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Super Bowl day eats

February 1st, 2009 · 8 Comments · beef, comfort foods, sandwich, soups, Uncategorized

So you know how I started my morning today – the pancakes held me over for over 4.5 hours, while I was blogging about the Starbucks tasting and catching up on blog reading.  The entire time I was thinking I need to get off the coach and go to the gym, but somehow other things seemed more important.  At the end, I ended up making lunch (giving up on the idea of squeezing in a workout before we leave for the Super Bowl party) and planning our meals for the week.  I knew I would feel a little guilty, but this coming week is going to be quite busy, socially, and if I didn’t plan my meals before we left, we’d be winging it for the rest of the week… and that just leads to odd (and probably not very healthy) eating.  So the meals are planned and I’m very happy about that.  If I moved a little faster, I probably could have done both (gym + planning) but I just needed to be a little lazy for one more day before the work week begins. :)

Another great thing about missing workouts 2 days in a row is that your muscles really recover.  I know that tomorrow I will be ready to really step it up and sweat it out!


I’ve been craving this simple sandwich for a few days now.  Nothing fancy, just a can of white albacore tuna mixed with 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese and sliced pickles on Arnold’s double fiber whole wheat bread.  Lots of protein and whole grains… yum!   I had some cut up yellow carrots on the side.

tuna/cottage cheese sammie with yellow carrots

And then my husband and I made beef chili using the same recipe I used last time.  We doubled it since we were bringing it to a party, used 1 large can of crushed tomatoes and 1 large can of petite crushed tomatoes and this only needed 2 cups of chicken broth to make it the perfect consistency.  Oh and we used a little over 2 lbs of 93% lean ground beef.  It came out amazing!  I’m kicking myself now because I thought I had progress photos last time so I didn’t take any today.  The process is quite easy, brown the meat and throw everything else in the crockpot.  We cooked it for 4 hours this time and brought the whole thing to the party and kept it on “warm” there.  Seriously, this was the best chili I’ve ever had and it’s quite healthy too (everyone else at the party loved it too!).  So flavorful and perfectly spicy.  This kind of leads me to…


Since we made the chili, that was my main dinner.  Here is my first bowl, topped with Cabot reduced fat cheddar and organic low fat sour cream.

chili - first bowl

Our friend Tiffany made delicious baked mac and cheese.  I planned on just having the chili for dinner, but how could I resist baked mac and cheese?!!  I grabbed a bunch, but it was so buttery and indulgent that I only ate 1/2 of this at most (my husband was happy to polish off the rest 😀 )  Hmm, although thinking back I did go back to the pan and picked at a few more of these guys.  So maybe I ate closer to 3/4ths of this after all.

mac and cheese

And then the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies came out of the oven.  I resisted for as long as I could, and then grabbed one little one (they really are quite little – 85 calories a pop):

chocolate chip oatmeal cookie

Multiply this picture times THREE because the cookies were made in 2 batches so the second batch smelled even more amazing than the first.  I lasted about 10 minutes with the crazy cookie smell taking over the living room and gave in.  It was warm and gooey and the package said 2 cookies were a serving… so really I was just eating my serving’s worth 😉  The third cookie was eaten about 1.5 hours later.  I wanted more dessert, did a little calorie calculation in my head and thought I could afford it.

Then came more chili (in attempt to stop craving other junk food I decided to fill up on real food):

chili - second bowl

Ahh, even better than the first bowl!  This batch made so much food that we still have leftovers… I can’t wait for tomorrow’s bowl at lunch! 😛

And cake, yes cake.  It was store bought and I knew it would be nasty, but it was just staring at me the entire time.  This definitely put me over my calories for the day, but honestly it could have been a lot worse.

chocolate cake with vanilla frosting

Then I got a ridiculous craving for candy (like M&Ms or Reese’s peanut butter cup or something like that) but thankfully they didn’t have any in the house.  And you would be proud to hear that I didn’t raid my house when we got home either.  I know I’m full, and I don’t need to feel sick tomorrow.  So after this post, I’m going to relax for a bit, drink some water and go to bed.  Tomorrow will be a new, healthy day with lots of nutritious food and exercise.

Oh, and none of us really cared about the teams playing today but we still had a blast!  We randomly picked teams to cheer on so there was a lot of smack talking.  I only drank water… alcohol just didn’t seem appealing.  I know, I’m weird like that sometimes 😉

Did you do anything fun for the Super Bowl?

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  • #1 - Sharon

    Oh wow, such tasty eats! I love cookies! Yum yum yum!

  • #2 - Tiffany

    That chili was so good! And those little oatmeal cookies were so delicious, it was hard not to fill up on those alone. I think I had five throughout the game :/

  • #3 - Lara

    I would never think to mix tuna with cottage cheese but I bet it’s really tasty and a whole lot better than mayo or even Greek yogurt! Talk about protein 😀
    I would have struggled with the cookies too, they look great! At least everything you ate was concious and intentional (and delicious). That is what is important (at least for me). I notice you haven’t counted up calories in the last couple posts? Have you always done that on the weekends? Just curious 😉
    Glad you had a fun time! Your chili looks awesome!

  • #4 - K

    Hooray for meal planning AND being a social butterfly this week :)

    You’ll be a powerhouse at the gym today! Lovely Superbowl spread!

  • #5 - Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    omgosh! such yummy eats! I definitely pigged out last night between deviled eggs, chocolate chip cookies…etc – so I completely understand your food choices last night =)

  • #6 - Adam

    Elina forgot to mention that when she put the spices in the chili, she used CURRY powder instead of CHILI powder!

    We realized the mistake and scooped most of it out, and then added the chili powder :) It still tasted unbelievably good!

  • #7 - Elina

    Lara, the tuna + cottage cheese combo is really really good and yes has crazy amounts of protein! :)

    Jasmine, I think the Super Bowl is a national pigout day. Just think about all the people that eat 5 pizzas and pounds of wings. Now our little overeating seems like nothing, right? 😉

    Yeah, Adam – thanks for calling me out on my little mistake. Maybe the curry powder is the secret ingredient here. I say we do the same thing next time! 😀

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