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Sushi goodness

January 15th, 2009 · 13 Comments · snacks, sushi, Uncategorized, yogurt

I had such a fun night last night!  Sushi+drinks+fun friend = happy Elina! :)  My friend Katie and I went to Fin’s in Kenmore Square in Boston.  I went to Fin’s a few months ago and after reading my post about it, Katie really wanted to check it out.  I love sushi but don’t have it nearly as often as I’d like, so of course we made a sushi date.  Fin’s is BYOB so we stopped by the Wine Gallery first and picked up a bottle of Pinot Grigio to share :)  Here is my first glass (I had about 1/2 bottle):


After chatting for a bit, we finally ordered some food.  I feel like I haven’t had a salad in forever so I started with a Field Green salad (no onions or scallions)… I think it was just mixed greens, tomatoes, red and green peppers and carrots.  It was much bigger than I was expected and I ate almost every bite.  The dressing on it was perfectly light and the veggies were nice and fresh.  I love salads!

fin's salad

Then came the sushi.  I wanted to try something fun + a few basics, so I went with the Hawaii Maki (spicy tuna, avocado, mango wrapped in rice paper) + 2 salmon nigiri and 2 unagi nigiri.  Here is my plate:

fins sushi plate

It was SO good!  I’ve never seen maki wrapped in rice paper instead of seaweed.  Pretty cool!  The spicy tuna was spicier than I expected (but I love spicy!) so I was chugging water like it was going out of style 😉  The nigiri was especially fresh (like melt-in-your-mouth fresh!).  Seriously I could eat sushi everyday!  Perfect food day for Elina: yogurt parfait for breakfast, salad from b.good for lunch and sushi for dinner.  Oh yeah, don’t forget lots of chocolate and baked goods in between! 😆

I also tried one of Katie’s spicy scallop rolls.  She said they are her favorite but these weren’t the best.  They were a little overcooked, I think… slightly tougher than you’d want them.  Still yummy though :)

spicy scallop maki piece

I was absolutely stuffed by the time we were done with dinner!  We chatted for almost 2.5 hours!!  So much fun!


yogurt with mango, cranberry sauce, kashi golean and trail mix

leftover stuffed shells

mojo bar

whole grain bagel with cc

Multiply this half by 3!  I just couldn’t get enough.  It was warm, fresh and delicious (and free).  Damn free food. 😳

I’m actually posting this from work, so I better go do what I’m actually getting paid for! 😀

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  • #1 - K

    Oooh what a fun night!!

    Free bagels would be the death of me – I have no restraint around carby circles of love :)

  • #2 - Mel

    Free bagels were the death of me when I worked in the office! I couldn’t say no!

    Your sushi looks really good! I’ve never seen the rice paper wrappers!

  • #3 - ashley

    wow now im in the mood for sushi! this one sushi restaurant i’ve been to has a hawaian roll, and i LOVe that it has mango in it. to die forrr :)

  • #4 - Bridget

    I hate when there are free bagels in the office…no will power!! Yummy looking sushi!! I’ll have to try that place out….looks fun, esp the BYOB!

  • #5 - sister inna

    ahh you had mango in your breakfast and finished off with mango in your sushi! how fun i miss mangoes. can it be summer again please?

  • #6 - Elina

    Wow, Innz, nice observation! By the time lunch rolls around I usually forget what I had for breakfast so I definitely dind’t make the connection. I don’t know where my mango was from, but it was super juicy and delicious! You should look out for them in grocery stores and pretend like it IS summer 😀

  • #7 - chasingdaylight

    Everything looks fantastic! I LOVE sushi and I LOVE Mountain Mix Mojo Bars! The chocolate chips just make them! Plus sweet and salty…what more can you ask for?

  • #8 - Kelly Turner

    aw, I havent had sushi in so long…no fair…

    Kelly Turner

  • #9 - HangryPants

    Free bagels are a killer! Glad you enjoyed your sushi date. 😀

  • #10 - Michelle

    Yay for posting at work. Such a rebel! Love your sushi eats!! I’m the same way with free bagels! Have a wonderful night!

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