Photo recap

Yesterday was insanely busy… and today will be super busy again.  No workout – just a whole lot of work.  Here is what I ate.  And yes, this happened at the end of the night… eating straight out of the jar :(


breakfast: muffin + yogurt + coffee

banana strawberry pecan muffin

look at all the strawberries in there!

chobani with blackberries and pb puffins

lunch: mix of leftovers - ww couscous, tofu, broccoli, 1/2 yello pepper

choc chip cookie zbar


easy mac + peas + tuna

2 days until vacation!  I hope I make it until then alive… :)

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10 comments to Photo recap

  • You must be getting so excited for your trip! Are you going to blog throughout/during or just when you get back? Can’t wait to see what you eat 😉

  • Who doesn’t eat BB (or any nut butter for that matter) straight outta the jar? I know I do 😉

    You must be insanely excited for your trip – we should have another Boston meet-up upon your return!

  • Ugh I hate when work gets busy and stressful. Good luck getting it all done- not long until you have two glorious weeks off.

  • Elina

    Lara, I’m taking my laptop with me, so hopefully I’ll have some time to do mini recaps here and there. I probably won’t know what I’m eating so it may just be mainly pictures :) I can’t wait!

    Lauren, thanks for making me feel better. I’m not buying Barney Butter in jars again after the 2 I have are gone (and they will be very soon if I keep up my current behavior!). Yeah, we should definitely do another meet-up in March! I had such a blast on Monday 😀

    Yeah, Inna, that’s what I keep telling myself…

  • K

    YAY for a vacation!! Hopefully these next few days will fly by for you :)

  • Mandy A

    BB is just not BB if you can’t eat it straight from the jar every now and then :)

    Have a great time on your trip!!!

  • Seriously who can resist the BB!!! It’s like crack in a jar haha.

    I am SUPER jealous of your trip! Where are you headed??

  • I’m going to Hong Kong and Singapore. I need to mention it again on the blog tonight so readers aren’t confused :) I’m getting seriously excited about it!! 😀

  • I eat BB out of the jar almost daily! It’s good for the soul! 😉

  • Oh my gosh, so jealous of your trip! I haven’t been to Hong Kong in years!!! I miss it there soooo much!!!


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