I feel pretty

Look what I did today after work!!


I met up with my friend Christina after work for a fun make-up date :)  I’ve been in desperate need for new make-up.  I should have taken a picture of my old eyeshadow – it’s pathetic.  I was scraping it off the sides of the compact.  In fact when I was trying to show the make-up artist at Trish what shadow I usually use, she couldn’t even tell! Haha, nice! :lol: Anyways, she did my complete look with the products above.  I signed on the dotted line without looking at the price.  I’ll deal with it tomorrow.  I don’t want to ruin the experience by thinking about numbers :)  It’s been loooong overdue.  Then we had a nice healthy dinner at b.good (see below).  I went home after that because I just wanted to relax.  My husband is out and offered that I join him. I considered going out just to show off my newly purchased makeup, but resisted the urge.  Instead I’m now blogging, doing laundry… and getting mentally ready to do some shredding.  Perfect way to start a relaxing weekend in my opinion 😀


It was all very delicious today!  I couldn’t choose my favorite meal.  Love when that happens.

For breakfast I tried another yogurt/pumpkin combo today, omitting the cottage cheese this time.  It was better, texture wise, but the pumpkin still masks the creamy texture of chobani I love so much.  I think I’ll bake with it instead :)  I also tried mixmygranola.com‘s organic granola in this bowl.  I liked it!  It was a little sweet and had some sunflower seeds.  I was hoping for a clumpier granola (I like when little clusters form) but these pretty much had individual oats in them.  Still tasted good, though :)  I think I need to compare all 4 side-by-side to really make my decision, although I guess if the low fat tastes good (I may try it tomorrow) it could be the obvious way to go.  We’ll see… Oh the peanut butter with pumkin were an amazing combo.  Every bite that included pb was just to die for!  I kind of saved it all to the end to really end the meal on an amazingly delicious note.  Wow I’m cheesy 😀

chobani with pumpkin, organic granola, mixed dried berries, pecans, choc chips, peanut butter

yogurt closeup

I’m trying to get creative with my snacks.  What do you guys think about these?  I loved these little guys and aside from being crazy delicious they fueled my workout perfectly! 😀

barney butter stuffed fruit (1/2 banana and 3 dates)


All I can say about lunch is wow.  I need to have more tofu in my life so I can make more tofu sandwiches.  Triple yum on this one!

open faced sandwich on sourdough bread with laughing cow cheese and orange glazed tofu + grape tomatoes

I got to my desk this morning and a box of these babies was right on top.  I ordered these from my co-worker a long time ago.  I’m hoping to forget I have them because having just 2 (=1 serving) was very hard.  I think these are my favorite girl scout cookies!  What are your favorites?

Girl scout peanut butter patties

You’ve seen this salad before but I can’t get enough of it!  It’s the perfect healthy meal out.  So many good things going on there.  I practically licked the plate clean.  Again!  Haha.

b.good southwestern chicken salad

Calories consumed during the day: 1654


I still haven’t shredded but I will.  I promise! I’ll update this post when I do… thus the “S” in workoutS.  I did go to the gym during lunch, so let’s talk about that.  It’s been 2 whole days since I’ve been to the gym.  I missed it SO much!  I wanted to do EVERYTHING but when it came time to go, I was CRAVING a spinning class.  Yes, craving.  But I’ve never taken a spinning class on Fridays.  I’ve heard mixed reviews, none overly positive, some negative – mostly mediocre reviews… the instructor is different they all said.  Well different apparently works for me, because I loved today’s class!  She did so many strange things like only cycling with one leg (and letting the other one just go along for the ride), only holding with one hand (while standing up at position 2), moving very slowly at high resistance without moving your upper body (it’s basically like doing a million squats on the bike), etc. etc.  Seriously call me a masochist, but I loved it!  Yay for finding new classes at the gym, especially on Fridays since I swore off this Friday instructor.  Gym workout stats…

  • Duration: 0:40 + stretching
  • Calories burnt: 394 (50% fat)
  • Ave HR: 158 (81%); Max HR: 171 (88%)

Enjoy your weekend!  See you later :)

*Edited to add* Shred dvd stats:

  • Duration: 0:24 + stretching
  • Calories burnt: 170 (45% fat)
  • Ave HR: 130 (67%); Max HR: 156 (80%)
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