Barney Butter whole wheat banana pancakes

You guys know I’ve been a little obsessed with Barney Butter lately, eating it straight out of the jar even, so when I saw Heather’s recipe for Barney Butter pancakes, I knew I had to make them asap.  Today was the day since I had the time and all the ingredients on hand… and to make it a little more interesting, I have progress photos for you.  I added bananas because bananas make everything better! 😀  Oh, and I used whole wheat pastry flour and only used 1 tsp of baking powder instead of a tablespoon… a whole tablespoon just seemed like too much, but I’m still a newbie at cooking.  Was I right?

The whole gang…

pancake ingredients

Mix everything together… pretty attractive stuff, heh? 😉

pancake ingredients in a bowl

Don’t worry, it gets prettier :)  The assembly line…

dough, bananas, pan

Pancakes in the making. PS, I like to add bananas directly to the individual pancakes on the pan for a more even distribution.  I used a 1/4 cup measuring spoon to measure out the dough in order to make sure the pancakes are pretty even in size.

pancakes in the making

This batch made 7 pancakes… I had 3 with some coffee and a tsp of maple syrup for dipping.  Dusting them with some powdered sugar is optional, but powdered sugar always makes things extra fancy, I think 😀


The pancakes were quite nice, but the Barney Butter flavor was extremely subtle (in fact, I may have not been able to taste it at all).  Maybe next time I’ll use chunky BB for a more pronounced BB flavor… or even add a little more BB.  The only problem with that of course is that this stuff is pretty caloric.  Any suggestions from you guys on how to make these more Barney Butter tasting?

Oh, and the bananas caramelized deliciously and were an awesome addition if I say so myself.  Yum!

Banana/Barney Butter ww pancake closeup

Drooling yet? 😉

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10 comments to Barney Butter whole wheat banana pancakes

  • I’m drooling over those pancakes, yes yes!

  • Meghann and I made those last weekend, but we also added some natural pb, which we totally tasted over the bb…maybe using crunch would be better so you have nice chunks of almonds in there! we’re going to try that again next time we get together!

  • K

    Yummy pancakes!! That last one is the money shot 😉

  • Wow, those look amazing!! Seriously professional with the powdered sugar 😉

  • wow they look to die for! i’m about to get some bb in the mail soon so this might be a weekend breakfast yay! :)

  • Elina

    Oh Melissa, I was trying to remember who else made these (I saw Meghann’s post about you girls making the pancakes) but I couldn’t find it. Now I remember! You know, I did think that maybe pb would have a stronger taste. I’m undecided about using chunky butters – wonder if it would be weird. Well, maybe one of us will try it soon and we’ll find out! 😉 Btw, your sushi making skills are craazy awesome 😀

  • I changed it to 1 t. Thanks!!!

  • oh my god. love these. must make. in the morning…

  • Chau

    i dont know if i would waste almond butter on pancakes 😛 however scrumptious they are. i can’t even find barney butter here at our local fresh market.

  • Elina

    Heh, Chau, funny that you say that because I definitely was wondering if it’s “worth it.” I think I may just try topping regular banana pancakes with Barney Butter next time – then I’ll definitely taste it! 😀 PS – they don’t sell it at local stores here either. I’ve been buying it online…


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