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I didn’t die

March 31st, 2009 · 14 Comments · 30 Day Shred, breakfast, oats, snacks

Today was awesome.  I worked until almost 8pm, but I didn’t care. I was in a great mood.  Actually I was totally in the zone doing my thing – it felt great to feel like I’m good at what I’m doing… kind of reminded me why I work where I work :) The other thing that made me super happy is the fact that I went for a run OUTSIDE during lunch and didn’t die!  Seriously, you guys know I’m seriously scared of running outside, but today was awesome! I was psyched for the run (planned a 4 mile route) and despite crazy winds and much lower temperatures than expected… I did it! Oh and I was wearing a tank top and capri pants so people looked at me like I was a crazy woman… but that that just made me run faster 😀 So yeah, I ran 4.15 miles in 36:19… by my calculations that makes it 8:45 minutes/mile. Awesome awesome awesome (I would have been happy with under 10 and ecstatic with 9, but 8:45 is just seriously amazing to me!).  Workout stats (include warm up + cooldown walks):

  • Duration: 0:45 (+stretching before and after the run)
  • Calories burnt: 440 calories (35% fat)
  • Ave HR: 157 (87%); Max HR: 220 (113%)

Heh, almost forgot… after work I did level 2 of Shred (I think I’m on day 23, but I skipped a few days here and there so I’m going to stick with level 2 for a few more days).

  • Duration: 0:25 (+stretching)
  • Calories burnt: 179 (50%) – it’s getting easier! :)
  • Ave HR: 132 (68%); Max HR: 211 (109%)

Oh and just for kicks, I thought I’d include a very old post from my days of blogging on Sparkpeople about my first run outside (completed last summer)… such a blast from the past 😀

Today I had a 15 min abs class + a 45 min run planned for a workout. I am considering doing a 5K race in two weeks, and should really start running again (I mean I’ve been running but not as consistently as I should be to improve my time from last year’s race, which was 28:41). As I was walking to the abs class, I thought that I should plan a run outside sometime soon if the weather is nice. Running outside is SO different from running on a treadmill. There are so many external factors (weather, hills, etc.) and keeping a good pace is so much harder when the risk of flying off the treadmill isn’t there. Well, as I was waiting for the instructor for the class, I realized that today was a really nice day out. I thought after the class I should just run outside and then come back to the gym and shower before returning to work. I didn’t plan out my route, and didn’t have a watch, which was a bit annoying (I had a clock on my ipod but that’s not the same) but it worked out. It was soooooooo HOT outside and I was dying after about 20 minutes. I kept on trying to visualize how good it would feel to finish without stopping (after all, I’ve run up to 80 minutes without stopping on the treadmill) but after a really large hill I had to stop and walk for about 1.5 minutes. Then I realized I was walking down hill and that actually it would be a pretty easy run and picked up again. I made two laps around one of the parks so after the same hill, I walked again. With addition of heat, that hill was a KILLER! I made it though!!!! Final tally was a 40 minute run + 10 min walk (about 3 min warm up, two 1.5 min stops, plus 4 min cooldown). I mapped my run and it was 4.44 miles together. Not bad! Does running in the heat burn more calories? I don’t know, but I was exhausted (and proud!).


I decided to start waking up earlier in order to eat breakfast at home (I know I’ve said it before but we’ll try this again). Yesterday’s oats in the afternoon (only a small instant oats packet) filled me up for way too many hours, so I thought this kind of staying power is something I could definitely use in the morning.  I’m not a big fan of microwaved oats anymore, so that requires waking up early. Today I didn’t mind it, because my oats were fantastic! This bowl is inspired by Tina‘s almond joy oats (sorry, I couldn’t find the link to her oats… she made them like last October when I first discovered her blog). I made mine today with extra oats (1/2 cup dry) cooked with 1/2 c soy milk, 1/2 c water + 1/2 banana… then topped it with almond slices (oops – burnt them twice on the stove), choc chips, shredded coconut and “frosting” (oikos + agave nectar).

almond joy oats

Yum! Btw, I think oats + chocolate + yogurt = heaven!!

almond joy oats closeup

[389 calories]


1/3 Zoe's chocolate peanut butter granola bar

[100 calories]

Ok, so when I had the first half of this bar, I hated it! I thought it tasted completely weird – kind of salty (and almost spicy)… just very very strange. I reached for the other half today because I don’t like throwing food away, especially food that would be decent run fuel. Well, today I thought it was pretty good. Maybe because I had VERY low expectations, but seriously… it wasn’t bad at all. I have another one of these babies, so maybe I’ll provide a true review once I decide what I really think of it :)

1/2 Ezekiel english muffin + laughing cow cheese + chickpea cutlet with carrot sticks and grape tomatoes on side

[394 calories]

sugar snap peas + almonds

[71 calories]

Total calories for the day: 986 – Not sure what’s going on with my stomach, but the snack above totally kicked my ass. It’s been sitting like a huge rock in my stomach. I ate it over 4 hours ago, and sweated through Shred in between, and I still can’t stomach the idea of food. Too much fiber again? I’ve never eaten such low amounts of food… but I’m not going to force food down. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll make up for it! 😉


I have so many questions now that I’m trying to run outside. Should I get a garmin? What model?  I hear they don’t fit well on girls’ wrists. I see them a lot on the blogs… are you suffering through a moving garmin or is this an uncommon problem? I feel like a garmin would really help improve my speed if I can monitor it and push myself accordingly. Anything else I should purchase for runs outside?

Barney Butter is having a sample campaign for newbies.  This is your chance to try my crack of choice for free (!) if you haven’t already :) You like me even more now, huh? 😉

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14 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - KellyB

    So excited for the freebie link to Barney Butter — can’t wait to see what all your fuss is about. :)

    Yeah def. get the motiontraxx mix, its FREE!!!

  • #2 - Sharon

    Barney butter??? OMG!!!

  • #3 - Lara

    WOW, that is a great first outside run! Awesome 😀
    I fnally bought some Barney Butter! Haven’t tried it yet, but I thought of you and your obsession. Haha.
    You’re motivating me to get back on the running train!

  • #4 - MizFit

    3 cheers for the early wakeage and eating at home.
    again today?
    (*drums fingers on desk awaiting answer*)


  • #5 - Elina

    KellyB- I’m all over it this weekend :)

    Lara, that’s so great! I’m definitely getting more excited than scared now. I think I can do this!

    MizFit – yes, I woke up extra early this morning! I was planning on also working out but breakfast sounded better! 😀

  • #6 - sister inna

    wow i can’t believe you ran during lunch!!! that is really awesome. congratulations — i’m glad it went so well 😀

  • #7 - Sara

    Definitely get a Garmin. I couldn’t run without mine. Well, I wouldn’t want to. I’m a numbers girl so I like to know exactly how far and how fast. Fits well on my wrist – no movement – and I’m a small girl.

  • #8 - K

    Way to go with the run!! That’s fantastic!

    That chickpea cutlet looks so good!

  • #9 - ttfn300

    great run! i don’t have a garmin, and unless I’m doing intervals or need to be somewhere, I don’t where a watch. i use the mapmyrun tools to find out how far i’ve been, but keep the speedwork to treadmills or tracks. and i don’t have a hrm, either… not that i haven’t thought about it, i’d just rather spend my $$ elsewhere as I’ve been doing fine w/o them… maybe when i’m rich :)

  • #10 - Hangry Pants

    Don’t think I’m gross, but I like those Zoe bars.

    great job running outside!!!!

    And thanks for the creamy hummus tip. Next time I will add some juice from the can.

  • #11 - Bridget

    Hmmm maybe I’ll give the Zoes bars another try…I have a box of them!
    Great Run!! I can’t wait til it gets a little warmer here…I ran yesterday too but even weather in the 50’s hurts my ears/throat after sucking in the air too long!

  • #12 - Sophia

    All I need for my run is my ipod, so can’t help you in advice with that…
    but your breakfast bowl of oats look FANTASTIC! I love adding coconut on top, too! like snow…

  • #13 - Shannon (The Daily Balance)

    nice work on the run!!

    Bowl of oats looks DELISH 😉

  • #14 - Katie

    Congrats on the outdoor run! I knew you could do it!