Traveling from Boston to Hong Kong

I’m going to try to keep this quick, but I have lots of pictures.  There was a lot of food.  I started out fairly well, trying to eat only when I’m hungry and spacing out my meals (at least 3 hours in between each meal or snack) but after a while I gave up and just started eating whatever/whenever.  I was tired and eating on a plane is tough because you have to be on their eating schedule.  Here we go…

We woke up at 3:55am to catch our flight.  I split my prepared breakfast in 2 stages.  A muffin right away…

strawberry banana muffin

And another one on the Chicago flight (~8am) + apple:

muffin + apple

We had a 4 hour layover in Chicago and tried to eat as late as possible.  We passed by so many delicious looking places…

dipped apples

closeup of awesome looking apples :)

I didn’t get any.  I was good :)

Then we saw the Vosges boutique and my heart started racing.  Seriously, I’m sick 😆

Vosges boutique

Vosges goodies

Vosges pb bonbons

We did a lap around the airport and I came back and got a 4 piece box of truffles 😀

Vosges truffles sign

I haven’t eaten them yet. Hopefully they didn’t get squished in my bag.  Don’t they look pretty?

For lunch we grabbed some sandwiches.  Here is mine:

Italian sub with cheese, deli meats with mustard, tomatoes and hot peppers

And I had a brownie I’ve eyeing since we got to the airport.  Again, had to get my chocolate fix 😀

The Corner Cafe fudge brownie

16 hour plane food.  Yeah, it was a lot :)

plane lunch: chicken terriaki, roll, salad + oatmeal cookie

This meal was uneatible by my standards, I ate a few bites and gave it to my husband (he actually liked it).  I ate the roll and saved the rest for later.  About 3 hours later, I had the cookies (Adam gave me his too – in fact, I got all of the desserts on the plane :) )

2 oatmeal chewies

closeup of the cookie

Someone got a beer… 😉

Adam on the plane with beer

Tsingtao beer

It was a rice beer, and he said it was actually really good despite being out of a scary looking can.  I didn’t try it – the idea of beer just didn’t seem appealing to me at all.

A little while later, I decided to eat the “salad”.  Yes, this is United Airlines’ idea of a salad.  I call it lettuce with dressing.  Ridiculous!

plane "salad"

I actually brought a bunch of baby carrots and grape tomatoes with me because otherwise they would have gone bad.  You have no idea how many funny comments I got from my husband, but hey, it totally worked out.  This still wasn’t amazing but any standards but did the trick for a while.  And I had some pretzels they gave us a while back.

veggies I brought from home

Improved plane salad

mini pretzels

A few hours later they gave us this:

plane noodles

I was a little scared at first, but it was actually like ramen noodles.  Pretty tasty but not very nutritious.  We were probably 10 hours into the flight by then, I wasn’t very picky.

dry noodles

ready to eat

And more food hours later … I ate all of it!

TJ's nutty american trek mix - brought from home

plane dinner - turkey cheese sandwich, yogurt, shortbread cookies

more cookies from my husband

That was that.  Listening to my hunger cues got harder as the flight went on.  I was starving, then stuffed, the starving again.  After about 11 hours on the plane I almost lost it, but we made it :)  We even walked around Hong Kong a bit (and got a quick meal) before crashing.  So far, we’re super impressed and SO excited to be here.  I’m off to take a shower and continue discovering what the City has to offer.  I can’t blog every day but I’ll do a photo recap every once in a while.  Yay, we’re in Hong Kong!!! 😀

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10 comments to Traveling from Boston to Hong Kong

  • K

    Ahhhh plane eats! Always interesting :)


  • they do feed you a lot on the overseas flights! the chicago airport does have crazy amounts of yummy looking treats

  • oh, airplane foods! i remember all of those wonderfuls from my trips to australia…oh how i…don’t miss them. hahaha.

    have a great trip!!!

  • Amy

    Yay! I’m glad you are having a good time so far. It’s funny because I think we got the exact same food on the flight to Beijing. I love the Tsingtao beer. Mmmmm. Enjoy the trip!!!!

  • Tiffany

    International flights are not well known for their delicious cuisine: on our flight to London, we got some pretty nasty orange chicken goop, and then on our flight back from Dublin, it was a mockery of beef stroganoff.

    I should have gone to route you did and pre-packed a few little bits to nibble on. The most I had in my carry-on were a few granola bars and some mixed nuts and water.

    I hope you guys are having fun!

  • Ooh! How exciting. Plane food is always interesting. On our last long flight I swear 3/4 of the food was just wrong and I was hungry/starving/stuffed the whole time. Enjoy your trip!

  • I love when they give us instant noodles on the plane. I really enjoy it! HAHAHA! =D

    And HAVE FUN IN HK !!!!

  • Have a wonderful time! I’ve never been on international flight, but I did fly to Hawaii and I remember it seeming like I was never going to get off the plane.

  • I think you did a great job while travelling. It can be so hard, I have let it get the best of me once or twice and it’s just not fun. I can so relate to roaming around Chicago and trying to avoid all the sweets! And United’s “salad” is a total joke, but I love how you pimped it out!!
    Hope you guys are having a great time and eating something other than plane food 😉

  • wow, that chocolate in the airport looks fab!!!


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