Dissapointing myself

Ugh, I uploaded a bunch of pictures this morning before going to work and they’re not here!  I hate when things like that happen!!  Anyways, this is what I had for dinner last night…

no pudge brownie

Yes, this was a ginormous no pudge brownie (about 3 servings’ worth).  Other “dinner” items included crunchy Barney Butter (scraped the bottom of the jar) and TJ’s nutty trail mix (one serving baggie).  I was hungry when I got home and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The tofu will have to wait for another night.  Yeah, I’m a little (ok a lot) dissapointed in myself.  Moving on…


The rest of the day was healthy but since I don’t have pics to show you right now, I’ll talk about my workouts.  I took the abs and xtreme cross train classes at the gym during lunch and did the Shred dvd at night.  The classes at the gym were SO intense!  I feel like my indurance definitely went down since before the vacation.  The instructor is actually kind of like Jillian and her classes incorporate a lot of cardio bursts and combination moves that use multiple muscles at the same time.  It was killer!

The shredding almost didn’t happen due to my less than stellar dinner, but I figured I’d be even more mad at myself if I skipped that too (I do know myself pretty well) so at around 10:10pm I grabbed my hrm and got to shredding.  I used these badass weighted gloves my mom gave me (they have built-in 1 lb weights) together with the 4 pounders.  I was happy to end the day with a sweaty workout instead of worrying about the fact that brownies do not qualify as a healthy dinner.  Workout stats…

Gym workout:

  • Duration: 0:47 (+ cooldown stretching)
  • Calories burnt: 324 (50% fat)
  • Ave HR: 130; Max HR: 205

Shred dvd:

  • Duration: 0:25 (+cooldown stretching)
  • Calories burnt: 176 (50% fat)
  • Ave HR: 131; Max HR: 158

It’s my mom’s birthday today so we’re going out to a fancy dinner to celebrate.  Happy Birthday, mom, if you’re reading!!! 😀

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13 comments to Dissapointing myself

  • we’ve all had those days hun! (or at least i sure as heck have) You got in a great workout, so focus on that instead :)

    have a great dinner tonight, and Happy Birthday mom!!

  • Hang in there, it’ll all balance out in the end!

  • K

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

    Remember, today’s a new day :)

  • Mandy A

    Happy Birthday mom! Hope it’s a great one :)

    Ya know, I went to a dietitian a few years ago who said that sometimes, she just wanted ritz crackers and peanut butter for dinner. And that’s what she would have! She said it might not be the most nutritious thing… but it’s what she wanted and for that, she was fine with it! Sometimes we just gotta go with what sounds good… and it seems like you did! :) I need to learn to do that myself. And you still did your shred work out…that’s awesome! I would have just gone to bed :)

    I am bad at feeling guilty, too… so i know how you feel completely! But you eat incredibly well and have some KILLER work outs! Be proud of that! Life’s too short to not have brownies for dinner once in our lives :)

  • sister inna

    dude there’s a reason its called a NO PUDGE brownie. don’t pudge it! ok maybe i’m making up new definitions for the word pudge…but what i’m sayin’ here is it’s no bigs yo. so you had some fat free brownies for dinner. you worked out twice in one day–that’s more than most people can say!

  • Elina

    Mandy, that was my rationalle while I was eating it – I felt like it and even though it wasn’t nutritious, I figured it was ok once in a while. I do think somewhere there I overdid it, but oh well. Thanks so much for you comment! It made me smile :)

    Innz, you were definitely making up usages for the word no pudge 😉 I know what you’re saying though. Thanks!! 😀

  • Just adding in- I am guilty of dessert for dinner. At least you substituted dessert instead of adding it to the total calorie total. Of course it’s not the healthiest, but in the scheme of things, it will all balance out.

    Besides, you needed the energy to shred it up!

  • Adam

    I’m fairly certain I’ve eaten cheese curls and beer for dinner before too – everyone does it!

  • Jen


    I’m actually a new reader and i love your blog . . . im addicted!
    im actually heading up to boston in a couple of weeks and since you’re a dessert maven like me i was wondering if you had any good bakery recommendations (besides Flour bakery)

    Any area of boston is fine but u if have some tips on bakeries in the back bay i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks =)

  • Elina

    Jen, I’m so glad you like the blog!! :) One of my absolute favorite bakeries in Boston is Tatte – technically in Brookline (right on the border of Boston in Brookline – take the C line one stop past Kenmore Sq to St. Mary’s St stop… it’s right there!). The nut box is their best thing – it’s seriously amazing! I posted about it here (http://healthyandsane.com/2008/12/tatte/). Hope you love it as much as I do! “Sweet” on Mass ave in the Back Bay is also pretty nice – they sell lots of beautiful looking cupcakes – I found the double chocolate (choc muffin + choc frosting) and the angel cake cupcakes to be the best ones there. Enjoy Boston! Let me know if you discover any other delicious restaurants or bakeries! 😀

  • Dude 10pm I’m in bed by then ,way to go!! I am jones for some of those glove weights for boxing!

  • Jen

    Thanks so much Elina!

    I’ll report back to you and give you my reviews after my trip.


  • Elina

    No problem, Jen. Sounds great! :)


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