Spontaneous outing

Hi bloggies, I’ve had such an unexpectedly fun night tonight!  My husband picked me up from work, as usual, and on our way to the grocery store we decided to have a date instead :)  So much fun!  We started our night at the Common Ground in Allston, MA and split their famous Irish pizza.  This thing had mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese as “toppings.”  We’ve seen this on the Phantom Gourmet before and were totally drooling over our tv.  So tonight we finally tried it and it was as delicious as we were hoping it would be.  Here is the whole pizza (I had 3/8ths):

Common Ground irish pizza

To keep with an Irish theme, I was about to order an Irish hard cider, but switched it up at the last minute and ordered a local cider, Original Sin

Original Sin cider

It was very delicious!  I love hard ciders as an alternative to beer!!

After the first round of drinks and the food, we took off to the Sunset Bar & Grill for another round of beers (well, cider for me again). Sunset is one of my husband’s favorite bars because they offer 500 kinds of beer.  It took us over 10 minutes just to order because he always tries to get something super funky and new! :)  I got the Ace Pear Cider, brewed in California.  I’ve never seen this kind before… it was sweet and delicious.  Actually it kind of smelled like watermelon and there was no pear in the ingredients list (only apples) but I’ll overlook this – it was great!

Ace pear cider

And then we were good and actually went to the grocery store… a little buzzed 😉

Ok, now let’s rewind to the beginning of the day…


yogurt with apricot, clementine, blackberries, cranberry sauce and bear naked continental blend trail mix

Corn bread casserole slice

(I shared the rest of the corn bread with my sister and dad who really loved it !)

wild rice, grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, black beans and avocado

homemade hummus and yellow carrot sticks

small apple

1/2 of Pret a Manger's love bar


Today’s workout almost didn’t happen.  I got to the gym during lunch and realized I forgot my top, sports bra, socks and clean underwear at the office.  For a few minutes I was going to just push the workout until after work, but luckily I was really in the mood to work out, so I ran back to the office, grabbed my clothes and even made it in time for the class on the agenda.  Yay!

I took a 45 minute bootcamp class (the actual name escapes me, but this class is so tough!), followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the stationary bike.  Workout stats:

  • Duration: 1:15
  • Calories burnt: 536
  • Ave HR: 132 ; Max HR: 205

Love it!

And that’s it for today, folks.  Thank you so much for coming out of your shell and commenting.  There have been a few new faces and every comment makes me really happy, so keep commenting! 😀

I’m off to pass out! 😆

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14 comments to Spontaneous outing

  • mashed potatoes as a pizza topping?!?! incredible! I’m glad you got your work-out in today, must of felt good to not have missed out on it.

  • I love date nights, especially the impromptu ones!
    That salad is definitely my kind of lunch! It looks especially delicious. I see black beans, avo, chicken. YUM.

  • K

    That beer and that pizza (especially the crust) look FANTASTIC :)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  • the pizza just made me drool a little 😉 haha
    sounds liek you had an awesome workout! i want to try a bootcamp style class!

  • sister inna

    mmm i forgot to grab some of that cornbread before heading back out :( and what the hey is a yellow carrot? i’ve never seen that before

  • Elina

    Inna, I don’t know… I got a bag of “rainbow carrots” at Trader Joe’s last week and it had yellow and orange carrots. I think the yellow ones have a milder carrot flavor but I could just be fooled by the color 😀

  • Mel

    That looks like a great date night. That pizza looks amazing! You cannot beat mashed potatoes on a pizza.

  • OMG, that pizza is to die for! And while I LOVE bars that have 500 beer choices, my husband always sticks to his Miller Lite!

    I may have to recreate that pizza on my Pizza Party Friday Night!

  • Kim

    That pizza looks AMAZING!

    I actually tried cider for the first time a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! One of them was a pear cider too! I didn’t think to check though if pear was actually one of the ingredients 😀 I plan on picking up more though so I’ll check next time.

  • Pizza looks scrumptious!
    And I just recently tried dried banana chips and find them great! =D So, now I might use them as a topper like you have, -lol-

  • Yeah for date night! AND OMG THAT LOOKS AMAZING. sorry for shouting, but mmmm.

  • Elina

    Haha, Amanda… you’re welcome to shout! 😉

  • Awesome eats today! Love that pizza! I tagged you!!!!!

  • i think i’ve heard of that place, i’ll have to put it on my list :) great lookin eats!


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