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Last day of HBBC

January 4th, 2009 · 14 Comments · breakfast, Holiday bootie buster challenge, pasta, snacks, tofu, turkey

The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC) is over today.  I am both excited and sad.  After slacking off from exercise for a week before Christmas, I decided to kick it into high gear to make up for lost time.  I really wanted to get to 100 points (originally I wanted to get to 112 but that was definitely not happening after me being a bad girl!).  Since Christmas day, I went from 39.8 points to 97.9.  I didn’t get to 100 but I definitely haven’t worked out this much in years and it felt good to really step it up!  I also discovered on demand exercises offered for free by our cable company, which I think will be utilized more in the future.  Yay for finding more ways to burn calories and get into a better shape! 😀

More about today’s “last chance workout” in a bit… let’s get to today’s eats :)


I have some grape tomatoes that are on their last leg, so I put them to good use, together with some light feta and avocado.  This is a really delicious omelet combo!  I used 1 egg and 2 egg whites and it made for a beast of an omelet.  I ate every bite though :)

feta tom and avocado omelet

The perfect bite, with everything on one fork 😀

omelet bite

I then finalized our food menu for the week and off we went grocery shopping!


Is it just us, or does grocery shopping take forever in your household too?  We went to 3 different stores: TJ’s, Whole Foods and Shaw’s (a local supermarket chain) and it seriously took hours.  I was starving by the time we got home and actually ate 1/2 of this 18 Rabbits bar before putting the groceries away.


I found this bar on my most recent trip to New York. It’s handmade in San Francisco and I really like supporting local producers (even if they’re not local to me, but they’re still micro-producers in the US).  They had many flavors but the Funky Figs and Cherries especially caught my eye.  I could not wait to give this baby a try!

Here is what it looks like on the inside:


Lots of oats, that’s for sure!  I have to tell you, I was a bit disappointed!  It just tasted like chewy oats… I really felt like a rabbit!  This bar was also $3, which is mighty expensive.  Have any of you tried this company’s products before?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on other blogs…

There was an interesting message on the package though – they explain how they try to make it as close to 100% organic as possible but were only able to get to 83%.  Sourcing 100% of the organic ingredients would have entailed going outside the state or even the country and they prefer to work with local farmers in California only.  I really appreciated this explanation and wonder what means larger companies go to in order to produce a 100% organic product.

Anyways, enough on this bar, I also had an apricot :)


I was planning on working out after grocery shopping but this whole hunger thing really threw me off.  Even after inhaling the snacks above I was hungry.  I didn’t know what to do.  I let the food digest a little and decided to break up my exercise.  I went to my new favorite thing for a fun workout, our cable box.


I took the Thighs and Buns Yoga, which took 20 minutes and then the ABSolutely Amazing 10 minute abs class.  I won’t bore you with the stats, but I did burn 88 calories and my heart rate shot up to 202 when I was holding a plank! –> 1 HBBC point

Then I made LUNCH

I didn’t really plan anything so I threw together stuff we had in the fridge: wild rice, avocado, grape tomatoes, deli turkey and a dollop of pesto sauce. It was really really good!

wild rice pesto, veg and turkey combo

And a baby apple for dessert:


About 20 minutes later I had some real dessert 😀

G&B espresso chocolate

After about an hour I was ready for part deux of my workout, the real deal!


I started with a 5 mile run that went like this:

  • 0.15 mile warmup walk at 4.3 mph
  • 0.35 mile warmup run at 6.5 mph
  • 8 x 0.15 mile intervals at 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 9.5, 9.5, 9.0, 9.2 with 8 x 0.15 mile recovery intervals at 6.1-6.3 mph – Phew!
  • Ran until I hit 5 miles, starting at 6.2 mph, increasing by 0.1 mph every 0.15 miles.  

Complicated enough? 😆 I really just made it up as I went – I just knew I wanted to complete the 8 intervals and run for about 5 miles.

Then I did 15 minutes on the stationary bike and another 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Second workout’s stats:

  • Duration: 1:29
  • Calories burnt: 844
  • Ave HR:155, Max HR: 181 (funny how a plank gets my heart rate higher than a run at 9.5 mph!)

Total HBBC points at they gym: 8, total for the challenge 97.9


I used this recipe for Slurp-tastic herb noodles.  With a name like that, how could I not add it to the “to-make” list?!  All the ingredients sounded amazing and after finding some great looking fresh spinach at Whole Foods for a little over a $1, I was even more excited!  I doubled the recipe to make 4 servings.  Here is the final product, a.k.a my bowl:

slurptastic noodles

I was hoping for something a lot thicker – not sure why.  It was nice but not knock-your-socks off amazing.  My husband didn’t care for it, which made me sad.  We’re both taking the leftovers to work, though.  I’m not too upset about it, but there was a bit of kicking and screaming on his part (a slight exaggeration :) )

And now I’m beat!  Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!

Total calories for the day: 1343

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14 Comments so far ↓

  • #1 - Sharon

    I think you did a great job overall on the challenge!

    And no, I haven’t tried that product brand before! But it looks tasty!

  • #2 - VeggieGirl

    Fabulous challenge!!

    That bar looks good – haven’t tried it before though.

    Happy New Year!! :-)

  • #3 - K

    You may not have made 100 but 97 is still pretty darn good!! Congrats!!

    That bar sounds spectacular! I’m going to have to hunt some of those out now :) Thanks for the info!

    Knockout omelette!! YUM!

  • #4 - Adam

    Hey – this is like the first thing you made that I thought I’d like but didn’t. It just wasn’t creamy enough, like you said!

    Maybe you should have used more of the curry paste to make it more flavorful?

  • #5 - Kelly

    Love the post and the challenge. My new year’s resolution is to get back to healthy eating and working out so I am embarking on that this week. I’ve definitely gotten off track so the idea of getting back to healthy living is appealing.

  • #6 - inna

    shopping for groceries for hours? man, that is the only time i wish i had a car. somehow shopping and dragging bags and bags of groceries on and off the bus kills the mood for me. which… wouldn’t be a problem if D didn’t refuse to go grocery shopping with me :( soooo saaaad

  • #7 - Inna

    Hi Elina,
    I was just wondering what HRM you use? I’m thinking of getting one but am clueless about the different types. Do you like yours?

  • #8 - Elina

    Thanks all! I’m very happy that I made it so close to my goal 😀

    Kelly, good luck!! With your amazing culinary skills, I’m sure healthy eating won’t be hard :)

    Innz, that’s totally one of the things I love about living in Boston. For the first few months after moving back I couldn’t get over how conveninent it is to have a car. We bought so much stuff yesterday that we had to make 2 trips to the apartment from the car garage!! Too bad D won’t go with you… that’s not very nice :(

  • #9 - Elina

    Wow, that’s confusing – 2 Innas!! :)
    Sister Inna, can you maybe identify yourself as “sister?”

    Ok… now let’s get to business… Inna, I just got the Polar F6 from my husband for Christmas. I asked for one that shows “calories burnt” – that was my only requirement and he said that was the best one that didn’t cost a million dollars. I like it so far!

  • #10 - sister inna


  • #11 - Elina

    Perfect! 😀

  • #12 - not sister inna

    Thanks for the info Elina!
    ps- I also live in Boston (well cambridge actually). I recently discovered your blog and I love it!

  • #13 - Elina

    Haha, not sister Inna – I like it! :) Thanks for the sweet comment! 😀

  • #14 - Katy

    We must be of one mind, because I posted this a few days ago:

    raving about Exercise TV and the ABSolutely woman!


    PS I was SOOOO sore the next day … which means I’ll be cueing up the workout tonight!