I was also able to plan our meals for the week and spent a good amount of money on groceries to really stock our fridge with lots of healthy foods.  So far so goood…


When I got invited to a brunch with my friends Katy and Christina (hi ladies, if you’re reading! :) ) I was determined to stick to my “diet.”  I definetely often have an all or nothing mentality, but I’m desperately trying to break this habit.  Going out to eat is ok, I just have to make better choices to be able to enjoy it more often.

I woke up a little early to look up directions, get ready ,etc. so I had a snack.  I didn’t want to get to the restaurant starving… I knew my defenses would be down if I did that (mmm, stuffed french toast).

morning snack: grapes

Brunch location: Sound Bites in Sommerville.  This place is usually packed and has a line out of the door on weekends.  It was very busy around 9:45 am (when we got there) but thankfully due to daylight savings time we were able to be seated right away.  Awesome!  We grabbed coffee right away (self serve – very cute!).

Soundbites coffee with skim milk and sugar in the raw

I was SO good.  Seriously I could not be more proud of myself.  I got a greek omelet (the menu said “generous feta + spinach”).  Here are the substitutions that I made to be able to enjoy it guilt free… egg whites, easy on the feta, add mushrooms and tomatoes, dry whole wheat toast, fruit salad instead of home fries.  Pretty good, heh?  And I didn’t even eat the whole thing (a few bites of the omelet and bread were left and I only had 1/2 of the fruit salad).  I enjoyed every single bite and did not feel deprived one bit.  If I could eat like this every time we were out, I’d be at my goal weight by now… probably. 😉

greek omelet with ww toast

omelet insides

side fruit salad

Then my husband and I went to a few open houses again… this is the most frustrating process EVER because you can’t help but get your hopes up and inevitably get dissapointed.  Somehow in the town where we’re looking to buy, the market is crazy strong.  The apartment we liked right before going on vacation was sold within days of the first open house.  When we got to today’s open house (the apartment has been on the market for 4 days and it was the first open house) the agent said the owners have already accepted an offer last night, but were “accepting back-up offers.”  WTF is that?!!  Waste of everyone’s time!  Anyways, in the midst of all of this we got hungry and decided to treat ourselves to sandwiches and baked goods (ok the baked goods were just for me! :) )


We drove to The Real Deal deli in West Roxbury, the owners of which also own the Sugar Bakery located adjacent to the deli.  Both places are amazing!  I wish the stuff was healthier so we could go there more often.  The choices of foods are endless and absolutely everything looks mouth-watering. I got the cuban panini, which sounded kind of healthy (i.e. no mayo, etc.) – slow roasted pulled pork, sliced ham, swiss, krinkle cut dill pickle chips and french yellow mustard – and asked them not to use any butter while grilling the bread.  It was still slightly greasy as you can see from the paper it is on.  The panini was huge (it looks kind of regular in this picture but trust me it was ginormous) so I ate 1/2 of it for lunch and the rest for dinner.

TRD cuban panini

And of course I had to have something from the bakery.  See the endless pastries?  It was SO hard to make my choice!

Sugar bakery

Sugar bakery

I ended up ordering the chocolate cupcake with the cream cheese frosting.  This thing was super sugary (honestly I don’t think it was cream cheese frosting) but somehow it hit the spot (on a different day I may have thought it was gross).  It was also quite fudgy.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a cupcake this chocolaty.  This is a good quality in my book so I’ll definitely be back to try their other cupcakes and pastries.  I love baked goods!

Sugar cupcake with cream cheese frosting

The rest of the day had random, unpictured eats.  I was too lazy to do anything.  I ate the remainder of the sandwich, an orange and a few no pudge brownies.  Whoever said they could do damage with those in the house was apparently talking about me.  I’m so weak sometimes, especially with a few indulgences under my belt.  The all or nothing mentality definitely came back.  Damn, I really do need to keep working on it.  There was also no workout (too full) :(

I know I’ll have a better day tomorrow.  In fact I’m super remotivated again and can’t wait to be good to myself!  Hope you at least enjoyed some of those pictures 😀

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11 comments to I started on a strong note

  • great breakfast :) and that cupcake, oh my!! i have done no house hunting, so i am completely in the dark with that process…

  • K

    Sorry about the house hunting problems :( I’ve got my fingers crossed for you guys!! Everything looks insanely delicious! Today is a new day!!

  • Love how you did at brunch! I always get egg white omelets at breakfast – a lot of bang for the buck!

    And I love cuban sandwiches – and basically anything with dill pickles!

    Hope you get a work out in today!

  • Sometimes when I read your blog I think, “this could one of my entries!” I am really working on the all or nothing deal, too (as you know). Why is it that we know it is ridiculous but we continue to do it?! Ah! Well, I don’t think your eats today look bad at all, even with the cupcake and No Pudge. Brunch was especially angelic.
    Good luck with the house hunting!

  • Oh my goodness everything looks insanely delicious. I think weekends are made for indulging a bit (in every aspect of life including food) and I think you did great- treats mixed with a whole bunch of delicious + healthy food.

  • wow that cupcake is crazy yummy looking.. way to go on breakfast and I’m sure you’ll be back on track this week in no time. it usually takes me a couple days to just get back to my normal “routine” post trip

  • yummy looking bfast and DIVINE looking cupcake!!! soooo goooooooood.

  • But you filled your day with lots of fruit, so I think that is good. AND OMGZ, I WANT THAT CUPCAKE!

  • Mandy A

    Oh yeah… that cupcake looks like something I would get and devour :) Yummy!!!! And the cuban sandwich looks amazing, too!

    Good luck with the house hunting… it can be a long, crazy process!!!

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!

  • sue

    those are some delicious looking weekend eats! hope your monday is going well :)

  • Ok, looks like I have some restaurants to try out :) All of your eats look really tasty!

    I understand how frustrating the house search can be – I fell in love with pretty much every one we toured. Something will work out eventually!


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