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I’ve fallen off the wagon

January 27th, 2009 · 12 Comments · beef, breakfast, dessert, rice, salad, snacks, yogurt

Hi bloggies,

Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I kind of went crazy with food the last few days and it’s hard to blog when you don’t feel very good about yourself.  Also work is insanely busy so I haven’t been able to go to the gym yesterday and won’t be able to go today either.  That’s too bad because I really want to restart this whole healthy living thing and exercise really helps.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that I miss you, and here are some pics of yesterday’s food (as always, scroll over for descriptions).  My meals were healthy but there was a lot of unpictured junk in between (cookies, nuts, Barney Butter out of the jar!).  Barney Butter is trouble by the way… I don’t know if buying it in jars was a good idea.  Maybe I should stick to the little packets, although they are definitely not as good.

nonfat yogurt with 1/2 kiwi, 1/2 banana, blueberries, kashi golean cereal + 1/2 srvg of TJ's nutty american trek mix

chocolate brownie zbar

mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, shredded pork tenderloin, cranberries, goat cheese salad

cranberry/white chocolate cookie

Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookie

beef in ponzu glaze with rice/broccoli/pepper/water chestnuts "stir fry"

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  • #1 - Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    ELINA! I had a crappy day yesterday too! Looks like we are both going to have an amazing day today! hope you start feeling better =) where do you find those single serving packs??!?

  • #2 - Elina

    Thanks, Jasmine! I definitely hope we both have an amazing day today!! 😀 They don’t sell Barney Butter in stores in Massachusetts yet, so I buy all of my Barney Butter online (including the packets).

  • #3 - not sister inna

    So sorry to hear you’re feeling crappy Elina. Today will be better!It’s gotta be so we can raise more money for the Pound for Pound Program!
    ps- I haven’t bee to the gym in a few days either because work has been crazy. It sucks, but those are factors we just can’t control :(

  • #4 - Elina

    Thanks, Inna! I feel so bad because honestly I think I’ve gained weight since signing up. Maybe I’ll have to go out and buy some food to donate to make up for it.
    Yeah, I may have to just accept the fact that workouts will be scarce over the next few days. Hopefully I can kick it up a notch at the gym once this project is done. Thanks so much for checking in and chearing me on!! 😀

  • #5 - Sharon

    Awh, hope everything works out. Overall, you did eat healthy, so I think you should focus on that!
    And kiwis? I need to get some!

  • #6 - K

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough couple of days :(

    Remember, tomorrow is always a new day! It’s never too late to start eating healthy again!!

  • #7 - sister inna

    wow that yogurt mixture looks amazing

  • #8 - Katie

    Dont be so hard on yourself! A crazy job is a factor you cant control. You’ll be back in the game in no time.

  • #9 - Kelly Turner

    dont feel bad- we all go through that. Thats why Ill never be a food blogger! breakfast looks delish!

    Kelly Turner

  • #10 - Lara

    So sorry that you feel bad about yourself lately :( I completely understand the feeling and how discouraging it can be. It won’t be long before you’re feeling more like yourself again…don’t be too hard on yourself 😀 You are probably still healthier than 95% of the population, even on your worst day. No worries.

  • #11 - sarah

    try not to stress about ‘falling off the wagon’—tomorrow is always a new day!

    i have been reading your blog from the beginning and one thing that i’ve noticed is that you’ll go a few days eating really healthily and counting calories and then you’ll have a few bad days of eating too much or eating junk. When you do post your calories they are always REALLY low considering the amount of exercise you do. Sometimes your calories – calories burned through exercise is under 1000!!! This is really, really low and is not enough for your body to function. The same exact thing used to happen to me—I would exercise a ton but only eat between 1200-1500 calories for a few days and then I would seriously binge (especially at night) it was a vicious cycle. I worked with a nutritionist and found that if I eat more and fuel my body properly the bingeing pretty much stopped entirely. So maybe you should try eating more on a daily basis, especially throughout the day and it might solve some of your problems.

    I hope this didn’t seem mean or accusatory because I don’t mean it like that at all, and obviously everyone is different, I just experienced the EXACT same problems and that helped me a lot, so it’s just something to think about.

  • #12 - Elina

    Sarah, thanks so much for your comment. It’s actually very much appreciated. I started reading your blog a while back because I actually did think we were a lot a like. The thing about my kind of low calories, when I post, is that it’s on days after extreme overeating, so I’m typically not even hungry. I practically force food down (while trying to keep it healthy). I used to eat 1200-1400 calories and about 6 months ago increased the range to 1650 (for the exact reason you’re proposing – in order to feel less deprived and restrained by my allowed calorie range). This seemed like way too much food for me for a while, but of course I adjusted :) I think no more than 1650 is a really good number for me to target. I think the bingeing thing is really mental and has nothing to do with too low of an intake on other days. Anyways, thanks so much for chiming in. I’m definitely still learning how to balance everything in a healthy way!