Chocolate peanut butter scones + interview

I had the most genius breakfast this morning!  I woke up wanting to make something a little more exciting than yogurt so I went through my recipe file and found the Peanut Butter Boy’s chocolate filled peanut butter scones.  Oh yeah, my mouth started watering and I was in the kitchen going through my cupboards in minutes 😉  And of course I have progress photos for you 😀

Dry ingredients

dry ingredients + choc chips

Peanut butter out of freezer

mixing pb into dry ingredients

adding egg+milk mixture

mixed dough

dough cut up into 4 pieces - ready for baking

And 15 minutes later I had delicious homemade scones.  So easy and amazingly indulgent (but still healthy!).  Here is my scone that I had this morning with a huge cup of coffee.  I think I was moaning the entire time I was eating this thing. SOOOOO good!!! 😀

chocolate pb scone


The lovely Amanda at RuntotheFinish interviewed me and here are my answers.  If you’d like to play along, leave me a comment saying interview me and I’ll pick 2 of you.  Now I better start thinking of some good questions 😀

1.) What do you love about where you currently live?
I moved back to Boston a little over ago, after living in NYC for 3 years.  It was hard to get used to a much slower paced life but now that’s actually one of the things I really like about Boston.  You don’t always have to get dolled up to go out to dinner and there is something very comforting about that.

2.) If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where and why?
Traveling is definitely one of my passions.  I’ve done quite a bit of traveling all over Europe so now I’m drawn to places that a little more off the beaten path, like Asia.  My husband and I are actually going to Hong Kong and Singapore in less than 2 weeks.  Both places are like foodie heaven – I seriously can’t wait!!  I think our next big trip after that will be to Tokyo.

3.) Are you a morning person or a night person?
Definitely not a morning person!  I’m like a zombie for the first few hours of the day, even with coffee :)

4.) When a driver flips you off, how do you respond?
I don’t drive often anymore (the beauty of living and working in the city) so if a driver flips me off, it’s likely that it was my fault. In that case, I’d probably shrug and mouth something like “sorry.”  Otherwise, if he/she was just being a jerk, you betcha I’m flipping him/her right back!! 😉

5.) If you could only eat 1 fruit for the rest of your life…what would it be?
Ooh, that’s a tough question because I’ve recently become a fruit addict.  I used to like fruit but now I LOVE fruit!  I think that writing the blog made me really appreciate the taste of fresh ingredients and I’m really tasting things, not just eating them.  But ok, to answer your question, I guess I’d pick bananas – they just go so well with just about anything, especially my other new food obsession – nut butters!

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