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First 24 hours in Hong Kong

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My husband is taking a nap now, even though it’s 7:30 pm – our internal clocks are just totally screwed up!  Anyways, I’m resisting the urge to sleep too, so you guys get to read a post about my Hong Kong adventures :)

We got to the City last night after about 30 hours of traveling.  It was tough, but we really wanted to stay up for a few more hours (it was probably around 7:30 pm when we finally got to our hotel) to give us a fighting chance at getting on Hong Kong time as fast as possible.  Speaking of our hotel, it’s so cute!  We even have a kitchen in our room!!!  Ok, I don’t plan on cooking here, but still – it’s cool 😀


And we got complementary waters and juice + a box of cookies.  They know the way to my heart 😀 

hotel complementary beverages and cookies

box of cookies

And we were off!

Hong Kong



After walking around for a while, we finally stumbled upon a cute little restaurant.  It was packed, looked clean and modern and pretty cheap.  I have no idea what it was called.  Here is my husband outside of it.

Adam outside first HK restaurant

We were pleasantly surprised that the waiters spoke English and most of the items on the menu had English translations.  Actually the thing that caught my eye was a dish that was described all in Chinese.  I asked the guy what it was and he pointed to another place on the menu where it said it was fried rice balls.  I was hoping it was a noodle dish (it looked like noodles on the picture!) but I didn’t have a plan B so I ordered it anyway.  That and some chicken wings (2 apps total).

I was pleasantly surprised when the dish arrived – it was in fact a noodle dish (maybe rice noodles?) and it was absolutely amazing!!!  Definitely the star of the meal.  It was the first thing I tasted in HK and I was in heaven. :)

rice noodle dish

I ate most of this (my husband helped me out with it 😀 ) I could eat about 10 more plates of this stuff!  So good!!  Minutes later arrived the wings.  I had one of them but didn’t really like them.  I figured I’d save room for dessert (you know that was coming! 😆 )  

chicken wings

Oh and I had to try my husband’s sliced pork curry dish with some rice (it came in a fancy cast iron pot and was one of the most expensive dishes at a whopping 57 HKD ~ $7.35 USD)…

tasting Adam's pork

Pretty yummy!  Oh the whole meal was less than $13 USD.  Amazing!

Then we were off to scout the bakery scene.  There were a few that looked good before we found a dinner spot but most of them were closed by the time we got out (~10:30).  And then I saw some ice cream and just couldn’t refuse it.  Don’t judge – I travelled for 30 hours and needed a little American deliciousness.  It was smooth and creamy.  It was perfect.  I won’t buy anything American again until we come back home, though.  I’m in Asia, and I definitely want to take advantage of it!

Haagen Daaz coffe chocolate almond crunch ice cream

Fast forward to today… I woke up and made yummy jasmine tea in our kitchen and had 2 cookies from our gift box (the second one was the same as the first).  The cookie looks like nothing exciting but it was absolutely amazing.  I think I may have to get a box of these to bring home.  I never thought I’d actually crave a non-chocolate dessert.  These were awesome.  Can’t wait to try the other kinds tomorrow :)

jasmine tea + chinese sugar cookie

After planning out our day (very roughly!!) and finding a highly recommended breakfast place in our neighborhood, we got ready and hit the roads.  First stop – breakfast (2nd breakfast for me) at Tao Heung Super 88.  It was “hidden” on a 6th floor of a mall (there are a million malls here, all completely different and super impressive in their own way!).  If we didn’t know about it, I never would have thought to take an elevator up there to find this gem.  We were greeted by a hostess in English (yay!) and again the menu mostly had English translations.  We decided to order from the dim sum section (not traditional way with carts rolling around – we actually ordered a la carte, which was cool because we knew what we were going to eat).  Since I wasn’t very hungry, I suggested ordering only 4 small dishes and only tried them.  My husband polished off the rest and said he was stuffed!  Again our whole meal was under $13 USD!

88 menu

88 tea

First up, the best thing we tried – steamed shrimp dumplings.  I had 2 of these babies.  They just melted in your mouth.  Best.dumplings.ever!

steamed shrimp dumplings

Then the bbq pork buns.  Also very delicious!  I had 1.

bbq pork buns

Next came out the pancake stuffed with shredded taro.  It had lots of other veggies in it too – corn, peas, scallions, other unrecognizable yummy veggies.  I had about 1/4 of this large pancake.

88 fried pancake

Lastly came out the pork spare ribs in black bean sauce.  Not at all what either one of us expected.  There were bones in the thing and the texture was a bit funky.  We expected a thick black sauce but instead it was mostly in an oily sauce with a few black beans thrown in.  They tasted delicious but I wasn’t hungry so I only had 2 little bites.

pork spare ribs

Oh and I had to take picture of the waiter with a huge stack of dim sum dishes.  They thought it was hilarious that I snapped that photo! :)

Super 88 waiter

Tomorrow we’re going to go to a traditional dim sum place that’s been highly recommended.  I can’t wait!  I seriously think I can eat dim sum every day.  The Chinese got it right! 😀

All right, so then we walked around for hours.  I somehow hurt my hip and it’s killing me!  I hope this doesn’t prevent me from doing stuff on this trip.  By the end of the day I was in serious pain :(  I did finally found a cool bakery, Maxim’s cakes (a huge chain here) when I got hungry and got a chocolate roll.  It was huge, but pretty fluffy and I didn’t feel like I was stuffing my face at all.

Maxim's chocolate roll

inside of choc roll

And then around 3 pm we got hungry and found ourselves in Soho (South of Hollywood Rd) known for great restaurants.  What we didn’t realize is that none of these restaurants are Chinese!!  I really didn’t want any Italian or American food but we had no choice.  We were both starving so we settled on Staunton’s Bar & Cafe, which was actually in our traveling book with recommendations to get drinks there.  Since I wasn’t really craving their food, I decided to go the healthy route (why waste calories on something that I don’t truly want?!).  I got a grilled salmon nicoise salad.  It was small but actually pretty delicious :)

nicoise salad

It had grilled salmon, kalamata olives, green beans, tomato slices and new potatoes over mixed greens. I ate the whole thing except for the potatoes.  I don’t like cold potatoes.

And then a few hours later, when we got to the hotel, I was pretty hungry again so I had a lemon bar larabar.  Have you tried this kind before?  I loved it!

Lemon bar larabar

Ok, this was longer than I meant it to be.  There is just so much stuff to talk about!  I leave you with a funny sign outside of one of the coffee shops we stopped by today.  Pretty funny stuff, huh? 😉  And now I want one of these 😀

funny coffee shop sign

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  • #1 - Lara

    This is so fun to read! Your photos are so cute, and I am relieved that you are enjoying the food. I am SO jealous of the AUTHENTIC dim sum!! It’s great that you are able to blog while you are there. I get excited when I see your updates.

  • #2 - K

    So glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!! The food looks very interesting but delicious! You guys look really cute – your hubs kind of looks like Brad Pitt in that picture! ENJOY IT!!

  • #3 - Elina

    Aww Lara, you’re so sweet!! :)

    Haha, K, you are funny! I don’t know about my husband looking like Brad Pitt but the food is definitely delicious 😀

  • #4 - MiketheWaiter

    You have created a really wonderful and thorough blog. It’s a fun, convenient and accurate way to share your experiences with the world. Very nice. It’s appreciated in Indiana, USA.
    Eat well. Drink well.

  • #5 - Tiffany

    Very tasty looking food! It makes me crave Dim Sum again. And now I have to go make a cup of tea, because the tea in this post is telling me I’m chilly and in need of some Yogi :)

    And look at you, little ms. chic traveler in Hong Kong. You look adorable! Vacation agrees with you :)

  • #6 - Erin

    Those pork buns looks so amazing! I’m dying to try dim sum after seeing you post about it.

    • #7 - Elina

      Tiffany, you’re too sweet!!

      Erin, next time you guys are in Boston, we should definitely try dim sum. I think Adam and I are becoming exprerts :)

  • #8 - ttfn300

    what great eats already!! thanks for showing us the goods :)

  • #9 - Sharon

    Oh, what a tasty time thus far! You have to head over to the markets, and barter for some goods!!! LOL!

  • #10 - One Healthy Apple

    I applaud your sense of food adventure. So far everything looks delicious and different. I can’t wait to see what else you do. Thanks for taking us on vacation :)

  • #11 - Katy

    Ahh! SO cool!!! Glad you arrived in one piece, as i recall 30 hrs of flying is not so fun. It’s kinda tripping my mind that you were blogging from here one day and the other side of the world the next, crazy.

  • #12 - Lauren

    I’m officially jealous :) All of the food looks amazing, and it sounds like you guys are having a blast so far! I’m glad you’re blogging from Asia, and can’t wait to see more pics.

  • #13 - ashley

    can’t wait to hear more! your pics are absolutely delicious looking! all your food looks amazing!! authentic dim sum… can’t be beat! :) loving everything and looking forward to more posts! have a wonderful time xoxo

  • #14 - sister inna

    woa you weren’t kidding you’re actually blogging on vacation lol! this is so cool all the food really does look delicious, and how nice is the weather?!?!?! there’s a chick in a short skirt in the background … i’m extra extra jealous
    everything looks so good 😀
    ‘is someone making a monkey out of me’ will be my official quote of the year i’m thinking of conversations i can start so i can use it in a sentence…you know.. casually….

    • #15 - Elina

      You guys are so sweet! Can’t wait to share my adventures with you soon (maybe tonight before dinner :) )

      Haha, Innz, you’re funny! Glad I shared the ad with you! 😆

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