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Last day before vacation

February 19th, 2009 · 14 Comments · bakeries and more, chicken, snacks, yogurt

Wow, we are nearly packed, almost ready to go!  I can’t believe we’re going to Asia tomorrow!!!  Of course we won’t get there until late Saturday, but still I’m excited 😀  Anyways, I gotta go finish up packing (we’re leaving at 4:30 am – ouch!) but I just wanted to say good bye to you, bloggies :)  I am taking my laptop with me and 2 cameras, so hopefully there will be lots of pictures to show you.  I’ll really try to give you as many updates on how we’re doing.  There will definitely be some funky food – hopefully I’ll actually know what I’m eating 😉

Ok, let’s get to it.  I had a great last day before vacation!


Well, technically it was a snack, but it was glorious.  No it was not healthy, but you’re going to think it’s silly but… I’m afraid I’m going to have chocolate withdrawals while on vacation.  I just don’t think Asia has much to offer in that department.  We’ll see… I could be wrong.  Anyways, I decided to get this indulgence and it was so amazing.

Paradise Bakery choc chip cookies

See the second cookie in the background?  They were 2 for 1 and I just couldn’t resist.  These are my favorite!!


nonfat yogurt (TJ's + chobani) with fresh orange slices, chocolate and pb granola, pb puffins, dried bing cherries and sliced almonds

yogurt closeup

chicken parm & mixed greens wrap + grape tomatoes

chicken parm & mixed greens wrap + grape tomatoes

dinner: random tasting plate

closeup - baby carrots, hummus, crackers with olive tapenade

other side closeup - 1/2 yellow pepper + rest

UFood swirl frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries, choc granola + pecans

And the snacks I packed for the trip!  I need to be prepared 😀



I almost missed my workout because there was just so much to get done before leaving, but I decided to squeeze in a quick one.  Who knows when my next workout will be (most likely in 2 weeks!).  I did a quick 1.75 mile run on the treadmill before taking the Ropin’ class (intervals of 1 minute jump rope and another weight lifting or cardio interval).  The class was awesome – so much better than yesterday’s waste of time!  Workout stats…

  • Duration: 0:53
  • Calories burnt: 469 (40% fat)
  • Ave HR: 150; Max HR: 209

Ok bloggies… I gotta turn off this baby and pack it up!  See you later!!!! :)

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14 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Lauren

    Have SO MUCH FUN! Can’t wait to see pics :)

  • #2 - ttfn300

    yey!!! love the goodie bag for the trip :) have a fabulous time!!!

  • #3 - Sharon

    HAVE AN AWESOME TRIP! Totally jealous! And love your snacks!!!

  • #4 - One Healthy Apple

    Have a great trip. I love, love, love vacay!

  • #5 - Lara

    Have a safe flight and take LOTS of pictures for us!! Your little travel stash made me laugh :) A true foodie, you are! Oh and your dessert is so eye catching!
    Hope you two have a GREAT time. Can’t wait for updates 😀

  • #6 - Tiffany

    Have fun! :)

  • #7 - K

    Fabulous snack pack!! Don’t worry about updating us while you’re there – ENJOY IT!

  • #8 - sister inna

    yaay have fun

  • #9 - Katie

    You should already be on your way so hope you’re having a safe flight! Cant wait to hear about it when you get back!

  • #10 - ashley

    im lovin all the goodies you are bringing with you! have a great ttrip ! xoxo

  • #11 - Amy

    Have an awesome trip!!!!! Rest assured that you’ll find chocolate over there. Even when I went to some of the smaller towns in the countryside, they still had chocolate. Mainly in the form of Snickers and other candies but hey, a chocolate fix is a chocolate fix. :)

  • #12 - chandra

    I hope you have a great trip!! Bring me back something good! 😉 j/k

  • #13 - Lisa

    OMG a Paradise cafe cookie! I had to travel to Dallas for work in October and my coworker and i went there everyday for at least one meal, breakfast or lunch and got a cookie as well. My fav was the coconut chocolate chip kind. I miss that place they don’t have them in DC! Sorry I got excited when I saw the cookie haha. Cookies are my downfall. Have a great time in Asia!

  • #14 - Elina

    Thanks all for your wishes! The flight was waaay too long, but we’re having fun already 😀 Going to crash now. See you later!

    Haha, Lisa, I get excited about cookies too :)