New weekday format

Hi bloggies,

I’m trying a new weekday format today. Let me know how you like it!  I missed posting everyday when I tried the twice-a-week thing a little while so we’ll try this!


I got an email today from my gym with this message: “We are pleased to announce that you have been selected into Fitcorp’s 2008 Hall of Fame. You have been selected to receive this prestigious award due to your dedication to fitness. We believe that it is very important for our members to exercise three or more times per week. I am pleased to announce that in 2008 you achieved this goal.”  

How cool is that?!  I know I’ve worked out more than 3 times a week, but still it was pretty fun to receive this email! 😀


Check out Every Gym’s Nightmare to win a Danskin long sleeved tee.  Very cool!


I was going to go to my favorite class at the gym, Group Power, only to find out they took it off the schedule!!!  No worries, though, because the same instructor taught a replacement class, Body Blast, that kicked my butt!!! It was the toughest class I’ve taken in a while, but there were no funky moves there – just hard core lifting to the music. (in a masochistic kind of way 😉 )!  I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow.  I jumped on the elliptical for 19 minutes after that to make it a full hour.  Here are my stats:

  • Duration: 1:00
  • Calories burnt: 415
  • Ave HR: 130, Max HR: 198


My yogurt!

mango cran yogurt

This was fantastic!!!  What you really see…

  • 1/2 large mango
  • big blob of homemade cranberry sauce
  • 3/4 cup of TJ’s european style nonfat yogurt
  • almonds
  • chocolate chips
  • Kashi golean cereal


(scroll over pictures for descriptions)


leftover slurptastic herb noodles with tofu

peanut butter filled pretzelsx3 😀

Banana/barney butter wrap

stir-fried beef with black bean and chili sauce + brown rice


closeup of beef stir-fry

plum wine - so sweet!

This plum wine was very cool looking (can you see actual plums in the bottle?), but too weird tasting for me.  The dinner was super spicy (I seeded 1 habanero pepper and sliced it thinly and added to 4 servings of beef and it still had the craziest heat!!) so I did take a few sips to tame the heat.  Other things to tame the heat…

Vanilla fro-yo

Lindt chocolate deer

I ate half of this guy! This was part of my stocking stuffers :)

All right, and I’m off.  Good night!! 😀

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13 comments to New weekday format

  • umm, that naner looks… ummm, funny :) i go to fitcorp too! do they have group power at the one you go to? that’s my favorite class…

  • Elina

    Haha, I always think those banana wraps look dirty 😉 They stopped offering Group Power at the Pru location :( I was very sad to hear that today!!

    And awesome on the hall of fame!

  • Very cool on your award! I like the little captions when I scroll over the pictures. How did you get your brown rice like that?!

  • Elina

    Lara, I used a 1/4 measuring cup… I really used it for measuring, but it looked pretty so I left it like that :)

  • K

    Oooh fun email!!

    Your leftover slurptastic soup looks SO GOOD!

  • haha ‘slurptastic’ soup. i love it!

    congrats on your award : )

  • Since I don’t belong to a gym currently and my knee is all whacky for running, I’ve decided it’s time to start busting out the DVD’s and doing my own “classes”

  • sister inna

    oh. mai. gad. i went on every gym’s nightmare yesterday and she explained the heart rate thing… your max HR was 198?!?!?! apparently your heart could explode. you might want to look into that haha. i like the scroll over explanations 😀

  • Elina

    Sister Inna (hehe, that still makes me laugh) – Where did you see that? Is that the video she posted? I haven’t been able to watch it yet… I didn’t feel like my heart was about to explode. Does that mean 207 is too high too? :)

  • Adam

    The typical formula for calculating your maximum heart rate is 220 – age. So if your heart rate is over 200 that means you aren’t old enough to drink that plum wine :)

    Seriously – I’d be a bit suspect that the hrm was getting a good reading if it reported > 200.

  • Elina

    Hmm, I need to look into that. You’re funny, husband Adam 😀

  • Congrats on the Hall of Fame award! Great eats today! I love PB pretzels!!


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