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February 16th, 2009 · 13 Comments · baking, Boston, breakfast, chicken, dessert, salad, sandwich, soups

My husband and I decided to stay in on Valentine’s day because we had big dinner plans with my family at No. 9 Park on Sunday.  This was our christmas gift to them, but because my sister and her boyfriend live in New York, we waited until this weekend to actually take them out so the whole family would be there.  Well, my “brother in law” hurt his back and was unable to come after all, so we canceled the reservations and decided to postpone our night out until next time they are in town.  Honestly, with all the recent splurging I’ve done (and our upcoming vacation… read: a lot more splurging) this wasn’t the worst thing for my diet.  I actually started the day on a healthy note so once our dinner plans were canceled, I decided to count calories for the rest of the day and easily stayed on track.  I really love when I “accidentally” end up eating healthy 😀


I woke up yesterday with a craving for a bran muffin and a bit of an itch to bake.  Perfect combo!  I had a softish banana on the counter and 1.5 very ripe bananas stashed in the freezer so I decided on a banana bran muffin.  Looking through some saved recipes, and then linking to other suggested recipes off those, I stumbled upon this recipe for whole grain banana strawberry muffins.  And how often does that happen – I had all the ingredients on hand!  Awesome!  I got straight to baking and took lots of progress photos for you guys :)  Ready?

The dry ingredients… (I used 1.5 cups of whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose/ww combo and next time I’ll cut down on the baking soda… on the second day I could taste it so it was probably a little too much – maybe I’d use just 1tsp?)

dry ingredients

The wet ingredients:

wet ingredients

Mix the two:

mix the 2

Add in mixins (I decided to add 2 oz of pecans as well as the strawberries – I just love the crunch of nuts in muffins!)

add/fold in strawberries and pecans

muffin dough

Scoop away (this is a half-way shot, I actually added another scoop to each cup – these were all the way full with dough)…


After 20 minutes of baking:

ready muffins

And finally – my breakfast (+ a large cup of coffee to go)!

strawberry banana muffin

Sooo delicious!  I’ve never had strawberries in baked good and I think it was a fun addition.  And I really love just about everything-banana, so yes, these hit the spot.  My husband and my sister both had a muffin and enjoyed them as well.  I also sent a few home with my sister and my dad and grandma said they liked them (although I didn’t see them eat them, so I’m not sure if they were just being polite – sometimes they’re tough critics with the healthier stuff).  I really loved them, and the best part is that they’re only about 205 calories (and that’s with the pecans).  They’re super healthy – no unnecessary fat or white flour.  All the fats come from flax seed (only 1/8 cup for 12 muffins) and pecans (optional) and the nonfat yogurt keeps them super moist. I really love using yogurt in baked goods.  Awesome!  This would be great with a side of yogurt + more fruit for a heftier breakfast or on their own with a cup of tea as a mid-day snack.  I’m super excited to have these around for the next couple of days.  You’ll definitely be seeing them again! :)


b.good southwestern chicken salad


Pacific Brands roasted red pepper & tomato soup + lf sour cream and sunflower seeds

grilled cheese with Arnold's double fiber ww bread + american cheese

Kashi heart to heart waffle with 1T nutella and 1/2 banana

Total calories for the day: 1413


Well, I haven’t worked out in 3 days!  I just didn’t feel like it – not sure what happened.  And honestly I even forgot about the Sexy six pack challenge so my ab slide is getting dusty again.  Oops 😳  I have today off (yay, President’s Day) so I’ll be sure to hit the gym and of course will continue to eat as healthy as possible.

Do you have today off?  How do you plan on spending it?

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  • #1 - Amanda

    i wish I had today off…so I’m pretending by reading blogs over lunch that I’m really at home…

  • #2 - not sister inna

    Thanks for sharing the muffin recipe- those look awesome!

  • #3 - Lara

    I am contemplating flying to Boston for the sole purpose of going to b.good and flour bakery!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. You always set me straight 😉 The thing on V-Day was worse than it looked in pictures though (in my defense!). Dessert was a killer! About the running/appetite thing, I think we are saying a similar thing. I find that I am hungrier on the day after a run, as opposed to the running day itself.
    Your muffins look great–horray for impromptu baking and healthy eating! (It’s cool that in your house those two things can go together!)
    Enjoy your day off!!

  • #4 - Tiffany

    Those muffins look unbelievable! I’ve never seen chunks of strawberry in muffins though; it sounds like they came out quite delicious. I wish I were a better baker, but I destroy any pastry I attempt.

    I missed my morning yoga session but I’m off to the gym to see what I can accomplish on the treadmill. We really should give that vinyasa class a go sometime.

  • #5 - Elina

    Have a good workout, Tiffany! Let’s definitely go to yoga when I get back from vacation! I was going to go today but chose the treadmill instead.

  • #6 - Sharon

    Oh my gosh, those look amazing, great recipe! And great workout girl!

  • #7 - FoodsThatFit

    Those muffins look delicious, thanks for the recipe! It looks like a great way to use up some fruit that is a bit past it’s prime without letting it go to waste! What do you think about kiwi muffins???

  • #8 - K

    No day off here – I spent my day taking a Chem exam :( BOOO!!!

    Those muffins look amazing! Well done!

  • #9 - HangryPants

    The muffins really look delicious! I know it’s rare to have all the required ingredients. I always end up subbing. I noticed you use an ice cream scooper for muffin mix – that is such a great idea!

  • #10 - Lauren

    Hi Elina! I had so much fun last night, and I really enjoyed chatting with you. Can’t wait for a repeat meet-up!

  • #11 - Sammie

    Those muffins look awesome. My local grocery store is actually having a sale on strawberries this week. I think I might have to get a pack and give these muffins a try – thanks for the recipe.

  • #12 - Kelly

    It was so good to finally meet you and put a face with a name. I can’t believe it took me awhile to realize that you were the same Elina whose blog I enjoy. It was so fun chatting with you. Have a great vacation and do post tons of pictures when you get back. I am infinitely jealous!

  • #13 - Elina

    Lauren, Kelly, I’m so glad we met last night. I feel like we have so much in common. And yes Kelly, it was really cool meeting you in person after reading your blog for so long :)
    We should do the potluck dinner at my place when it gets a little warmer out (so we can enjoy the court yard too). :)