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We have a new President!!

January 21st, 2009 · 12 Comments · Cooking Light, oats, party, snacks, soups

I am so excited that we finally have a new capable President.  I believe that this country will turn around with Obama leading it!  Yay!!! :)

I’m posting from work again so this will be quick.  I’ll update with more photos from the inauguration party we attended last night, later tonight.


peppermint cheesecake brownie

This is a peppermint cheesecake brownie my friend Katie made and her boyfriend brought to work for us.  These were absolutely incredible and I was so happy to hear that they were even kind of healthy.  She used this recipe from Cooking Light.  Did I mention how much I love Cooking Light?  I know my photography doesn’t do these justice, but I’d say they looked even better in person than on the professional Cooking Light photos.  Great job, Katie – I’m impressed!! 😀


I know this is not usually a category I use, but this cupcake definitely deserved a category of its own.  A friend of ours made bacon chocolate cupcakes over the weekend and brought a few to the party to share.  Of course I had to try one…very hesitently! 😉  The verdict?  They weren’t bad.  The bacon flavor was pretty mild – it was more of a texture thing.  Bacon pieces in my cupcakes – no thanks!  I ate most of it (shared a few bites with my husband) but I definitely wouldn’t want to make them or buy them in the future.  The cupcake batter and frosting (sans the bacon) were delicious!  Oh, and the decorations were of course very appropriate for this historic day.



apple oats

oatmeal packet

lentil soup with bread and laughing cow

chobani with 1/2 kashi trail mix chewy granola bar

inauguration party spread

Like I mentioned before, I’ll add some more close-up photos tonight (my husband and I brought some truffled crostinis… yum!).  Unfortunately I sat right next to the table, so I munched on the food all night and unsurprisingly still have a stomachache this morning.  Why don’t I learn?! :( I also had 2 champagne glasses and 1 glass of red wine.


I don’t know if it’s the yoga or Jillian’s routine I did on Monday, but my butt is killing me!! I am hardly ever sore, so this is the strangest feeling ever.  Seriously it’s hard to sit or walk… or breathe.  Haha, I know you don’t breathe with your butt, but somehow my body moves a little with every breath and I feel how sore I am.  Oh yeah, my shoulders are sore too!

Anyways, I thought to stretch myself out a little I’d take an abs class followed by spinning.  I hardly survived this little combo!  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 0:55
  • Calories burnt: 461 (40% fat)
  • Ave HR: 145; Max HR: 203

All right, time for me to sign off!  Hope you have a great Wednesday!  I love it that it’s Wednesday already after only 1 day of working 😀

*edited to add* – here are a few more food pics from the party!

fried cheese ravioli

fried chicken fingers with mushroom/parmesan sauce

prosciutto/ricotta paninis

chai cupcake

And we brought 2 types of truffled crostinis (sorry for the terrible photos!!):

pate with white truffle oil and fresh thyme crostinis

ricotta with white truffle oil and fresh thyme crostinis

All right, peace 😀

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12 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Tiffany

    It’s only in pictures that I realize just how purple my walls are. Interesting. And I was so worried I didn’t make enough food, but by the time everyone left last night, the table was EMPTY.

    Those were yummy truffle oil crostinis! Thanks for bringing them :)

    • #2 - Elina

      Tiffany, it could be my camera and lighting that make your walls extra purple. Nothing wrong with purple anyway :) I’m glad you liked the crostinis, although I think Adam and I ate most of them!!! 😆 The party was a lot of fun… thanks for hosting. I’m so jealous you don’t have to work today!

  • #3 - Mel

    Those brownies looks amazing! You cannot go wrong with chocolate and cheesecake! And bacon cupcakes sound really interesting. I know plenty of people who would love those.

  • #4 - Sharon

    Love the decorations on that chocolate cupcake. But with bacon? Interesting combo! -lol-
    And tasty tasty eats. That brownie looks scrumptious!!

  • #5 - Katie

    Thanks for giving my brownie some airtime – glad you enjoyed it!

  • #6 - Elina

    No problem, Katie! I usually like the idea of cheesecake brownies (since I love both brownies and cheesecake) but I rarely like the actual brownies (somehow either the brownie part or the cheesecake part isn’t very good). These were awesome!!

  • #7 - Jasmine

    amazing looking peppermint cheesecake, but if you think chocolate + bacon is crazy…then you MUST try peanut butter + bacon flavored desserts/pastries….they are to DIE for…unbelieveable, u must think I am crazy, but its just such an insanely good flavor combo

  • #8 - Elina

    Jasmine, I think I’m going to stay away from bacon in pastries for a little while after last night’s experience. I think peanut butter and bacon would go well together, just maybe not in dessert form :)

  • #9 - ttfn300

    that brownie looks awesome!

  • #10 - not sister inna

    That brownie looks delicious!
    Oh, and way to push yourself with an amazing workout despite being sore- you did awesome!

  • #11 - Lara

    Hmm, not sure a bacon cupcake would be my kind of thing to be honest. I love the inaguration-party though, and the decorations! Looks like a fun night. Can’t wait for more pics.

  • #12 - mariah

    oh my looks like you got some good eats at the party! i want to go bake now! the cheesecake brownies look delicious and utterly amazing in all ways!