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Pretty hair + sweaty workout

January 30th, 2009 · 8 Comments · chicken, dessert, pasta, Sexy six pack challenge, yogurt

 Heh, that title was kind of funny.  I couldn’t think of a good one.  But actually, that’s what totally made me happy yesterday.  I finally made it to the gym (for the first time in 4 days!!) and made sure to have a great extra long workout.  I missed the gym so much.  I really do go through serious withdrawals and don’t feel like myself at all, if I skip a few days.  Sometimes I feel like I drag myself there because that’s what “I have to do” but seriously if I don’t go, I miss it.  I’m weird like that.  After the gym, I straightened my hair which was looking kind of greasy and not so hot lately.  So take a great workout + nice shiny straight hair, and you get a happy Elina for the rest of the day.  I was in a great mood.  And… I’m totally back to being excited about my healthy living again.  It took a few days to get back into it – part of it was because I couldn’t work out (too much work) and the other part was that my stomach was still kind of freaking out from the Sunday + Monday binges so after a few days of cleaner eating and a sweaty workout, I’m “healed.”  😆  Much better!

Since my workout was totally the highlight of my day, I’ll start with that….


I started with a 15 minutes abs class at the gym.  It was nothing crazy just lots of crunches and stuff.  Then I took a 40 minute spin class, followed by a 3.3 mile walk/run on the treadmill (originally I was just going to walk, but then after a few minutes I got bored, so I slowly increased my speed and ran for a solid 3 miles… cooling down again with a short walk).  I used the “fat burn” function on the treadmill and it let me set a target heart rate (I originally picked 150, then moved it up to 160) which adjusted the incline to constantly maintain my HR.  It was fun because there were random hills along the way and I was in control of adjusting the speed if I thought I could take it.  I ran at 6.2-6.6 mph (a little slower than usual because I was already tired from spinning).  To finish my workout, I jumped on the elliptical and did another 20 minutes there while watching the Food Network.  I love multi-tasking like that :)  Workout stats (exclude a 5 min stretch):

  • Duration: 1:48
  • Calories burnt: 960 (35% fat) – Yeah!! 😀
  • Ave HR: 150 (included the abs class which kept my HR at a low rate); Max HR: 226 (that doesn’t seem right!  during spinning my high was usually at 168, not sure about the run but 226 is def wrong).

 I also used my Ab Slide right before going to bed.  I did 20 straight rolls, 10 on each side, and another 10 straight rolls (50 in total).  That’s 10 better than the last one.  I think I could have done more, but I was ready for bed.  I’ll push myself for a few extra ones today or tomorrow.


I wish I took progress pictures of this meal because it looked so pretty along the way, with the spinach and the cheese… mmm.  Anyways, today’s best meal of the day was my dinner (although leftovers for lunch were awesome too but I already featured the scallops).  We had some ricotta in the fridge and since it spoils so quickly after opening the container, I wanted to make baked ziti.  So baked ziti I made.  I added grilled chicken for some extra protein and some baby spinach for extra veggies (+ I really love spinach with pasta dishes).  Here is the whole thing when it came out of the oven.  Doesn’t it look good?  Cheese will make just about anything look mouth-watering, I think.

baked ziti with chicken and spinach

And my serving (1/4 of the pan).  Yum!

baked ziti with chicken + baby spinach - my portion


yogurt w/ 1/2 banana, clementine, pb puffins, chocolate granola, dried cranberries, roasted peanuts + flax

2 ak mak crackers, 2T sabra roasted garlic hummus, baby carrots


office cake


kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookie

+ a glass of Pinot Noir I enjoyed with some co-workers after work :)

Total calories for the day: ~1775 (includes a rough estimate for the cake bites).  It’s over my usual limit, but I’m cool with it since I burnt so many calories at the gym today.  See, I’m healthy AND sane 😉

Oh yeah, and check out Kelly’s weekly giveaway at here.  That book sounds like something I’d enjoy… maybe you will too (if you win) :)

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  • #1 - Lara

    That is one long workout! Nice! I do find that working out naturally makes me want to eat better. It’s funny how that works…like you don’t want to un-do all the good that’s been done! So nice to read that you’re feelin’ good!
    I must have missed the boat that Kashi is making COOKIES?! Awesome.

  • #2 - not sister inna

    So glad you are feeling back to your old self! All your eats look absolutely fantastic and, as always, are making my mouth water. I totally know what you mean about not going to the gym leading to a downward spiral of unhealthy eating, etc. I often have this rather unhealthy all-or-nothing mentality that is really hard to break. Congrats on getting back into the swing of things!

  • #3 - K

    I think it’s so funny when gyms have the Food Network on! Congrats on the fabulous work out :)

    That baked ziti looks amazing – cheese is the best!

  • #4 - ashley

    your eats look divine! such good news hearing you are feeing great and back to your old self again :) love how that made you feel!!!

  • #5 - Sharon

    Wow, awesome eats and stunning workout. Great job!

  • #6 - sister inna

    that baked ziti looks incredible. and yes, cheese will do that every time

  • #7 - HangryPants

    Holy calories! Wowsa.
    That baked ziti is so pretty with the red and green colors in there.

    Yay for nice hair too!


  • #8 - ttfn300

    love the baked ziti!!