B&B – The South End Buttery and Banq

Hi bloggies,

Did you miss me? 😉  Yes, I’m in Asia but I’m too exhausted to write (we are having a blast already despite being crazy tired!).  However on my one billion hour flight over there I had quite a bit of time on my hands, so I decided to write about my most recent B&B experience (I have a crazy backlog of stuff I want to share with you!).  After our lovely dim sum brunch, surprise surprise I wanted chocolate.  Somehow no matter how satisfying a meal is, I still want dessert, especially on days when I decide to indulge a little (or a lot).  This being a Sunday, even with decent weather outside, my husband and I decided to walk over to the South End and do a little B&B action… this time not only did it involve baked goods and beverages in bakeries and bars, but we even ended up at the (South End) Buttery and Banq (how’s that for a triple B&B?! 😉 )

Let’s start with the first B (my personal favorite)…


I asked Katy, a friend of mine (that has a huge sweet tooth just like I do – which makes her a trustworthy source) to recommend a bakery near China Pearl.  She said: “forget China Town – the best stuff is in the South End [(you know you were drooling when I reviewed our last visit to Flour Bakery in the South End!)] – try the Buttery.”  I asked her what her favorite baked good from there was, and she recommended the carrot cake cupcake.  I was surprised to hear that because Katy is allergic to nuts, but she said their cupcakes didn’t have any.  So off to the Buttery we went.  Upon arrival, I could not contain my excitement.  The place was SO cute!  Perfect on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.  I checked out the carrot cake cupcake but quickly realized that the nuts are my favorite part so the double chocolate cupcake caught my eye.  The brownies also looked pretty good (they had regular chocolate brownies and sweet potato brownies – those sound pretty cool, heh?), but once I had cupcakes on my mind there was no turning back.  I got the cupcake.  Look how pretty it is!!! :)  Of course I took a quick picture and dug into this baby right away!

The Buttery chocolate cupcake

Hmm, this is where my excitement stopped.  It wasn’t bad, but I have to say I’ve had better cupcakes out of a box… and you know that doesn’t score any bakery “brownie points” here.  I had a few more bites, let my husband try it, and threw the rest away!  What?  Elina throwing a cupcake away?  Seriously, I’m pretty sure this is the first time that’s ever happened.  I’m not going to say this is the worst cupcake I’ve ever had (it wasn’t) but that particular day I thought I wasn’t going to waste calories on a sub-par cupcake.  We left.  I was sad.

We turned a corner to get to the second part of the B&B… and wound up at Banq


I’ve been to Banq before – for dinner.  The place is so modern and very New York like, or at least that’s as close as we get to New York style here is Boston.  My husband and I absolutely love this kind of vibe but were extremely disappointed with dinner there about a year ago (average food, horrible service, overpriced given the previous 2) but a drink there sounded innocent enough.  Here is a little picture of the bar and the super cool ceiling 😀

Banq bar

Banq ceiling

It was maybe 2pm at this point.  I didn’t know what kind of drink to order.  I don’t drink that often, especially in the afternoon.  I decided to go for a dessert like cocktail, given my less than stellar bakery experience just minutes ago.  Can you tell I was really upset?  I get extremely excited about my baked goods and when they disappoint, I get moody 😆

I scanned the menu….

Banq menu

and decided on the Winter Warmer: kahlua, gingerbread liqueur, nutmeg and milk.  Sounds good, right?  It was!!!

Banq cocktail

Aaah, much better!!  This was very smooth, slightly creamy and sweet – kind of like a gingerbread iced chai.  Yum!  Maybe I’ll give dinner at Banq another go some day (a few of my friends love it there!).

But wait… there is more!  Do you think I could just give up on my baked good unsatisfied craving?  Flour was just a block away!  I really considered going there for a few minutes (my husband really loves their rolls by the way so he wasn’t about to complain about our mini detour) but then thinking of the Buttery again made me upset.  I really wanted to like the place.  Seriously, it is just such a cute little place!  I really didn’t want to write a negative review.  We went back.  This time I thought I went with the safe choice.  I got a chocolate brownie (even though the sweet potato one was intriguing).  I had it to-go, so a few hours later when I was ready for a little treat again, I gave it a whirl.  Doesn’t it look amazing (again)?

The Buttery choc brownie

The verdict?  Eh, again!  I had a few bites and tossed it as well.  The best part was the little bit of the chocolate drizzle on top.  The brownie was super buttery and rich, but just not very chocolaty.  It was almost gingerbread like, and that’s not what I want when I get a brownie.  So yeah, I’m sorry to say but both of my trips to the Buttery were a bust.  Anyone else tried it?

See you later with a recap of my eats while traveling for nearly 30 hours + our first meal in Hong Kong!

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5 comments to B&B – The South End Buttery and Banq

  • K

    Sorry the baked goodies weren’t that great – a nice drink can solve anything though 😉

    Ahhh – flights to Asia would be tough! I would have had to drug myself up big time!! Get some rest and ENJOY!!

  • Oooh-that Winter Warmer looks nice–I would have gone for that too.
    Glad you are there safely! Can’t wait to hear of your adventures :)

  • Tiffany

    I’m glad you guys had a safe flight; make sure you guys relax some, because nothing is more draining than travel and you guys need to be well rested for your adventures!

    I’m sorry Flour was a disappointment. You always rave about that place, so I’m surprised.

    Actually, I just made a really yummy breakfast burrito with a flax seed tortilla, one egg with skim milk, some low-fat mexican cheese, and turkey. I topped it off with a spoonful of Newman’s Tequila-Lime salsa, and it was delicious! I highly recommend it :)

  • Elina

    Tiffany, Flour never disappoints. We went back to the Buttery :)

    Thanks all – I’m going to try to do a super quick recap now. We’re kind of rested 😀

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