World Nutella Day

Did you know that today was World Nutella Day?  


I guess it only started in 2007 by some bloggers, but you know what… I’m not here to ask questions – I’m here to comply and eat nutella 😉

1 T of nutella with pretzels

Simple and nutella-y!  I came up with this all on my own!  I know, I’m so creative 😛  (This was my post dinner dessert by the way).

Except for eating nutella, I also ate some very delicious and if possible, more nutritious foods.  Let’s get to those…


shrimp and asparagus oats risotto

This picture probably doesn’t do this meal justice but it was incredibly delicious.  I think I’m starting to love this whole home-made risotto deal.  You see, I used to order risotto only at restaurants but with a few attempts in my kitchen in recent months, I realized that all it takes is a little time and patience to get a creamy and delicious (and even healthy) risotto.  This one has a bit of a twist though – instead of rice the recipe calls for steel cut oats.  This is why it caught my eye – I have a container of steel cut oats because as an oats newbie sometime last year I thought that because steel cut oats take forever to make, they must be better for you.  The answer is no – rolled oats or quick oats and even instant oats all have the same nutritional info and are equally nutritious.  Once I realized that, my container of steel cut oats was getting a bit dusty.  Who wants to cook oats for over 30 minutes in the morning?  Not this girl!

So back to the risotto… I used this recipe for oat risotto with shrimp, asparagus and pecorino that I found through Shannon’s blog.  Again, because of the unusual use of steel cut oats as the base, coupled with my love for everything-shrimp, I added it to my “to-make list.”  I omitted the butter and shallots, threw a few grape tomatoes and mushrooms in with the shrimp (just because I had them on hand and thought they would make for a nice addition – and they did!) and added 1/2 tablespoon of mascarpone (because it worked beautifully in the mushroom/mascarpone risotto I made a few weeks ago).  The oats took only 2 cups of broth to get super creamy.  This recipe is another winner!  Oh, and if I make this again I will definitely add the grape tomatoes again – they added a nice burst of freshness to the dish.  De-licious!!


I was pretty snacky all day long but at the end I was on track of having a well rounded food day.  Although the cookies at the end of the night put me over the edge calorie wise.  My husband and I got into an intense conversation (nothing bad – just serious issues were discussed) and the cookies were calling my name. They were also pretty stale at this point so I knew I had to eat them or they’d get to the uneatable stage.  We can’t let that happen! :)  Despite the fact that I probably didn’t need to eat all 3 cookies, I’m actually really at peace with having them.  All the oats in them made me feel like I was eating a healthy treat.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself 😉

I started the morning with a delicious breakfast.  I actually didn’t plan on eating breakfast at home again, but when I opened the fridge in the morning the tomatoes and mushrooms really wanted to be incorporated into an omelet.  I had to abide :)

tomato/mushroom/cheese omelet over ww english muffin + grapes

The omelet/scrambled eggs combo was made with 1 egg and 1 egg white, tomatoes and shrooms (of course) and a slice of white american cheese.  I ate it like a breakfast sandwich… like so:

breakfast sandwich closeup

Pre-workout snack…

gala apple

3-part lunch:

1 slice of When Pigs Fly sourdough bread with 2T of roasted garlic sabra hummus and 2 slices of natural turkey

baby carrots

bosc pear

+ lunch dessert…

Trader Joe's 100 calorie dark chocolate bar

Afternoon snack – I love adding fresh fruit to a fruit-on-the bottom yogurt!

strawberry chobani with fresh strawberries

Pre-dinner snack:

orange slices

Post dinner/late night snack (picture x 3):

Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookie

Total calories for the day: 1915 (would have been 1525 if I didn’t have the late night cookies)


So it sounds like you guys want to see my workout stats- no problem!  I’m glad they are helpful to some of you.  I took a “Rock Bottoms” class at the gym today (another bootcamp type class) that was great!  The girl made us do crazy sprints at the end that really kicked my butt.  In fact, I think she was tired of the sprints herself because she called for stretching a little too early so the class was only 40 minutes instead of 45.  She was quite apologetic about it, but it’s ok… I actually ended up staying in the room and lifted more weights to make it a whole 60 minutes.  I fought the urge to do more elliptical after that.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to stop when I’m on a roll but I was actually quite hungry and decided that I’ve had enough.  I’m still not sure how accurate the HRM is, especially with non-cardio workouts, but here it is…

  • Duration: 1:00
  • Calories burnt: 356 (50% fat)
  • Ave HR: 121 (included 5 minutes of stretching); Max HR: 221

Yeah, weight lifting doesn’t seem to burn as many calories/hour during the workout but I know the long term benefits are well worth it.  Since muscle burns way more calories than fat, I’ll be burning more calories long after the workout is over!

Can you believe it’s Friday tomorrow?  This work week seemed like it was dragging but now it’s coming to an end.  I’m not complaining for sure! 😀

Oh and how could I forget… enter to win a box of gourmet chocolates here. I think I’m buying a box even if I don’t win!

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18 comments to World Nutella Day

  • Nutella- I could totally live with eating Nutella and french bread for the rest of my life…sigh!

    Your workout sounds great- I can’t believe how much energy you have in the middle of a work day!

  • Liz

    I can totally relate to having trouble stopping a workout. Everytime I workout on my own (no class or trainer), I go so overboard that I’m super sore and worn out the next three days. I just keep thinking of other things to do, and push myself to do more even when I’m at my most tired. It sounds like you keep going because you feel good and don’t want to stop, whereas I keep going because I want to completely burn myself out and get the most out of my workout. But I can still relate to that feeling, and I applaud you for knowing when to stop.

  • That risotto is definitely going in my recipe stash.
    Thanks for your input on the comment/answering question. With some people (like you), I know you’ll get back to me in your blog so I check back. Others (like me) aren’t so good about getting back in the same post!

  • how on EARTH did I miss that?!

    the Toddler and I shall make up for missing it today :)
    she’ll never know…

  • so glad it’s friday!! i love your addition of the grape tomatoes to that risotto, i’ll definately be doing that next time :) and you omlet sammie looks so tasty…

  • i can’t believe i missed world nutella day! I LOVE nutella!! I have some at home though, so i’ll just have to make up for it tonight :)

    yummy yummy eats- i cant believe you can make risotto- how impressive!

  • The risotta sounds delicious, but it’s the egg sandwich that is calling my name.

    Happy Nutella Day (even though I’ve NEVER had it!)

  • Oh love your delicious eats. Sandwich.. mmm!

    And nutella? AH, I need a container of it now!

  • COuld you believe it I have never had Nutella before!!!

  • sister inna

    haha i didn’t even know it was nutella day but saw an awesome recipe for “nutella flaky swirls” and decided i had to make it!!
    how weird!
    i think in this family i win the best nutella day cook-off though ;P

  • Elina

    Heather and Angela – you need to both immediately go to a store and purchase yourself some delicious nutella! Haha, jk. It’s good stuff though!

    Innz, nutella flaky swirls? What? Can you ship some to me asap?!! 😀

  • Uh oh- ive never had nutella. maybe ill pick some up at the store today.

    Kelly Turner

  • K

    YAY Nutella!! Strawberries in the strawberry chobs – nice combo :)

    That ris-oat-to 😉 looks delish as does the omelet!

  • seriously I don’t htink i’ve ever tried nutella… you make that risotto look so good, I just don’t think I have the patience!

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    4.) When a driver flips you off, how do you respond?

    5.) If you could only eat 1 fruit for the rest of your life…what would it be?

    To play along:
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  • WOW today was nutella day?
    CHOBANI! I wish I could find flavored ones because I’m dying to try them!

  • ummmmmmmm i am really glad i didn’t know this. :)

    i grew up eating nutella (straight from italy tucked in my family’s suitcases) on arabic bread for lunch every single day!

  • Mmm all the food looks so good, but as a co-host of World Nutella Day, I’m partial to one of the “meals” in particular 😉

  • Elina

    Wow, Michelle – one of the co-hosts of the World Nutella Day?! Very cool! It’s such a great “holiday”, isn’t it?! 😉


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