I’m a spaz

Oh man, I’m such a spaz tonight!  Seriously, I think I screwed up like 5 times, making dinner.  So annoying!  In fact, I’m writing this post right now, before dinner is even ready because we probably won’t be done eating until almost 10 pm and I really don’t like missing posts.

So yeah, it was a super long day at work and I was just mentally and physically exhausted by the time I got home.  I relaxed for a bit, reading a few blogs, and then my stomach started growling so I decided to start making dinner.  On the menu tonight: Artichoke, spinach, and feta stuffed shells from Cooking Light (found through Kelly’s The Pink Apron blog).  

Problem numero uno: I forgot to buy goat cheese, which I was planning on substituting for feta.  Ok ok, we can do without goat cheese, there is already cream cheese and italian shredded cheese blend (which I substituted for provolone because that’s what we had on hand – I used reduced fat varieties of both).  

Problem numero dos: we are out of artichokes!  What?!!!!  I was a million percent sure we had some canned artichokes at home.  In fact, I was so sure that I didn’t even check!  Yeah, big mistake!  Anyways, I tasted the mixture without the artichokes and it was still delicious.  I doubled the amount of spinach.  Ok ok…

I made the sauce, and put together the “stuffing” while that was cooking.  As I was about to stuff the shells, wait, they are supposed to be cooked?  Argh!!  That’s another 15 minutes of waiting!  I’m starving!!  My husband said it’s ok, we’ll be fine…don’t worry, and I went ahead and cooked the shells.  Of course because I was already stressed from work and stressed from everything that went wrong already, stuffing 25 shells was not fun at all.  I was definitely annoyed.  I’m sure if you caught me on another day doing it, I would find it relaxing.  The artichokes would have bulked up the whole stuffing too, so there wasn’t enough to fill all the shells.  I broke the rest up and sprinkled them over the stuffed ones.  Here are a few progress pics…

My little piping devise (sandwich bag with a hole cut in the corner):

piping spinach stuffing

naked stuffed shells

adding sauce

adding cheese

ready for the oven

My serving:


It was very good!  Nice and spicy… ok, maybe slightly too spicy.  I had to grab a handful of super cold nuts to calm my mouth after finishing this (unphotographed).  I am very excited about the leftovers though :)  I just love italian food!


Barney butter/banana waffle tower

small coffee cake slice

organic tangelo

grilled chicken/hummus and pickle sandwich on Food for Life english muffin

Atkins indulge bar - caramel chocolate flavor

This bar has artificial sweeteners but I had it in my desk drawer and was craving chocolate so I ate it.  It is delicious (I used to eat these all the time, hence the leftover mini-stash) but I won’t be buying these again because I’m really trying to eliminate artificial and over-processed stuff from my diet.

Trader Joe's 100 calorie pack of chocolate graham crackers

These were great!  Way more chocolatey flavor than I expected from them!  Yum :)

Mojo mountain mix bars

I had one of these!  I really really love them!  Today I realized they are the perfect thing to have when I’m craving something bad and chocolatey.  Good to know :)


Work was so busy that I couldn’t afford to have a real long workout.  I actually signed up for a spinning class but an impromptu meeting came up and I couldn’t go.  Instead, after the meeting I went to the pilates class.  I was hungry so I couldn’t do a quick run instead.  I figured pilates was 50 minutes of something, but I wouldn’t have to shower so that would make it quick.  I was planning on maybe doing a run after work, but that didn’t happen.  Oh well.  The pilates class was very good and definitely a great workout (but not in a sweaty, puke inducing kind of way that some of the bootcamp classes are).  I’ll try to do spinning tomorrow!

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19 comments to I’m a spaz

  • I think you made a delicious meal in the end! Oh so tasty!

  • You are too funny!

    The meals looks perfect from my end (as do the rest of your eats). Enjoy the leftovers!

  • i hate when that happens! there have been so many times i assume I have certain staple ingredients on hand, just to find out that I should have checked before i started cooking. I have a random question for you…how are u calculating the calorie count for tonights dinner? (that is even if you did…i just notice how sometimes you post the you daily caloric intake)

  • I can totally relate to your trustration when dinner isn’t ready and you are hungry!!! That is always when I get worked up and go sit down to read blogs!! The shells look GREAT–I love the improvised pastry bag 😉

  • Kim

    That sucks that the dinner seemed to be a hassle, in the end it seems to have worked out though! I’m definitely printing off this recipe and giving it a try though, ot looks DELISH!

  • Elina

    Jasmine, I did calculate the calories for dinner. I use Sparkpeople.com to track my calories. They have a “food grouping” option, so I input all the ingredients of the meal into it and it gave me a total for the whole recipe. I ate 1/5 of the dish, so that’s 1/5 of the calories (about 350 calories for this one in particular because I didn’t use all the ingredients the recipe asked for). Hope that helps!

    Kim, I recommend this recipe, but if I make it next time, I will definitely make sure to follow it closer… the artichokes I think would have really made this dish extra delicious! :)

  • sister inna

    those stuffed shells look soooo good 😀 and i like all the process photos

  • wowwww your stuffed shells look amazing! i will add that recipe to my list to make for sure! i think i just drooled on my desk :)

  • K

    That dinner looks like it was worth it :) Sounds fabulous!!

    Love your box of Mojo bars – actually I’m kind of jealous now 😉

  • Adam

    You made a waffle tower? Did you actually eat it in tower form or was that just for the picture? :)

  • Elina

    Adam, it had 4 pieces so I ate it from top to bottom, 1 piece at a time :) There is only so many times I can eat the same thing without boring my readers to death 😀

  • Katie

    This is too funnny – I TOTALLY messed up dinner last night too! Also a timing issue but Mike and I were definitely starving by the time I got everything right…as a thank you for his patience I let him have the yummy left-overs… Also so glad to see you made these shells – also on my list but like that you experimented first so I have the process photos!!

  • Elina

    Haha, Katie, that’s funny! Glad to be your ginnie pig :) What did you make? I guess I can hear about it tonight! See you later for drinks and sushi!! Yum! 😀

  • Mel

    Your shells look really good. I love stuffed shells but often don’t have the patience to make them!

    I love the Mountain Mix Mojo bars too! They always make me feel like I am eating something really rich!

  • ooh, those shells look fantastic, looks like they turned out well despite the goofs (i do that all the time!!)

  • Woah- those look really good. Most of my meals are results of mistakes but not nearly as good as this. I have a boatload of extra cheese in my fridge…this might be on my meal plan soon!

  • I’m a huge Italian fan too! That looks awesome! Great waffle tower! I love those bars!!!

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