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Green oats and drama

March 19th, 2009 · 12 Comments · 30 Day Shred, breakfast, fish, oats, salad, sandwich

Hi bloggies!  How was your hump day?  Mine started out very differently and very good, with a workout and a new breakfast, but quickly became just another Wednesday with usual challenges and self-inflicted drama.  I’m happy to report that it all ended well though.  All of your comments and support are really starting to affect my actions.  I want to become a roll model, not just a girl that whines about overeating, so that’s what I did yesterday.  I analyzed the “situation” soberly and made appropriate choices.  Ha, I think I’m being very mysterious here.  Let’s get to it!

So I had a hair appointment after work, which meant there was definitely no shredding after that.  You know how when they blow dry your hair at the salon and you can never ever make it look the same?  Well I wasn’t going to let that go to waste by sweating through it 😉 That meant – I had to shred in the morning!!  Yeah, I am not a morning person at all, but somehow when the alarm went off at 6am, I jumped up, put my workout clothes on and got to it.  Yay!  I should mention that there was not way in hell my husband was going to join me at 6am (but he did do the dvd on his own after work, as promised!) so I decided to move on to level 2 and see what all the fuss is about 😀


Level 2 was definitely waaaay harder than level 1.  Every exercise had both the upper body and the lower body working.  There were no fluff moves.  If you were working shoulders, you were also really working your legs at the same time.  I never thought that walking push-ups would be a welcoming break for me!  I’d say the cardio part was the hardest for me.  Burpees (or whatever they’re called) were not easy at the whee hours of the morning.  In fact I hate them at any hour but especially then.  Overall, though, I really loved it!  I do lots of training like that so it was fun to do it right at home this time!  I’m a little scared of what my husband will think though.  I can see how some of the moves can be intimidating (although Anita shows modified version of them)…  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:25
  • Calories burnt: 190 (45%) – much higher than level 1!
  • Ave HR: 135 (70%); Max HR: 161 (83%)


Breakfast was also the best meal of the day.  After finishing my workout and showering, I decided to make stove top oats as a treat (I still had plenty of time!).  But not just any old stove top oats… avocado stove top oats like Heather made a few days back.  I had 1/4 of an avocado with no special purpose for it, so I decided to give this oats variation a whirl.  I loved it!  I used 1/2 cup of dry oats (I usually can only finish 1/3 cup but figured I’d go light on the topping instead), 1/2 c vanilla soy milk, 1/2 c water – cooked that for a few minutes on the stove until it was creamy (btw, soy milk made them SO creamy, without bananas even!), then I threw them into the blender, together with my avocado, and it all blended beautifully.  A few chocolate chips and a spoonful of creamy Barney Butter completed this amazingly delicious (and crazy filling) breakfast.  The avocado was very mild, just added a touch of buttery taste.  So so good!

avocado oats with BB and choc chips

so creamy!

OTHER EATS (scroll over for descriptions)

fish sandwich with dijon mustard + broccoli

peanut butter zbar

Tossed salad

salad closeup: strawberries, grilled chicken, grape tomatoes and carrots

mystery muffin

Total calories consumed during the day: ~1650

Ok, so in case you were wondering, here is what happened with my daily “drama.”  Mid morning I was still very full from my oats but got a crazy craving for a muffin.  I didn’t have a particular flavor in mind – I just wanted a muffin.  I evaluated my options – I could get a Starbucks apple bran muffin (310 calories) or a Dunkin Donuts low fat blueberry muffin (400 calories).  Both are calorie dense and I suppose I could eat just 1/2, but I wasn’t sure if I could stop myself before devouring the whole thing.  So I decided that this could wait and that I would make muffins that night (I already had a recipe in mind and had all the ingredients on hand).  The muffin in the picture above was my evening snack (I’ll do a separate post revealing what’s inside this beauty).  My muffin craving was satisfied for under 200 calories.  Yay :)

But wait, there is more!  Haha, about an hour after my muffin “crisis” was averted, I stumbled upon a picture of the most beautiful chocolate chip cookies.  This is the downside of reading blogs sometimes.  Sometimes you get great healthy ideas, and sometimes you just make yourself hungry and craving all sorts of things for no reason.  I instantly wanted a big fatty cookie and couldn’t get it off my mind.  I love Paradise Bakery cookies and I can get 2 large ones for $1 in minutes.  I started evaluating whether treating myself to a cookie would be a good thing (hey, if you really want it, go for it and you’ve been working out hard lately!) or a bad thing (you should not treat your accomplishments with food and undo all the hard work you’ve put in).  I couldn’t decide! And since I couldn’t decide and I was “sane” enough to not just go down to the bakery like a robot and stuff my face without really accepting these actions (I’ve done that way too many times), I decided to postpone this trip to another date.  I think there is another baking project in my future this weekend. This time I’m going to make full fat cookies (sometimes as good as the healthy ones taste, it’s just not the same thing!) and will enjoy every bite of them.  Let’s see if I can wait until Saturday 😉

And last “drama-ish” thing that happened had to do with my workout.  I planned on doing another circuit class during lunch, and then I realized that one of my favorite (sports) yoga classes was on at 3:15.  3:15 is a tough time slot because you have to sneak out of the office in the middle of the day and that’s tough to do on most weeks.  Well conveniently enough, the morning was very slow.  My boss was away on business so I thought this was going to be perfect.  I needed to stretch my muscles and I’ve been doing enough pounding (including the Shred workout just this morning) so yoga would be the perfect way to stretch and tone them.  Of course at 2:45, I get an email from my boss scheduling a 3pm conference call!  Ugh!  SO annoying!!!  At this point I knew that I wasn’t going to make it to them gym.  I thought about sneaking out after the conference call and doing my own little circuit training workout, but I decided to just let it go.  It’s easier said than done sometimes.  I really like crossing things of my list and a second workout was on the list for the day.  Oh well.  I’m sure my body will appreciate some extra rest, right? 😀

Anyways, this was enough blabbering for one post.  Sorry, I had to get this off my chest.  How would you handle the situations above?  Do you treat yourself with food? I do, but I do it guilt free once a week.  More than that, and I feel like I’m overdoing it.  Oh, and try some avocado oats!  They’re pretty awesome.  I think I shoud bring some to the office next time.  Love the looks I get sometimes.  This should really get them going! 😆

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  • #1 - Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

    So glad you enjoyed the avocado oats. Don’t they blend up so amazing and creamy!?! Nice and filling as well.

    Glad you were able to avoid the muffin (and cookies) and instead baked your own. I would think your own muffin made with love and better ingredients was much more satisfying. :)

    Bummer about yoga, but no worries. You Shredded it, and maybe that’s all your body needed for the day.

    Happy Thursday and thanks for spreading the love of the green oats!

  • #2 - Mel

    I would ave never thought to put avocado in oats. It sounds interesting.

  • #3 - Amanda

    interesting on the avocado..just not sure I can do that one yet.

    well i think you had a great workout already, so it stinks you didn’t get to do the workout you wanted, but nothing major in the scheme of life.

  • #5 - K

    I SO know what you mean about getting your hair done and not wanting to ruin it! Aw you made me miss the PB Z-bar :(

    I’m glad you were able to avoid the all of those crises. I treat myself from time to time but only if I really, really want it!

  • #6 - kilax

    Gosh. I may never make it to Level 2. I really like the “easy” moves in Level 1!

    I treat myself a few times a week. If it is planned, I don’t feel guilty. But if is it not, I do :(

  • #7 - Lauren

    I started with Shred Level 2 today after jogging outside, and man it is tough! I’ve been lifting weights for years now, but apparently I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough. Jillian loves to put our shoulder muscles to work 😉

    I didn’t do level 1 everyday, and I’m not going to be doing level 2 everyday, but maybe I should start doing it more often than a few times a week – if it’s hard, that means I should do it until it’s easier!

    what kind of fish is in the sandwich? Looks good.

  • #8 - Elina

    Amanda, you’re right. No biggie in the large scheme of things, since I already worked out once :)

    Kilax, I’m the same way. If it’s planned, then I feel fine but if it’s unplanned, then it’s a whole different story…

    Lauren, I had the leftover pollock I made the night before with the rice and broc. It was delicious :)

  • #9 - Mandy A

    Hey Elina!

    I forgot to mention yesterday that I love the new layout! :)

    I think you handled your sweet cravings VERY well yesterday! I tend to do what you did yesterday… I may have some dark chocolate during the day after lunch for a quick fix… but mostly with cookies, muffins and breads I make them at home. I have been drooling over the muffins you made for quite some time now… I think I need to give in and make them!

    I am going to make the tilapia recipe, too… thanks for the idea :)

    Hope you’re having a great Thursday! Friday is almost here!

  • #10 - Elina

    Thanks, Mandy!! Hope you like the muffins and the fish as much as we did :) Have a great rest of the week!

  • #11 - Hangry Pants

    I think you handled all of the situations very well! I am pretty sure I would have held off on the muffins, but I probably would have tried to find cookies asap – I hate when that happens with blogs!

  • #12 - Lara

    I love “make your own” salad places like that. And I would totally eat those avo oats!